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Forgot to mention, done some bi curls on saturday night cause i was bored done 5x5x25kg (super strict, no shoulder movement) then some lighter stuff and dumbbells for high reps.


Also post workout today I had an "ice bath" (cold water + 3 jugs of ice) from waist down. Had one last week too on the morning before I done deadlifts (legs were fucked for days - knees actually got sore not from squatting, but from being on my feet for days afterwards with overtight legs). Things were slow today it was like going into every set cold, stretching wasn't even working afterwards and it was that long from doing my last set to stretching because the length of time benching took. So I figured it'd be a good idea. Seems to have worked but will tell tomorrow morning!

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Powerlifting Programme - Week 7/8

Bodyweight=82.4kg (181.6lbs)


Wed 12th January 2011




1x4x170kg (technically a PB by 2 reps)

1x5x172.5kg (PB)

All without a belt


Close grip bench press



DB Bench

1x9x30kg DBs


Box jumps






Barbell Rows

10,10,9 x 52.5kg


Chest fly machine

10,10,8 x 56kg

then i reversed it for rear delts for stretching off




Captains of crush

Warmed up with sport then used the trainer for 5,5,7 each hand



2 hour workout to make up for monday. Deadlift. fucking. rocked. And I got a vid for you guys



Our resident gary glitter lookalike decided to do some pelvic thrusts during my PB lol.


Other notes; ice bath worked a treat on monday. And my weight is FLYING up just now.

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Thanks guys!


Fri 14th January 2011


DB Clean&press

1x5x22.5kg (each hand)

1x5x25kg (each hand)

1x4x27.5kg ®, 1x3x27.5kg (L)


Pullups (wide grip as usual)

8, 6, 5


Close grip lat pulldowns





BB curls

3x10x20kg (strict)




Mon 17th January 2011





1x6x132.5kg (booya)

(all with belt)


Bench Press



1x4x77.5kg (PB by 2 reps)


Close grip lat pulldowns







Got a bit more depth on my squats this week. Just missed a 5th rep on bench on the last set. I need to adjust my footing a bit, someone said the soles of my feet aren't completely planted which isn't allowed in comps, they're tipping inwards a bit. Think I just need to take a narrower stance. I'm liking the numbers all round, nearing a squat PB




I'm gonna stick to a real simple plan


Mon - Heavy Squats & Bench, Lat pulldowns

Wed - Deadlift & Close grip/dumbbell bench, BB Rows

Fri - Light Squats & Bench, OHP, Pullups


Then days I want to do extra add in box jumps, DB clean and press, calf raises, pec dec, curls or whatever. But I'm gonna keep the core of my training real simple. Plus it lines up with what everyone else is doing.

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Are you saying your feet have to be completely planted while doing squats, or bench? I like to know what they allow in powerlifting meets. It sounds weird that your feet are tipping inward while doing squats, but it sounds equally as weird that your feet would have to be planted while benching....Sorry if that's a silly question, I just couldn't quite tell from what you wrote.

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Haha I'd be fucking worried if it was during squats. Nah it's bench, basically what's happening is I try to spread my feet out and point them out as much as possible. And after I'm setting my arch it's just too much, I'm not keeping them completely planted they're tipping in towards the middle a bit. All I need to do is not have them as wide, in a few inches. Practiced it very briefly yesterday without lifting anything. Doing close grip tonight so can practice then. Doubt it'll affect my lifting thankfully.


But yeah, IPF rules as far as I can tell, your feet have to be completely flat (you're allowed to put them on a block or a plate if you need them raised but they must be flat on that) and maintain them throughout the lift. You're also not allowed to lift your butt off the bench.


Oh yeah guys, I think I'm competing on Feb 20th, unequipped. Not confirmed yet.

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I'm going for it Today, and then friday will complete my first 8 weeks. For the next 4 weeks (starting monday) I've got a pre-comp schedule. This shit is getting HEAVY.


Powerlifting Programme - Week 8/8

Bodyweight=82.3kg (181.6lbs)


Wed 19th January 2011




1x4x175kg (PB +2.5kg)

1x5x177.5kg (PB +5kg)

(all with belt)


Close grip bench



DB bench

1x8x30kg DBs


Barbell rows



Another awesome day for deadlifts. Bench wasn't so good this week, was expecting 1 or 2 more reps on CG and DB. Barbell row numbers are a bit low just now just cause they're on deadlift day.


EDIT: my night weight was 84.8kg

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I wish I was lifting as heavy!


Fri 21st January 2011


(light day)


3x3x105kg (no belt)



3x5x60kg (pause at bottom)


I meant to mention this before, but my left pec had been annoying me for over a week at this point. As to what caused it, I'd tried foam rolling my pec one day and felt a sort of quick spasm, muscle tightened up and took a good few seconds to loosen off - that was prob what started it. The only part of workout it affected was breathing in before squats (makes sense - chest is spread out with bar on back, and spreads even more when breathing in). So I made a smart choice not to do any assistance. I iced it and took anti-inflammatories on Fri/Sat. Can still feel it here and there but didn't affect next workout -



Comp Schedule - 4 weeks out


Mon 24th January 2011






(all with belt)



1x4x80kg (PB)








The guys were saying especially after my last set of squats I was only hitting one deep rep then the rest were parallel so need to go lower next week. Bench was a bit diaspointing but a PB nonetheless. The pace was so slow tonight it sucked. Quickly done 3 sets of OHP and called it a day. Legs are actually fine this morning (tue) just need to roll them out with the roller.


