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Chewy's Strength Log

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Bench day

Thu 6th May 2010


Bench Press - [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Weighted dips - 10/7/5/2 (+17.5kg)

DB flat bench - 10/9/8/[email protected] DBs

DB flys - [email protected] DBs



Squat day

Fri 7th May 2010


Squats - [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] (I done [email protected] after this, couldn't help myself)

Barbell lunges - [email protected]

Single legged calf raises - 18/14/13 (+25kg)


My arse hurts (lunges). I'm not coping well with only squatting once a week. Today was kinda weird actually. Nothing felt heavy on my back and I didn't give up (had to use the safety bars for failed reps @110kg, then last time doing 100kg. I managed to get 10cm up, stayed there for a good while before slowly going back down), but didn't get the best results. My PB is 1x3x110kg so I guess it wasn't horrible today, but I was wanting to at least match it.


On another note, I had a cup of yerba mate tea before these 2 workouts. I'll prob do it for all 4 on the next cycle on week 3 (since that's PB week). I do feel it helps.


Next week is deload week. Which I'm actually not that bothered about. Right now my legs are dead, shoulders/chest are real sore and back is feeling weak. Usually I hate deloads but it'll be good having a week to get myself together again. I'm really loving this program just now, it's just squatting once a week that's upsetting me.

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Week 4 (deload)



Press day

Mon 10th May 2010


Overhead press - [email protected]/22.5kg/27.5kg

Seated DB press - 8/8/[email protected] DBs

Side lateral raises - [email protected] DBs

Pull-ups - 11/7/5/3

Bent over rows (for lats) - [email protected]

Concentration curls - 8/6/6 (right hand), 8/8/5 (left hand) @12.5kg DBs (done assisted reps to make each set upto 8 reps)

finished up with 10 pullup negatives


Yeah, so I'm a fat bastard now apparently. Deload week, I've started reducing the sets/reps on some assistance exercises so I can go a bit heavier. When I started pull-ups I done a rep and clipped my feet off the bench on the way down so I moved it and started again. Which is annoying cause I might have hit a rep or 2 more in the first set if it wasn't for that. Oh well. I guess I should still be happy since I'm a wee bit heavier now.


Oh and this is my week off creatine.

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Thanks robert!



Tue 11th May 2010


15 mins on bike, 15 mins on treadmill.

Various ab exercises.


So a friend from work asked me along to a free pass at the gym to do abs. I thought it was going to be a class but we were just going through his routine. We had to wait to use the room so we done some cardio. 2nd time ever on a treadmill. So when we done his ab workout it was a lot of exercises using stability balls, medicine balls, light weights. I can't say there was a single exercise I enjoyed (found them really hard to burn out on...i mean i was failing REAL early but I couldn't really push myself to get a burn), but I can't really diss the workout as my abs/obliques were sore this morning when I got up. One thing that was highlighted was my real poor flexibility, like one exercise was lying down with legs spread then touching a medicine ball off your feet, I couldn't even reach!

Another thing I struggled with was situps with just a light medicine ball clenched between feet for a counterweight, I've always been used to having my feet under something solid. Could barely get up!


Anyway the gym we went to was a chain in UK, Fitness First. Wasn't impressed. One squat rack, one bench set-up for bench press, and another there for DBs. Everything else was machines really. I did enjoy the sauna afterwards. I was so tired when I got home and spent way too long there so the rest of my day was spent making food and eating, no joke (i had nothing pre-prepared). So back workout had to wait till next day...



Deadlift day (deload)

Wed 12th May 2010


Deadlift - [email protected]/65kg/75kg

Good mornings - [email protected]

Barbell rows - [email protected]


First deadlifts were supposed to be lighter but I couldn't be bothered making a stand to heighten the bar (smaller plates) so I just started at 55kg. Good mornings were better, my hamstrings didn't suck as much this week. Barbell rows were good, I found that everything after the 5th rep in each set was bringing my hips into play. I think I might switch to strict barbell rows from now on.

