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Thanks again guys!


Week 4 (deload)



Press day

Mon 30th August 2010


Overhead Press - [email protected]/27.5kg/35kg (from dead stop)

One armed press - [email protected] DB

Pullups - 3x5 +10kg, 9/4/5 unweighted

Barbell curls - 8/8/[email protected]



Deadlift day

Tue 31st August 2010


Deadlift - [email protected]/72.5kg/87.5kg

Barbell rows - [email protected]

Good mornings - [email protected]

Reverse Crunch - 3x12 (no counterweight, dodgy form)



Bench day

Thu 2nd September 2010


Bench press - [email protected]/37.5kg/45kg (pausing at bottom)

Weighted dips - 5/5/9 +20kg

Incline DB bench - [email protected] DBs

Bench Press - [email protected]

Flys - 10/10/10/[email protected] (think these are aggravating my shoulder/upper arm)



Squat day

Fri 3rd September 2010


Squats (ATG) - [email protected]/67.5kg/82.5kg, [email protected]

Calf raises - 10/10/10/13 single legged holding 26.5kg DB, 3xF both feet 20kg dipping belt



Deload week blows. This was a pretty terrible cycle, didn't manage many extra reps (heaviest work weight of each day goes to failure except deload week).

One armed press was a lot of fun. On squat day I was practicing holding heavier weights on my back, 20s at a time. I got upto 132.5kg stepping into position, and 145kg just holding it over the pegs.



Me with the extra weight on, unpumped, week off creatine

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Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 (Cycle 6)

Assumed 1RMs - Press=57.5kg, Dead=150kg, Bench=77.5kg, Squat=140kg


Week 1



Press day

Mon 6th September 2010


Overhead Press - [email protected]/45kg/50kg

One armed press - [email protected] DB (managed 2 extra reps last set right arm)

Pullups - 5/5/4 +11.25kg, 6/4/4 unweighted

Barbell curls - 8/8/[email protected]



Deadlift day

Tue 7th September 2010


Deadlift - [email protected]/112.5kg, [email protected]

Barbell rows - [email protected]

Reverse crunch - 3x12 (no counterweight)


As my eating's got kinda slack (not horrible or anything, but was getting lazy with ordering stuff and planning in advance, missing my calorie intake by 100-200kcal maybe twice a week), I've noticed my strength gains have reduced dramatically. Basically last 4 week cycle was when it started. So I'm getting that sorted out and gonna try upping it to 4600kcal and try getting it consistent, started yesterday.


Guess press day could've went worse, but I expect better. Deadlifts were good today. Gonna try a proper pre workout drink again, ordered some stuff to try.


I want to hit 170lbs bodyweight by the end of this cycle.



EDIT: Actually checking back I've been fluctuating around the same bodyweight for 8 weeks, not 4 =/ Time to start eating.

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Bench day

Thu 9th September 2010


Bench Press - [email protected]/60kg, [email protected]

Weighted dips - 5/5/9 +22.5kg

Incline DB Press - 2/4/[email protected] DBs

Bench Press - [email protected]

Incline DB Press - [email protected] DBs, [email protected] DBs, [email protected] DBs, 8/[email protected] DBs


Had pre workout tea - Green tea + kombucha teabag, some dried turmeric and ginger, coconut oil and agave nectar. I was FLYING. Happy with bench/dips. Although didn't get high numbers in incline, the 2.5kg jump each hand was a bit much, but don't have smaller plates for the olympic DB handles. I had a spot which was good, was working in with my mate. After last set of bench didn't want to do flys because they agravated my upper arm/shoulder last week so done drop set of some more incline.



Squat day

Fri 10th September 2010


Squats - [email protected]/105kg, [email protected], [email protected]


The 105kg was pretty hard. Watching the videos back I was squatting a good few inches deeper than normal (think the ass to grass assistance squats have something to do with this), so prob why I done so pathetic at 120kg. Needed 5 reps, so that's my first fail on 5/3/1. I was pissed but I'm gonna look at this is an opportunity to really deepen my squat, so I'm going to reduce the number of my 1RM greatly and do deep, unquestionably below parallel squats. Also need to work on my speed going down into the whole, getting too fast, even felt it in my knees after leg workout the last couple of weeks. Okay, my numbers aren't gonna up as quick, but I'll be happier with a fuller proper squat.


I was pissed and didn't finish my workout, might do extra over the weekend.



