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I'm looking forward to it!


Wed 2nd February



1x3x190kg (+5kg PB)

1x3x195kg (+10kg PB)

(all with belt)


Close grip Bench



DB Bench

1x6x32.5kg DBs


Pullups (wide grip)



Prone bridge

3x30s +15kg plate on back


Seated calf machine



Captains of crush

R 1x20xTrainer

L 1x13xTrainer


Ate a bit more than usual yesterday before workout, orange juice + tin of chopped tomatoes + more oats in addition to what I usually eat. Warmed upto a set of 150kg x 5 without the belt on deads, and the warmup felt oddly heavy. The plan was then to do a single at 170kg with the belt then go for 190kg. So I get into position with 170kg and as soon as I started to breathe in thought I was gonna be sick so lifted it with a tiny breath which made it really heavy looking.

I just couldn't get my head into it because of that single, so next set I asked for another single at 180kg, same deal. So I had an option, prob fuck up my training by failing work sets or go and throw up. So I done what I had to do, came back and pulled 190kg for 3, then 195kg for a triple as well with more in the tank. Could easily have went another set or an extra rep (would've been a grinder, decided to save it for next week).


I did get the option after 190kg to try a single at 205kg but I thought a jump that high would be stupid in training this close to a comp. I would've got it, but maybe at the expense of an injury, wasn't willing to take the risk so stuck with reps.


Everything else was pretty decent. I was waiting for someone before I left and noticed the calf machine they have there decided to give it a shot as I've been meaning to add in calves so I can try and actually grow some lol. Works out nicely for me since I'm too lazy to put plates on the floor and get a dumbbell to do raises.


Grip training's coming along nicely, time to try CoC #1 I think!


Weight was 84.3kg at the club, but obviously because I was sick. I reckon I'd still be floating about 84.9kg if I wasn't.

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Got a question for ya.. I've heard powerlifting can sometimes decrease height if not done properly due to muscle shortening. Have you noticed that at all?
Only about 2ft, negligible really. I'd consider the source of whoever made the claims. The only way I can possibly think of that happening is becoming hunched over from an unbalanced program. My posture is far from perfect but has imrpoved dramatically since I started lifting, so I prob stand in taller now.



Fri 4th February 2011 (light day)

Bodyweight=83.3kg (183.4lbs)






(all no belt)


Bench press

2x5x60kg (pause at bottom)


Deadlift lockouts

from 10" box







Barbell rows





Box jumps






Weighted prone bridge

3x30s +20kg plate


Seated calf machine





Captains of crush

Quick 1x5xTrainer on both hands



Better effort for a friday, fired myself up for it. Deadlift lockouts were fun, only slow one was the 225kg, and after I got the first couple of inches I whipped it up. Grip was fine throughout, but enough to mince my captains of crush attempt so settled for 5 reps each hand to tie me over. Gonna kick the weighted prone bridges just now, bit of slight elbow pain from them. Pissed about on the calf machine at the end.


Bodyweight...whoops lol. Need to keep an eye there if I'm to make 83kg. And that was my morning weight lol. Won't be eating any less though, got a heavy week coming up!

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Done foam rolling and a DB rotator cuff insurance exercise on saturday night.


Comp Schedule - 2 weeks out


Mon 8th February 2011




1x2x150kg (+5kg PB)

1x1x152.5kg (+7.5kg PB)


Bench Press


1x2x87.5kg (+2.5kg PB)

(above were touch and go)

1x1x85kg (pause at bottom)


Close grip lat pulldowns




My uncle's been missing since 2:30am Sunday so me and my dad were out and about most of the afternoon so didn't get as much food in as usual yesterday. Cramming my face today though (tuesday). Squats were brutal. The last warmup, the single at 140 went flying up. The reps at 150 were slow, and the single at 152.5 was SLOW, had to fight for it a bit. Oh well, joined the 150kg squat club


The 2nd rep of the 87.5kg bench was an unbelievable grinder, about ripped my shoulders to shreds but I got it! That's my bench up 10kg since starting at the club. Pause rep at 85kg was slow but comfortable.

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Thanks guys, they found his body yesterday. This was no surprise to us, he was last spotted on a bridge over a river and me/my dad had spent a couple of afternoons searching the riverside and surrounding area since he went missing, we knew we were looking for a body. I've dealt with it emotionally and thanks again for your support.


Wed 9th February 2011

Morning weight=83.5kg (184lbs)



1x3x200kg (440lbs) (+5kg PB)

1x1x210kg (462lbs) (+15kg PB)


Close grip Bench



DB bench

1x8x32.5kg DBs


Pullups (wide grip)



Seated calf machine

10,10,12 x 50kg


Joined the 200kg deadlift club Had to fight for the last rep of the triple, and definitely had to fight for the single at 210kg. PB's across the board, in close grip/DB bench as well. That was the last heavy session before the comp. One light day and one maintenance day left.


That's a couple of milestone lifts this week, 150kg squat and 200kg deadlift. Next on my list is the 100kg bench and 500lb deadlift (227.5kg). Unfortuantely after the comp it's back to reps and I won't get anywhere near a 1RM for months haha.


I'm incredibly happy with the way training is going and looking forward to my first comp for the experience.


Weighed myself before workout, 85.4kg.

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A lot's happened the last week so I'll just tell it in order -



Thursday night done some foam rolling. Found out that the comp is cancelled due to not enough lifters.