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Sounds like my gym, tis a pain in the arse fighting over one rack, one bench etc. I managed to do my workout today but again had three guys who knew each other taking over the place so it was hard work and no one puts the weights away or wipes the benches down. You're lucky having kit at home!


How's the eating going? Bulking up?

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Sounds like my gym, tis a pain in the arse fighting over one rack, one bench etc. I managed to do my workout today but again had three guys who knew each other taking over the place so it was hard work and no one puts the weights away or wipes the benches down. You're lucky having kit at home!


How's the eating going? Bulking up?

You know from last Thursday roughly till yesterday afternoon my eating has been truely balls. Saturday/sunday I think the majority of my calories came from oats and nuts. So bland, unvaried. However I think overall I've kept the calories high. I'm back on the horse now though, made a batch of protein bars and cereal (love this stuff so much now!) and have ate greens today and yesterday (slacked on veg too), feeling much better already.


My general plan is just to bulk slowly. Last week was a bit of a fail because apparently I put on 2lbs+ and i'm only wanting to be adding 0.5lb/week (no more than 1). But as long as I'm adding weight I'm happy, it's the key to getting stronger. I think I'm already making gains, and the Jim Wendler 5/3/1 is helping. Next week I start a new cycle and I'm gonna HAMMER it. Gonna reduce the sets/reps in the assistance exercises and lift heavy (for me). I'll get some progress pics done in 2 or 3 weeks time I think.

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Hehe I know the feeling, I did a shop last night and went a bit crazy on picking up fruit and veg, although I have a gig to go to tomorrow night and an all dayer punk festival on Saturday so I know my diet is going to suffer. Swings and roundabouts I guess.


I have no doubt that you're making gains, you'll be giving Robert a run for his money in no time!

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I have no doubt that you're making gains, you'll be giving Robert a run for his money in no time!
Haha nowhere near it!


Bench day (deload)

Thu 13th May 2010


Bench Press - [email protected]/32.5kg/40kg

Weighted dips - [email protected]

DB flat bench - 10/10/9/[email protected] DBs

DB flys - 10/7/8/[email protected] DBs

Push-ups - 11/6/6


I worked out at the same time as my mate who's being doing stronglifts round at my house, and although we were doing completely different exercises it was great having a workout partener! I could really push myself more. I'm running out of plates for my DBs and don't have money for more. I can only go upto 21.5kg per DB (that's if all the weights even fit on). Dunno what I'm gonna do then, because I'm not far away on my DB bench (progressing quickly because I'm getting used to handling/balancing them).

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Squat day (deload)

Fri 14th May 2010


Squat - [email protected]/57.5kg/70kg

Barbell lunges - [email protected]

Single legged calf raises - 21/18/16 (right leg), 21/18/18 (left leg) @26.5kg

Cardio - 10km on stationary bike in 22:40, resistance 1/8


Deload week is finally over. I'll start the creatine again on sunday. Eating's been good last couple of days.

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Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 (Cycle 2)

Assumed 1RMs - Press=47.5kg, Deadlift=130kg, Bench=67.5kg, Squat=120kg


Week 1



Press day

Mon 17th May 2010


Overhead Press - [email protected]/35kg, [email protected]

Seated DB OHP - 8/8/[email protected] DBs

Side lateral raises - 10/8/[email protected]

Pull-ups - 12/5/4/4

BB bent over rows (for lats) - 8/6/[email protected]

Concentration curls - [email protected] DBs

finished up with 10 pull-up negatives


So nearly made the 13th rep on pull-ups - i'll get there. I should mention the bent over rows I do today are nothing like the bent over rows on deadlift day. The ones today are with (nearly) locked out knees, keeping the bar close to my legs and pulling to the hips with underhand grip. Bar doesn't touch the floor between reps and reps are slow and controlled. On deadlift day I pull from the floor to chest.