And the eating's cool again, easily been making 4600kcal, when you remind yourself of the purpose it kinda does the work itself.

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Week 2



Press day

Mon 13th September 2010


Overhead press - [email protected]/47.5kg, [email protected]

One armed press - 5/5/7®, 5/5/6(L) @24kg DB

Pullups - 5/3/3 +11.25kg, 8/5/3

BB curls - [email protected]


Worked in with my mate today, had a really fun workout. I would've liked to make 5 reps on press. One armed press went great, managed an extra rep than last week and it was 2.5kg heavier. Maybe have to deload the pullups a bit. And yeah, you can tell my eating's consistent again from my bodyweight lol.

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Nice work with the presses man. I'm enjoying the one arm dumbbell presses at the moment.
It's fun isn't it! I feel like a circus strongman when I'm doing them.


Chewy, man, I wish I could gain weight like you! You're flying! What are your cals like right now?
On my 10th day of 4600kcal. I'm drinking a lot of calories at the moment, find it way easier. Replaced my cereal and salad with a smoothie, looking like this -


Smoothie - Soy milk + almonds + flax/sunflower/hemp/sesame seed + oats + blueberries + 1/4 apple smoothie + omega oils

- 904kcal


Smoothie - Half tin pineapple + 2 dates + banana + pea/rice/hemp protein + flax + maca + oats + omega oils + creatine

- 693kcal (the first 2 ingredients change to another fruit or seed daily)


Recovery drink - 4 dates + banana + pea/rice protein + maca + dulse + omega oils + juice from half lemon/lime

- 565kcal


Large meal - 200g brown rice (when dry), tin of chickpeas/kidney beans, 50g sunflower seeds, mushrooms

- 1572kcal


Green smoothie - LOTS of kale, 50g flax, 50g pumpkin seeds, 1tsp spirulina

- 553kcal


Night shake - 400ml soy milk + scoop brown rice protein

- 299kcal



Total - 4586kcal (some days just now I'm having coconut oil/agave nectar before workout, and olive oil for cooking will take it north of 4600kcal. on non-workout days I usually replace the recovery drink with porage and pumpkin seeds or something)



Deadlift day

Tue 14th September 2010


Deadlift - [email protected]/120kg, [email protected]

Barbell rows - 5/5/5/5/[email protected]

Reverse crunch - 3x12 (no counterweight)



Kind of an embarassing video with the NEAHHH!'s but happy with the reps. Also never took as long to switch grips today, usually stand up and completely reset. Right hand grip was seriously failing towards the end, hence why the barbell is on a big slope at lockout at the end. First set of barbell rows were awful, even though I took way over 5 mins rest before them, I could barely feel anything while I was doing them. 2nd set onwards I was back to thumping them off my chest though

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Looking good on the deadlifts, Chewy! One thing I noticed, you might want to move your grip out another few cm on each hand - it seems that you're adding a bit of extra friction by having your arm drag against your leg on the way up, and it's also knocking your knees in just a bit. I've got the same issue, my right arm looks ideal on the setup, but it is usually too close and it knocks my knee inward about halfway up. Just a suggestion, as it seems we have that one factor in common!

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Looking good on the deadlifts, Chewy! One thing I noticed, you might want to move your grip out another few cm on each hand - it seems that you're adding a bit of extra friction by having your arm drag against your leg on the way up, and it's also knocking your knees in just a bit. I've got the same issue, my right arm looks ideal on the setup, but it is usually too close and it knocks my knee inward about halfway up. Just a suggestion, as it seems we have that one factor in common!
Thanks Ryan! I'll try it out next time during my warmup see how it feels.


I love watching how strong you are getting. Keep it up. Your form is textbook too. Excellent.
Thanks man! However, my bench is far from textbook lol ----> I'll have it sorted next week



Bench day

Thu 16th September 2010


Bench Press - [email protected]/62.5kg, [email protected], [email protected]

DB incline - 5/3/[email protected] DBs



Glad I video'd today. Negative is WAY too fast and bouncing off chest most reps. Watched this after my next set of 10, and corrected it. From now on I'll be concentrating on a slow controlled negative.


On my 2nd warmup set (35kg) I felt it in my shoulder. After the 70kg set I setup for dips as usual, done an unweighted warmup of 5 reps. Shoulder wasn't feeling good. Got the dipping belt on and jumped into position a few times, but never done any reps. Had a bad feeling about it. So decided to do more volume on bench (Boring But Big assistance template). Was quite tough. But anyway, the 2nd set of 10 I started twisting my wrists outward as I went down towards my chest and back to normal while locking out, felt much better on my shoulder.


