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Chewy's Strength Log

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u throwing barbells at zombies was hysterical.


Sprints can be any anaerobic activity. So like running all out for 30 seconds at a time either on a treadmill or outside whatever works for you. Or riding hard short intervals on your bike for 30 seconds. You can start with as little as 4 repeats or so and add more as your cardio develops. Can even be things like burpees. anything that gets you out of the aerobic threshold and into the anaerobic threshold. Why is this import?

training anaerobically will Increase cardiovascular function & anaerobic capacity, decrease bodyfat, increased muscle mass, strength, power & speed. Drawbacks - it's hard, it hurts and you possibly more prone to overtraining from the intensity.

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Cheers Joe!


I might try adding treadmill on a Friday see how I like it. I fucked about for 10mins on one on Saturday.



Fri 17th December 2010



1x5x80kg/95kg, 1x3x105kg



5x5x45kg (3 extra reps in last set)


Barbell Rows



Standing Cable Crunch



First time doing cable crunches, can see why people don't do them standing. The only challenging part was keeping myself on the floor. Press was decent, took me a set or 2 to get into it. Lats were a bit stiff from last workout so only managed 3 sets of rows.




Mon 20th December 2010



6,6,6,8x105kg (3rd set with belt, hurt ribs so took it off for last set)



2x6x62.5kg, 1x9x65kg





Close Grip Lat Pulldowns



Was told to do an extra set for more volume on squats today. Was quite happy with it, especially since I was told to go an extra 2.5kg up from the plan. Think using belt on last set of deads on wednesday has bruised my ribs again, cause it was sore when I put them on for Squats today - fucked up my breathing made the set real hard (compared to last week where it felt really comfortable and doubled my strength lol). Not a big deal, just won't wear the belt till I'm better again, will still be able to lift. I think it's the way I set up for deads that's pushing the belt up.


Was also told to go up 2.5kg for the last set of bench. I didn't notice till today but think the markings on the bar are wider than the one at home so think I've been using a wider grip. Was quite happy with the last set.

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Powerlifting Programme Week 4/8

Bodyweight=79.7kg (175.6lbs)


Wed 22nd December 2010



5,5,8x145kg (no belt)


Close grip bench



DB Bench

1x10x27.5kg DBs





Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns



Stretched out doing reverse flies on pec dec and done some vertical jumps onto plates with the oly lifters (sets of 10, increasing height. 3 sets).



Today wasn't a "strong day". To be honest I was lucky I had 2 guys shouting in my face for the last set of deads. The middle set went up so slow. Also could feel my dinner at my throat during the warmup and first 2 sets. Was happy with last set nonetheless. Was capable of more on DB bench, just need more practice on the balance, slow down the negative a bit. Had no lat strength from monday's chins/close grip lats, so pullups/pulldowns sucked. Need to organise assistance a bit better.


Club's closed till Wed 5th January now, but I have somewhere else to train in the meantime.

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Fri 24th December 2010









Barbell Rows



Felt weak and technique was horribly inconsistent throughout, but days like this happen and I'm glad it happened on light day rather than heavy day. This was my first workout at home in a while, been at another gym the last couple of fridays (and club on mon/wed). Decided to cut my losses and concentrate on a full recovery before Monday, got a real heavy day coming up. Although with Squats I was having trouble with consistent technique, nothing felt heavy.

Press was aggravating my ribs, not that I could've managed another set anyway. And with the barbell rows my hams/lower back were still real tight from deadlifts, so just called it quits there. Gonna eat as much as possible over the xmas weekend, then hit Monday fully recovered.


Have a good xmas everyone!

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Mon 27th December 2010



5,5,5,9x112.5kg (no belt)



1x5x65kg, 5,9x67.5kg


Close grip lat pulldowns



Ended up in some bodybuilding gym a few towns away tonight, luckily with a couple of guys from the club. Squats felt light but I was pissed off with my consistency. Maybe 3 or 4 reps I was finding it hard to initiate hip drive. Which was fucking annoying, last set rep 5 was a grinder because I got lazy at the bottom. I could've easily made 11 or 12 if I focused. Was quite happy with bench. Everything's still getting stonger, need to concentrate on what the fuck I'm doing. I had trouble today and friday getting the bar settled on my back, think I'm going too low, back to having trouble straightening out start/between/end of reps, always seem to be leaning forward.


Didn't have time to stretch, which is going to backfire, feel stiff already. Can't wait to deadlift on wednesday, might be on my own though.


I should prob note here that my bench grip has been wider since I started at the club, 6.5cm wider (didn't notice at first that the rings on my bar are less spaced out than powerlifting bars, but I'm making good progress with new grip). It's prob a good idea considering I have a massive wingspan, reduce that range of movement a bit.

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Powerlifting Programme - Week 5/8




5,5,7x150kg (no belt)


That was it today, lack of time. The gym I was in today only has 2 good bars, the rest are too thick a diameter. Was a pain in the cunt having to wait for equipment. Don't get that at home or at the club. Think I tweaked my back, will find out tomorrow. But pretty happy with the numbers. I'll prob not go as flat out next week.


Forgot to mention this, was doing pushups for a laugh with family on xmas day, that familiar shoulder/elbow trouble's back, but healing up nicely. So just gonna wait till heavy Squat day for next workout, make sure it heals up. Need to avoid doing pushups forever, it's not worth it for the injury.

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Congrats on breaking 80 kg bodyweight!


So, have you tried any of the sprint type activities? If nothing else, you ought to at least try some burpees. You don't need much space to do them, nor do you need equipment (such as a treadmill).