Deadlift day

Tue 18th May 2010


Deadlift - [email protected]/97.5kg, 1x12(!)@110kg

Good morning - [email protected]


Usually I also do barbell rows and abs, but couldn't get into position for barbell rows because of my left hamstring (seems to be fine the day after). Good morning next time I think I'm gonna drop down to 55kg 3x8 with stricter form because my back's a bit tender today (day after) - towards the end of the sets the reps were getting sloppy, wasn't keeping it tight and could feel my back round a bit. I'm certain I'll be ready for squats on friday but can't chance this from now on.


Deadlifts were awesome First 7 or 8 reps felt like nothing. Didn't reset until the last 2 reps which I switched to mixed grip for.


I'll string abs onto the end of my leg workout on friday.

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you are killing it! don't forget you can always make lighter weights heavier by making your reps extra slow!
That's a good idea, I'll be doing this in my next deload.


Nice work! Doing 12 reps of deadlifts sounds like a killer! (Remind me how much that is in pounds?)
242.5lbs. Had to fight for the last few reps but got 'em =]
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Thanks! =] Well towards the end of yesterday my back got worse, I was lazy barely iced it or done anything to get the blood flowing. So today I got on it but it's still feeling dodgy. It's not painful but I know where it's fucked. Been iceing it a bit today and done some light exercises. Late afternoon I felt good enough to go ahead with my chest workout -


Bench day

Thu 20th May 2010


Bench Press - [email protected]/50kg, [email protected]

Weighted dips - 5/5/[email protected]

DB flat bench - 8/8/[email protected] DBs

DB flys - 8/3(didn't have a good grip of the DB so reset)/8/[email protected] DBs

Slow push-ups - 7/5/5 then on knees till failure


I feel I could've done better at work weight on bench, and made 3x5 in dips and 3x8 in DB bench if I wasn't worrying about my back. Was kinda hard to get into the mood. But hell, this morning I wasn't even planning on working out. Will repeat same weight next week for stuff I failed at.

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Back feels better but not taking any chances, squat day will have to wait till sunday night or monday.



Fri 21st May 2010


10km on stationary bike in 21:13, resistance 1/8.


Weighted situps - 4x10 +20kg

Reverse Crunch - 12/8/9 (2.5kg counterweight)

Prone bridge - 23s/31s/23s


I don't think I've sweated so much in my life like I did on the bike today. Bridges were crappy but I was tired and was taking barely any rest between sets.

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Nice job! You're getting stronger every day!

I'm pretty confident about this cycle, don't think I'll fail. I'll be hitting a new 1RM in squats this cycle, prob OHP as well (never really tested 1RMs on this). Next cycle I think it'll be new 1RMs all round. Squats are the only exercise I'm worrying about just now because of the drop in volume. I might actually add pyramidding down, and maybe some other type of squat for after it (box squat or something). It doesn't help that I'm having to delay Squat day from today till sunday or monday to make sure my back's fully recovered


I've upped the calories to minimum 4200kcal starting today, following the new thread I posted earlier.

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Cheers guys =]


Squat day

Sun 23rd May 2010


Squats - [email protected]/90kg/102.5kg

Barbell lunges - [email protected]

Single legged calf raises - 15/12/[email protected] DB#

Cardio - 10km on stationary bike in 21:54 R1/8


Tonight was a bit of a shambles. My mate was over doing his workout, all our exercises clashed and both ended up resting for too long between exercises. Regardless I got the results. Ran out of weight on my DBs so I started using a larger range of motion on calf raises (stacked up bumper plates and used them instead of my smaller calf raise stand). Need to order olympic dumbell handles and get another 2x 10kg plates. Squats disapointed I couldn't hit a 6th rep (used safety bars) @102.5kg but not surprised. The reps before this were good, slow and controlled on the way down.


...I just realised I didn't even worry about my back, completely forgot about it! Guess that's it 100% again lol.

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