Turns out there's a reason you're not supposed to do any more assistance work in that template. Had NO power during incline, was pretty burnt out.




Need to really decide what I'm doing with assistance work, I've failed to find a combination that I can stick to for a full cycle. I'm definitely up for sticking to Boring But Big on my bench day (just more of the main lift, 5x10, 50-60% of your assumed 1RM weight). My bench assistance day has always been a mess and it'll be good to get back to something simple.


I'm thinking -


Press day

- Press 5x10 (possibly 1 armed press)

- Pull-ups (5 sets, higher reps than what I've been doing. Will have to start unweighted and build up to a decent number)

- Curls (5x10)


Deadlift day

- Good mornings (5x10)

- Reverse Crunch


Bench day

- Bench press (5x10)

- Barbell rows (5x10)


Squat day

- Squats (5x10)

- Some hamstring exercise

- Calf raises


If I can figure out a way to do Glute Ham Raises i'll add them onto squat day. I think I need some sort of hamstring exercise in there.

Hopefully this is something I can settle on for 2-3 cycles, and stop fecking changing it about every couple of weeks.

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Squat day

Fri 17th September 2010

-Changed my training max to 108kg to go deeper


Squats - [email protected]/82.5kg, [email protected], [email protected]

Calf raises - 10/10/14 holding 24kg DB (single legged), 3xF with +20kg dipping belt (both legs)


then after workout -

Glute ham raise practice - 3x10


Mixed feelings about today. First of all my back was pretty sore, although it was stiff from deads on tuesday, it didn't start hurting till the longer sets. At the same time it was doing this before when I was doing longer sets. Going deep almost feels kind of uncomfortable just now, annoying my knee a bit...I dunno if I'm loosening off to get more depth or something. I was concentrating on a much slower negative. I'll see how it goes next week.


Found a way to do glute ham raises, basically put a barbell with 15kg plates onto the floor, then put plates to either side on the floor to stop it rolling. Couple of pillows for my knees. I SUCKED at these, but I'm sure they'll build up. I could only control the negative maybe a quarter of the way down then was basically in free fall, and on the way back up had to push myself back to that point basically. But hell it worked, hamstrings were burning on some reps. Just need to keep practicing get 'em strong.

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Week 3



Press day

Mon 20th September 2010


Overhead Press - [email protected], [email protected]/55kg

Incline DB Bench - 5x10 with 12.5kg DBs

Pull-ups - 10/6/5/5/4 (wide grip)


I'm gonna drop the calories back down to 4500kcal. I'm not freaking out about my weight, I still want to be adding weekly, just not as fast. I may go slightly less on non-workout days but if I'm going to I'll decide what the number is before then.


Press was good today although my shoulder's still annoying. The pain is exactly how it's described in this article. I've ordered a mini-band to try the exercise on there and shoulder dislocations. I'm going to try my best when to pin my shoulders back when i'm seated/standing as well. It's hard though. I'll be trying to fix years of bad posture.

Last rep today was murder, wish I filmed it. Had to breathe a couple of times whilst locking out.


Pull-ups next week I'll start on either 5x5 or 5x6 and build the number up as I can.


Basing my new assistance plan off the Triumvirate. I'm going to do this for 10 weeks unless something really isn't right -


Press day

-Incline DB bench (5x10)

-Pull-ups (5x)


Dead day

-Good mornings (5x10)

-Ab exercise


Bench day

-Bench (5x10)

-Barbell rows (5x10)


Squat day

-Squat (5x10)

-Natural glute ham raises (5x10 as best as I can)

(add some calf raises on the end here too)


On the bench day I'm going to incorporate something wendler advises for back volume and that's doing a pulling exercise between every set of pushing. I'll try doing sets of 5 chins between the 5x10 bench to start with see how it goes.

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Deadlift day

Tue 21st September 2010


Deadlift - [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Good Mornings - [email protected]

Reverse Crunch - 12/12/20 (no counterweight)

Prone bridge - 3x60s


Like my socks? Started widening out my grip, gonna do it bit at a time, only moved 1cm out if you're lucky but it's a start. Good day.


