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Who is your favorite MMA Athlete?

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Wanderlei Silva in his prime. He was the most brutal vicious fighter I've ever seen. He seemed to enjoy beating the crap out of his opponents with that grin on his face.


His stare down is scary.

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Mac Danzing. Good fighter and vegan of course.


Jake shields. great fighter,great jiu jitsu and lifelong vegetarian.


Nick and nate diaz. two bad ass jiu jitsu/mma fighters and both veg*n i think.


Frank Mir


gina carano . yes she is smoking hot!


Lyoto Machida.


Forest Griffin.


Stephan Bonnar.


Luke Cummo.Seems like a cool guy,maybe vegan? has a good attitude to health,nutrition and the enviroment.


rickson Gracie.the man is a legend.


how did i miss him off my list?;CRO COP!

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one of my favorites has always been GENKI SUDO!






though he is retired now, while active he had one of the most entertaining fighting styles

and definitely had the best entrances.

and he's not just flashy entrances, he backed it up.

very unorthodox, crazy fighting moves, and an all around great fighter.



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In my opinion should put a weight limit of the maximum category, otherwise goes as k1.

Someone like Brock Lesnar did not rise more towel off.

He rightly uses the rules to his advantage but its meetings are ing.

Did it lies above and hammer you until failure.

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