Fri 11th February 2011





(no belt)


Bench Press

3x5x60kg (pause at bottom)


Barbell Rows






A few of us planned a mock comp for Fri 18th since comp was cancelled, so monday would be a maintenance day in the meantime. Closed Captains of Crush #1 twice (not in same set) in both hands. Right hand first time, the other reps took a lot of attempts.


Mon 14th February 2011





(with belt)


Bench press

1x5x65kg (first rep pause at bottom)

1x1x75kg (pause at bottom)

1x1x80kg (pause at bottom)


Close grip lat pulldowns



Foam rolled pre/post workout. Found out some of the guys were doing an unequipped comp Sat 26th with a different federation and so wouldn't be doing mock comp on Friday, I didn't think I'd be able to get off work with such short notice for that comp. Wasn't feeling too great about lifting myself on Friday but figured it was worth a shot.


Tuesday, got someone to swap with at work, posted my membership/entry form away for comp on the 26th. Planned to lift heavy Wed/Fri, maintenance day Monday then rest till comp. Also closed CoC #1 again with both hands.



Wed 16th February 2011

Morning weight=84.2kg



1x5x160kg (no belt)


Front squat




Box jumps



1x10x36" (3ft)



Seated calf raises




Night weight at club was 85.2kg.

So, planned on going heavy on deads, warmed up with couple of sets of 5 @ 70kg, then a set of 5 at 120kg. Popped the belt on for next warmup at 160kg, pain as soon as I squatted down to start the rep, around upper abs area - caused by last week's single at 210kg. Felt my back round too much and the top of the belt dig into there. Took the belt off done a set of 5. Put the belt on for next set and just took 160kg again for a test. Couldn't even bring myself to start the lift, everytime I got into position and went to breathe in it just hurt. Called it a day for deadlifts and didn't do any upper body assistance.


My plan is to squat as heavy as possible WITHOUT belt on friday, bench heavy. Maintenance day Monday, rest till comp. Simply cannot risk prolonging this injury, and it took a while for my ribs to heal when the belt screwed them when that happened before, about the time I have from now to the comp.


Trying not to get paranoid, that's a week of no heavy lifting. Need to stay positive till comp.



So summary;

-No belt till comp till injury heals.

-GBPF comp on Sun 20th cancelled

-Now lifting BDFPA Unequipped comp Sat 26th

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Comp schedule - 1 week out (just about)


Fri 18th February 2011

Morning weight=83.1kg







(all no belt)


Bench Press





(all touch and go)


Barbell rows



Box jumps






Seated calf machine



Captains of crush

#1 1x3 each hand


Weight at club was 85.7kg


As planned, no belt today. Was happy with my squat strength, think I'll do good in the comp. Nothing felt heavy on my back or pushing out the bottom. Last 2 sets of bench were SLOW, but not letting it bug me before the comp. The plan on monday is just to warm up weights on squats to keep the joints lubed, starting weight for comp on bench and do some dumbbells and not much else.


Felt it in my ribs here and there today but nothing major.

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Thanks guys. Forgot to mention I foam rolled legs pre/post workout on Friday. The ribs are definitely healing, there's no doubt they feel better today than they did a couple of days ago but are far from 100%. Thinking about taking some anti-inflammatories starting this afternoon. It would be comforting to not feel anything in them at least a few days before the comp.


Been off work this weekend and just been relaxing, lazing about eating and watching some Dexter.


Plan on Monday is either very light squats or deadlifts (nothing over 70-100kg) no belt, a paused rep bench press with my opener and maybe some dumbbells. And perhaps some box jumps. Maybe some curls but nothing strenuous on the upper body. Then it'll just be stretching/foam rolling etc till saturday.



I forgot to mention, about 2 weeks ago I rearranged my meals. Rather than have a lot of common foods in each smoothie I grouped them together (rather than have oats in most smoothies just have them in 1, put all the flaxseed in 1 etc.). This has worked tremendously for digestion and reducing prep time.


Looks like this just now;


Morning smoothie;

1litre soy milk

80g pumpkin seeds

20g sunflower seeds

20g almonds

15ml omega oils

2 scoops brown rice protein



200g (when uncooked) quinoa

2 tins beans (usually kidney beans and black eyed beans)


Fruit smoothie;

2 bananas

Other fruit (either whole tin of pineapple, tub of mango or 2 more bananas)

2 scoops protein mix (70% pea, 30% rice - I premix it in a large tub)

15ml omega oils

Small scoop maca

10g coconut oil

Water to thin out


Green smoothie;

Half bag (100g) kale

75g ground flaxseed

Heaped tsp spirulina

50g frozen blueberries

600ml water


Also a multivit/1000IU vit D in the morning. Creatine. And 1tbsp EAA's pre/post workout.


Gonna try working in more veg now that I'll have the space for it. It has highlighted however how shitty that massive grain/bean meal makes me feel. It has to be replaced or at least partially replaced.

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I've considered it before, but a block of tofu here costs £2.23 =[ Kidney beans are only £0.19 and when black eyed beans are on offer about £0.33. It would be expensive even just to partially replace them. Sucks!


Ribs are getting better everyday. This may be optimistic but I'm hoping I won't feel anything by Wednesday. Still going to take it REAL easy at workout tonight. Started on Ibuprofen yesterday afternoon.

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