Need a good ab exercise to replace the existing. Kinda wish I had the cable attachment for my rack, but can't justify the cost because I'd only use it for 1 or 2 exercises. So looking for bodyweight (or with dumbbells/holding plates). Any ideas?


Dropped kcals to 4500kcal yesterday. But need to consistently hit that.

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Need a good ab exercise to replace the existing. Kinda wish I had the cable attachment for my rack, but can't justify the cost because I'd only use it for 1 or 2 exercises. So looking for bodyweight (or with dumbbells/holding plates). Any ideas?


Decline sit-ups with a plate held at your chest, or, regular/decline sit-ups with a plate held out over your chest at arm's length (moving it toward overhead as your torso bends upward). Last time I did those, they were hard as hell, and my abs were more sore from them than any of those "crunches by the hundreds" type workouts. Good stuff!

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Put a plate on your back when you do your bridges. Or wear a weighted west. I generally endorse the weighted decline crunches that VE suggested, though. They're awesome. Abz are just like any other muscle group, add weight when you can and get tougher.


Keep up the good work!

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Thanks guys, I gave the decline situps a test run. I can only adjust the back rest on my bench to decline (and not the bit your butt's on) so I hooked one end of the bench up on my power rack, worked quite well. I tried the version hugging the plate to my chest, I think the hardest part of the exercise will be getting into the start position with the weight. I was only messing about but I think 15kg will be way too light, so looking at multiple plates already (my 20kg/25kg bumper plates are a bit awkward). I may try putting a backpack on my chest, obviously still holding it in place, but it'll make getting into position and keeping plates together much easier.



Bench day

Thu 23rd September 2010


Bench Press - [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Bench Press - [email protected] (with sets of 5 chins between each set, so x5)

Barbell rows - [email protected]


Twisting grip outwards towards my chest really helped today, feel like I got through a workout without destroying my shoulder for once! Other factors that may have helped - more thorough warmup (10kg jumps from the empty bar, 15kg before work sets) and a slow negative. I felt so in control of the weight today because my balance was a lot better. However, attempting a third rep at 75kg, the negative was good, but when I started pushing lost balance a bit and the bar started pushing backwards towards my head (not fast or out of control), corrected it but no strength left to complete the rep. Just a lack of focus there.

The 5x10 bench was tough, barbell rows were okay. Hamstrings still tight from deads though, uncomfortable stretch when getting into position. Need to warm 'em up next week.

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Had my first cold for a long time, was only bad on Friday. Eating was messed for 2 days, and picked up with weights again on Monday.



Squat day

Mon 27th September 2010



Squats - [email protected]/92.5kg/102.5kg, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Glute ham raise practice - 5x10

Calf raises - 3x10 (single legged, holding 24kg DB), 3xF (double legged, +20kg dipping belt)


Should prob explain what's happening with squats. This cycle I failed on week 1. Initially was going to drop my Assumed 1RM (the figure all my squats are based off of) a good chunk and train ass to grass. After week 2 decided I didn't like it. So this week I kept the reduced numbers but instead of doing 5/3/1 i done 3x5. Then wanted to do more so done [email protected]0kg then done some singles. Next week I'll be starting a new cycle, I'll set the Assumed 1RM to what I like. It won't be as heavy as what it was initially this cycle (obviously, it'll be getting reduced for a deload) and I think I'll only be adding 2.5kg a cycle from now on.


ANYWAY, was still stoked to hit a PR @ 130kg.



Week 4 (deload)



Press day

Tue 28th September 2010


Overhead press - [email protected]/30kg/35kg (from dead stop)

Incline DB press - [email protected] DBs

Pull-ups - 5x6


Short but effective workout - 30mins



Deadlift day

Wed 20th September 2010


Deadlifts - [email protected]/75kg/90kg

Good mornings - [email protected]

Weighted decline situps - 5x10 +15kg


Another short one at 45mins. My legs were killing me before I started from mondays squats still. Situps were pretty easy didn't want to overdo it on my first day. Think I'll try holding the plate out instead of hugging it to my chest next time (prob use less weight as well).

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Thanks everyone!


Bench day (deload week)

Thu 30th September 2010


Bench Press - [email protected]/40kg/47.5kg, [email protected] (5x5 chin-ups slotted between 5x10 bench)

Barbell rows - [email protected]


Another short (bout 50mins including warmup/stretching) but effective workout! 5x10 bench/rows were real tough. And felt nothing in my shoulder again, things are looking up! Looking forward to get stuck into some heavy weights again next week.

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