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i'm beginning to think you just like to disagree with me, LOL


ran across this promo, they showed it during the event too.



Fedor's first fight in Strikeforce will be against Brett Rogers.

i would've preferred to see Fedor fight Alistair Overeem or Fabricio Werdum,

but Rogers is still a top 10 ranked fighter and he just got done knocking out Andrei Arlovski.



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Jake vs mayhem.?


Felt bad for mayhem really, he was stifled and shut down by jake`s wrestling. Jake did everything he needed to win and played it smart. Of course it is is great that the middleweight champ is a vegetarian. but i admit it was not the most interesting of fights to watch!

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Anyone watch strikeforce evolution on the weekend?I just watched the whole thing today, very entertaining.The Josh vs Gilbert fight was awesome (i wanted Josh to win but Melendez is cool).Good to see Scott Smith win against Cung Le (Scotts in my top ten).

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