Part of the reason I brought this up at all is that I have a buddy who is big and strong as hell and could probably bench press the moon if he wanted to. But he found out the hard way a few weeks ago that he has zero cardio. He sprinted 200 meters, twice, and thought he was going to die. That was his one and only day at CrossFit


He thought he was the shit. Being strong and looking good is only part of the equation, and the part that many people focus on. But just think if something happens. The zombie thing was just a joke, obviously, but it could be anything. Adrenaline will only get you so far. Cardio can save your life...and not even in that dramatic of a fashion. Just having a strong heart and lungs. You know?


If it's not your thing, I understand. Just a friendly suggestion. Keep up the strong work!


EDIT: Hmm, maybe not burpees if you have pain from pushups. Disregard.

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It doesn't really concern me that much, sometimes if I'm in the gym for a friend's workout i'll join them on a treadmill, cross trainer or whatever and they seem to tire before my heart rate's even up. I've studied the endless benefits of cardio, and would like to add it in but I'm no rush. My concern is getting injured and the recovery process.


I didn't get to do them this week but adding box jumps to my programme. It's a start Back in the club in a week or 2

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Thanks all!


Fri 31st December 2010


Pullups (wide grip)






Calf raises

Both feet with 20kg dipping belt on, 3xF


Calves were fucked after this, I still have major DOMs when writing this. Even standing upright is a major stretch. Wasn't wanting to do any weighted exercises to keep my shoulder/elbow good. Was just a workout to tie me over.


Sun 2nd January 2011



5,5,11x115kg (with belt)





Pullups (wide grip)



Weighted chins

1x5x10kg, 1x2x15kg


Really happy with today, but it's the sorest my quads have been post workout. Was a workout in the house, moved the mat underneath my squat rack and felt much better for pushing off of. Belt felt comfy enough, though I have to remember in future to take it easy on the last set - I stopped with prob 2 or 3 more in the tank and my legs are still fucked. Even though that's with the belt, that's an insane result for me on Squats, 11 @ 115kg. Still can't believe it. Happy with bench as well. It was only 3-4months ago that 67.5kg felt really heavy, now I'm repping it.


Still can't start my proper assistance programme cause wasn't in the club and couldn't do box jumps (couldn't have done them cause my calves anyway) so just done whatever, back on Wednesday for deadlift day =]

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Yeah that's 19 months now, every workout logged since I've started! To be honest I should prob keep another copy for a backup lol.



Powerlifting Programme - Week 6/8

Bodyweight=81kg (178.6lbs)


Wed 5th January 2011



5,5,7 x 157.5kg (with belt)


Close grip bench



DB Bench

1x12x27.5kg DBs



Went for an 8th rep on last set of deads and failed it. Balance was much better on DB bench. Bodyweight's up again *flexes*. Think my night weight at the club was 82.6kg if I remember right. Happy with deads, 7.5kg up from last week but this time with a belt. Also the highest weight I've done reps at, done a couple of doubles at 170kg first night at the club, but before the club it was 152.5kg I got upto for reps.


Don't usually, but going into the club on Friday to train. Gonna do some deadlift lockouts. I tend to slow down a bit at the end of reps, struggling to get my shoulders back. I went easy on assistance today just to make sure the elbow/shoulder's fine. Think I'm good to go at it again Friday.

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Hey Chewy, just wanted to drop in and tell you how impressed I am with the progress you've made over this 1½ year! You're doing great, and your consistency and results has really made me confident that I can also be stronger. So yeah, just wanted to say keep up the good work, and have a great day!

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Thanks mate!


Started on Beta Alanine today, 6g spread into 4x1.5g servings. Won't be sticking strictly to this, as long as I get the 6g in on the day.


Fri 7th January 2011


Deadlift lockouts (raised 8" on boxes)

1x5x170kg (no belt)

2x3x190kg (belt)


DB clean & press

5,5,7 x 25kg (on each side, alternated hands each rep)


Barbell Rows






Box jumps





Grip - Captains of Crush


L 20,28 x Sport

R 20,36 x Sport



Well I'll start from the top. Lockouts were fun today, not too tough either. Held the last rep at 190kg to work on grip. DB clean and press I think I pulled my right tricep a bit during, see how it is tomorrow. Barbell rows weren't the easiest even though they were light, will have to get back into them - same with chins. Box jumps were fun. And yeah, I have the captains of crush - Sport, Trainer, and No#1. It's only the sport I had out the packet and took with me which proven to be way too easy. Next workout I'll be getting the Trainer out, hopefully I won't be able to do sets of 20 with it lol, want to get the reps right down at least under 10.



I liked the pace of the cleans&press and box jumps since they were sets of 10 and explosive. Will almost be able to call it conditioning. And holding 190kg in my hands was amazing. Was a good night, don't usually go to the club on Friday's but can see this becoming more regular. Anyway I'm pooped, going to bed.

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Thanks guys, I was due to do box jumps again today but my head just wasn't in it today. Big turnout and it took an hour and a half just to squat/bench, so just bailed after that. My mood wasn't great.


Mon 10th January 2011



1x5x120kg, 1x5x122.5kg, 1x9x125kg (all with belt)



2x5x70kg, 1x7x72.5kg


I was happy with the heavy set of squats, that's about it really - but even at that it was with a belt so meh. After I start a new programme cycle I'm gonna go back to trying to raise my beltless power. I expected more from bench. A new high rep PB, but nonetheless an extra couple of reps would be good. Gonna do a long session on wednesday to make up for lack of assistance today!

Edited by chewybaws
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