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House M.D


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His character is absolutely hilarious; the type of guy who actually has the guts to say to other people what I'm usually thinking...but the show is bogus. Same pattern: House doesn't want patient, House becomes interested, bullies his team, thinks he figures it out 3-4 times, almost kills patient, patient circles drain, he finally figures it out, patient lives. And never had a repeat disease/disorder? It's crazy.


Incidentally, our dog's vet is named Dr. House.

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Greatest show...ever.


Anyone else agree?

No. 24 is the greatest show ever by far. Amazing writers.


House is a good show. I used to watch it every week, but for some reason I don't watch it very often anymore. House is a bit eccentric to say the least.

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There's at least two episodes with mention of vegans, and 3 of the actors on the show are vegan(ish).



Olivia Wilde is vegan, Omar Epps is at least lacto-ovo, and Lisa Edelstein is mostly vegan except for leather shoes/belts (yeah I know)


Wilde and Edelstein have confirmed it in interviews... I can't find anything like that for Epps.

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