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TODAY is the Alberta Street Walk VeganProteins will be there

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It's the Last Thursday of the month! Every thursday from now until October; we will be setting up at the Alberta Street Walk.


I'm on my way home to grab some supplies and RC will be helping transport me to 20th and Alberta to set up a booth for http://www.veganproteins.com ! I will be sampling out SunWarrior and Probars and offering out our products to the public for purchase as well (Vega/SunWarrior/ProBar). Some samples given out to all forum members and others who are interested


Please come by and say hello if you're in the area. There are 1000+ vendors all over the street between 15th and 20th on Alberta Street. I'll be there from 4pm - 10pm trying to get the word out about VeganBodybuilding and how we do.


VeganProteins will be at 20th and Alberta; provided we arrive early enough to get a space at the heart of the fair; otherwise look for us!



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