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Chewy's Strength Log

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That sucks. Maybe lentils then? You probably can't buy them in a can pre-cooked (unless it's lentil soup), but they're cheap, easy to cook and might be easier to digest.
We got green lentils in tins over here, occasionally I'll have them in place of the beans but there's no difference there. I think the problem is simply it's a huge cooked meal.



Mon 21st February 2010





(no belt)


Bench Press

1x3x65kg (paused first rep)

1x1x75kg (pause)

1x1x85kg (pause)


10 mins on cross trainer (heart rate to about 155-160bpm the middle 5 mins).


Just kinda pissed about tonight. Only time I felt it in my ribs was getting off the bench. If ribs are all clear on wednesday I'll do some very light deadlifting, but that will it before the comp, except light stuff here and there. Gonna do some foam rolling now, right quad is a bit tight.

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Tue 22nd February 2011



Barbell complex

Hang Clean and Jerk x5

Front squat x10

Barbell row x10

Deadlift x10

Done this with 20kg, 25kg, got to 30kg and after the clean/jerk's my grip was actually so sore I had to but the bar down. Never felt like such a pussy!


Since that got cut short done 20mins on the stationary bike.


Ribs aren't annoying me when moving about, but still a bit sore to prod.

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I forgot to mention, about 2 weeks ago I rearranged my meals. Rather than have a lot of common foods in each smoothie I grouped them together (rather than have oats in most smoothies just have them in 1, put all the flaxseed in 1 etc.). This has worked tremendously for digestion and reducing prep time.

Ever since I've made this post I've had indigestion every day.

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Chewy I hope your ribs are feeling better and that you can figure out something to help your digestion.


Do you use the foam roller every day? I think I'm finally going to order one. The gym at work has one, but it's missing half the time.

Funnily enough I thought I hurt my ribs again at training last night but this morning they feel the best they've felt yet About digestion, I'm pretty sure it's the order of meals. Going to try having my fruit and green smoothies first today see if it makes a difference. I asked for some advice on the VF forums and I think I'm gonna allow for a bit more sugar and a bit of processed foods into my diet. Shovelling tasteless food into my mouth for a long time is starting to take its toll. Won't be doing anything drastic but small changes will be made within the next week.


I'm getting back into using the foam roller every 3 or 4 days or so. It's great for loosening up your legs and making them feel brand new - after the first couple of weeks anyway. To begin with it just plain hurts haha. After that it's great. I've had tight spots around my quads/ITB band/knee that have been sorted by rolling out the whole legs (coupled with more stretches). I'm rarely getting leg pains now.


Wed 23rd February 2011










(all no belt)


BB curls




(super strict)


Box jumps







So the sets of 5 at 100kg/110kg. I do my usual setup, set an equal stance with bar quite close to my shins. Squat down grab a narrow mixed grip. Set my back, big breath in. Lift. Feel something real slight in my rib. Didn't bother me much with the rest of the set. Same thing happened on 100kg/110kg. So I'm sitting down between my sets watching the other guys and I didn't even notice the guys breathing before the first rep. Because they do it when they're standing up, before they take their grip. So I tested this out from 120kg, worked a charm - felt absolutely nothing, and I'm thinking this might protect my ribs from now on. There definitely felt like more pressure in my body as well which is good.


Basically I'm thinking the reason it happens on deadlifts and not squats is 2 reasons - First is on squats I breathe in at the top. 2nd is there's a much more closed hip angle when I do deadlifts. And when I was breathing in at the bottom coupled with everything being so close together the belt was shifting a bit.


So gonna try breathing at the top out at the comp. It's not complicated.


My last box jump I only just made it and the impact of me landing just rattled through my torso, but think I got away with it - feel real good this morning and also no lower back/hamstring fatigue. All ready to go on Saturday, no more sessions until then

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BDFPA Scottish Unequipped Open 26th February 2011 Comp Report

82.5kg Class



Decent quality but not a long sleep. Weighed myself when I got up, was 82.7kg. Decided not to drink/eat till weigh-ins to make 82.5kg class. Weighed in about 9:15am at 82.2kg. Lifting was due to start at 11am. Straight after weigh-in drank a few bottles of water, ate an energy bar and a few bananas. Had a red bull before warmups, and lucozade throughout comp.


There were 16 lifters, a good mix of juniors/seniors/masters, girls/boys, classes and different levels of lifters.


Was pretty nervous after the weigh-ins. Warmup for the squat took the bar, 10x60kg, 3x100kg, 1x120kg, 1x130kg if I remember right. Not much to be honest!




Attempt 1: 140kg (308lbs)

Attempt 2: 150kg (330lbs)

Attempt 3: 157.5kg (347lbs) (PB)


First lift was kind of a blur, didn't know where to focus my eyes or anything. Rep was quick enough. Luckily I stepped forward just as the ref gave the signal to rack because I forgot to wait. He gave me a little warning and that was the last time I forgot for the whole comp lol. I remember 150kg being quite easy as well. 157.5kg I remember hitting my sticking point, fought for it and went up quickly after that point.


