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Returning after a long time away


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It's been so long I almost feel like I need to repost an introduction.


Life has been amazingly full and only now am I really returning to the things that I really enjoy and focusing on more than work and family.


So the clif notes version of my story. I went to Vegan Vacation in 2007. Right before I left to go to the coast I got an email from a company that wanted to buy my business. Needless to say, when I got back from the trip my life really changed.


After months of negotiations I sold my business and then spent almost half a year working to move it all to the new owners. I then did some travel in SE Asia and generally took a break from almost everything that I was doing.


When I got back from my trip I realized that I needed a big change so we moved from SW Portland into 'the city'. During that move I pretty seriously injured my back. I spent months with massage, acupuncture and dealing with the pain. Slowly but surely I got myself back into action and FINALLY (really this past week) I've gotten back into the gym, on to the mat and on to my bike.


I've now got the unfun task of sheding about 20 pounds that came on when I stopped working out. It's a bigger hill to climb at 38yrs old than when i lost a ton of weight 5 yrs ago, but I think I'm up for the task.


Now I'm in NE PDX I work out at the Hollywood 24hr fitness. I know a lot of Portland VBB'ers work out there. So it would be great to reconnect. I'm also pretty in need of some guidance to get back on track.


Work wise I've been doing a fair amount of business and new media consulting. I run a site called On Portland (http://www.onpdx.com) and have been doing a lot of writing.


Looking forward to reconnecting with you all..



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Welcome back!


Great to read about what you've been up to....really enjoyed having you at Vegan Vacation years ago and bumping into you around town.


You're right, about a dozen of us at 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood, though I'd say the main core group is about 5. Some come and go and aren't there as often or go to another location, etc. but we do have a core group and in fact 6 vegans were there last night during my workout, 4 forum members.


Even one of the personal trainers over there (Ed) is a forum member and fellow vegan bodybuilder.


Would love to catch up sometime.


All the best in your journey back in action! Glad the back is doing better. You'll see some familiar faces and many new faces, names and avatars.

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I would love to go to the Indies....


Welcome back my friend; I know you'll get everything back and then some and heal the injury.


You have my #; feel free to contact me. You'll love SW. The screen on my phone is cracked so leave a vm. I cannot see txts or when people are calling! We should train/kickback too.



24hr fitness core group? hmm Ed the trainer, vivalasvegans, robert, me, thendanisays, mikkei, trisimon.


That's all I can think of at the moment though i'm sure there's others

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Hey Geoff,


I often go to the gym in the evenings, and that is when I bump into the most forum members...from 6-9PM.


I usually go from 6-8PM.


But I go during the day too sometimes and see forum members then too, which is cool, but typically it is in the evenings.


Hope to see you there one of these days...or we can arrange to train at the same time.


All the best!

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hahah sorry GEOFF I knew that.

It's your forum name that gets me everytime !

I think I may of called you Glen when I ran into at the Red and Black Cafe with your family.


It won't happen again, I swear lol


Well I hope things are going well for you and say hi to your beautiful family

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