I could call that a PB on squats considering I could only get a single at that before, but I'll hit better depth next week and a higher weight and make it official =]

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All 3 - Squat, Bench then Deadlift (in that order).


It's an equipped comp but I'm doing it unequipped (want to build up my raw strength for a good while before I try shirts/suits). The weight categories have just changed, I'll not bend over backwards to try making 83kg I'm more interested right now in gaining, next category up is 93kg.


The 2 guys who run the powerlifting at the club are gonna attempt to set new records (with the change in weight categories, the old records are wiped but there are "standards" - a minimum you need to set the new record). They're going to lift unequipped too. Just the 3 of us from the club doing this comp I think.


For me, it's just to get some experience and some numbers down for myself to beat. Ordered a singlet today and that'll be me got everything I need! Allowed to use a belt and wrists wraps.

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Awesome, sounds exhausting, though. I looked into the meets coming up around here, and most of them seem to offer a whole bunch of different divisions besides weight classes and equipped/raw. There's a different category for a lifetime of being anabolic steroid free, and minimum three years anabolic steroid free. Weird! Probably a good thing though. There's a meet here in my hometown in April or March I think that's put on by NASA. I don't know if I want to compete yet or not.

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Done a short workout to stretch out yesterday


Tue 26th January 2011


Front squats

for wrists/squat depth





DB flys with just 4kg DBs to stretch chest out, shoulder/hamstring stretches, rotator cuff DB exercise with 2.5kg DBs and foam rolled legs.


You'll prob see more of these, really need to sort out my flexibility. Feel like I'm stiffening up from heavy lifting and 10mins of stretching post workout isn't enough at the moment. Just a bit of insurance to help prevent injury.


I'm looking forward to the meet, I went to watch the guys last one, but I don't know what to expect as far as energy expenditure goes. Will just have to wait and see

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Wed 26th January 2011

Bodyweight=82.4kg (181.6lbs)



1x4x180kg (PB +2.5kg)

1x5x185kg (PB +7.5kg)

(both with belt)


Close grip Bench



DB bench

1x10x30kg DBs


Close grip Lat pulldowns




Deadlift was frickin awesome, 12.5kg on my 5RM in 2 weeks. Was only scheduled for triples at 177.5kg but since we pushed it to that last week was "no point messing about". Since last week's CG/DB bench sucked, repeated weight and added 2 reps to both of them. Still want to get the CG to 10 reps before I +2.5kg. Get a good assistance session done on Friday, been missing it out a bit recently. Got my mate to help me stretch out my hamstrings, used a bit of PNF technique to really get them stretched.


Great night.


My night weight at the club was 84.9kg.

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Thanks VE!


Fri 28th January 2011 (light day)






(all no belt)





(all pause reps)





Barbell Rows



Need to pull my finger out on fridays and get some real assistance work done. I don't go in there fired up the same as I do on Mon/Wed and end up feeling "cold" all the way through the workout and pick up wee aches and pains.


At night;

Captains of crush

L 8,3 x Trainer

R 2,1 x Trainer

these sucked a bit today, will build it up again.


BB curls (super strict)






Comp Schedule - 3 weeks out


Mon 31st January 2011



1x3x142.5kg (+2.5kg PB)

1x4x145kg (+5kg PB)

(all with belt)


Bench Press

1x3x82.5kg (+2.5kg PB)

1x2x85kg (+5kg PB)

1x1x80kg (hold at bottom)

1x1x82.5kg (hold at bottom)


Close grip lat pulldowns





I had a great day, but bad points - rep 2 in that first set of squats was SLOW, took my eye of the ball. And I cut the 3rd rep at 145kg, they said I still hit parallel but the problem is I'm actually weaker from there cause it's not where I usually drive up from.


Was happy with bench, wasn't far away from hitting a 3rd rep at 85kg. Practiced some singles with someone giving me the commands for comp. This is kinda pathetic but that's my first time hitting a BW bench. Been capable of it for a while but haven't tested true 1RMs in a long time. Whenever I got close to it I'd put on a ton of weight. Oh well, in the bag now lol.


Bodyweight was 84.9kg at the club this night, same as last wednesday.


After club;

Captains of crush

5,6 x Trainer (both hands, this was rough can't remember exactly. Had no chalk, but much better from my right hand)


It's tuesday morning, this is the best I've felt after heavy squat day since starting at the club, body most be starting to adapt.....well we all know that's a load of bull, it means I'm not working hard enough! Deadlifts wednesday, time to kill it!

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