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New Profiles have been added to the main website

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Just e-mail me [email protected] and I can send all the questions and details over.


In the past, I've just been picking out people based on bios and photos etc. but as the forum is growing so much and since I don't know much about most members, especially those who don't have an avatar, I'm open to anyone coming to be requesting to be featured, or asking about submitting a profile, etc. We want to feature as many vegan athletes as possible from all different sports backgrounds.



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Your profile is great Ed! I just posted something briefly about it on Facebook and already there are comments like "Epic" and "Love it"


See you on Tuesday!


Catch up soon and we'll talk about a time that works to meet up.....I was at the gym tonight but Julia and I just hit up the sauna late tonight after I got back from Canada...we'll hit weights tomorrow and likely see you there!


Oh...PS..this is Ed, who is one of the guys who just got added to our profiles:




Yeah, he's pretty SWOL and shredded!

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Are you serious?


What a tool!


And I used to try to defend him when others would give him a hard time because he seemed like a nice guy...I also sent lots of clients his way and never got a thank-you from him (I didn't need one but noticed he wasn't as classy as I once though).


Man, this sucks!


I'm telling Richard right now....he should be removed as soon as we get a chance!


Thanks for the heads up!



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