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Cute critter getting tickled


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Cute but also venomous (they produce a toxin from a gland under their elbows which they lick before biting predators; they also cover their babies in the toxin when they leave them to find food) and endangered. They are a CITES-listed animal. They are actually poached for their eyes, which are used in traditional medicines. All the You Tube videos are probably more harmful than good as they only increase demand for pet slow lorises. Sorry to rain on the cute-parade, but I found the video to be rather sad.


From one website on slow lorises:


"Sadly Lorises are often poached from the wild to be kept as pets. In the wild they are solitary animals and this provides challenges for their care in captivity, especially in refuge centres caring for abandoned pet lorises or orphaned babies. Wandering through any of the big markets in Indonesia, it is not uncommon to find them up for sale with their canine teeth removed. This reduces the effectiveness of the slow loris's bite. It also removes the loris's ability to feed on a balanced diet that includes those fascinating geckos. However, the pet trade is not the major threat to their survival in the wild. As is depressingly typical, the real threat comes from habitat destruction and killing for use in Asian medicines."


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