Bench, warmed up with the bar, 8x50kg and singles at 60kg, 70kg, 75kg.



Attempt 1: 80kg (176lbs)

Attempt 2: 85kg (187lbs)

Attempt 3: 87.5kg (192lbs) (miss)


Not much to say, 80kg was easy, 85kg was way harder than it should've been. 87.5kg just missed it. Bit extra drive could've got it.



Deadlift warmed up with 10x70kg, 4x120kg and a single at 160kg and 190kg (belt on for singles). Belt was killing my ribs already.



Attempt 1: 200kg (440lbs)

Attempt 2: 212.5kg (468lbs)(PB)

Attempt 3: 220kg (485lbs)(PB)


After the first inch off the floor, 200kg came up like a shopping bag by the looks of the video. Really hurt my ribs, but since I breathe when standing before getting into position it doesn't affect my breathing and easy enough to ignore the pain. I don't remember much about the 2nd lift...was expecting it to be harder which filled me with confidence. Hit 2 sticking points in my final lift, but was really happy with it. I get real good speed in the middle portion. Just need work on lockouts and deficit deadlifts.


Total 462.5kg (1019lbs)



All in all it was an amazing experience. The other lifters were really friendly and supportive, and the support I received off my club mates (2 of them were lifting, 2 were watching) and my girlfriend was amazing (she took the videos).


Met buzz from the VF forums as well, he was a spotter at the comp which was cool. I'll be trying out his idea of a vegan cottage pie roll haha.


Got a wee medal which will be good to remember the comp by.


Still to gather some pictures from places, will get them up soon!

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Thanks so much guys =]


great video! what is a cottage pie? is it the same as shepherds pie? I make a mean shepherds pie!
I think it is!


Great lifting, Chewy!


That deadlift positioning looks very similar to that of Konstantinovs - good to see someone who can put those tall guy leverages to good use!

He's my favorite deadlifter, but it's been completely unintentional that my form has turned out this way. I lift WAY more much easier than I did before and get less soreness the next day (even though my back is way more rounded). I have no idea how that works but I'm not complaining


It's pleasant seeing my form on videos. Everytime you get a camera out at the club everyone starts acting like kids and start mooning and doing stuff behind my back haha.


Back to work tonight!

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Those are some real nice numbers Chewy! You must be pretty stoked after that.


Is there anything you plan to do different next time? Anything that went well that you won't change? How was your energy level during the comp with the redbull, etc. coursing through your veins? How long were all the lifts from the first one to the last?


Love following your log! lol


In all seriousness, Thanks for the consistent example of commitment to doing your personal best!

It truly is inspiring! Keep it up!

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Is there anything you plan to do different next time? Anything that went well that you won't change? How was your energy level during the comp with the redbull, etc. coursing through your veins? How long were all the lifts from the first one to the last?
I won't bother cutting last time. I was the only senior at 82.5kg so wasn't really worth it. I'll also train heavy upto 5-7 days before the comp next time. Of course that was the plan for this one but the original comp got cancelled. The lucozade I had throughout the comp actually done great, I didn't get tired or hungry till it was over. Lifting started around 11 and was finished around 3ish. There were 2 groups, I was in the 2nd group. While one lifted, the others warmed up. Often we warmed up way too early but it still worked out okay.




Mon 28th February 2011





(all no belt)






Close grip lat pulldowns



Seated calf raises



Squats felt pretty heavy for 105kg. Technique was off, kept rocking forward in some reps. Prob still tired from Saturday. Today (tuesday) my quads/glutes/hams are pretty sure and back's a bit stiff. Will definitely be doing light stuff (and missing deadlifts) on Wednesday, might even take the day off. Prepare for starting new cycle next week.

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Thanks everyone!


Wed 2nd March 2011




25mins (including warmup/cooldown)

HR averaging about 157bpm

Level around 3 or 4






Fri 4th March 2011



Front squat





Bench Press





Felt really beat up after Monday, should prob have heeded advice and took a week of cardio and took a break from lifting to recover. So Wed/Fri I just done some light work. Start new cycle tonight (Mon 7th) I think.


I've used this a couple of times since Wed


It's pretty good, going to try it before bench today. Sometimes when I'm benching I'm getting a bit of pain in my left shoulder. I think some rotator cuff work and a good warmup will take care of this!


Been allowing a bit more processed food in my dinner and been a bit more lax with eating the last week. Seems to be working well, meals are going down really quick. We'll see what it's like with increased calories now that heavy training will resume again!

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Powerlifting Schedule - Week 1


Mon 7th March 2011




5x5x112.5kg (no belt)








Seated calf raises



First things first, that shoulder warmup worked wonders. I done it before squats and bench. Before I was quite frequently getting pain round the back of my left shoulder during squats, nothing after that warmup. And bench I didn't feel any pain. There was still SOMETHING there but it was greatly reduced - hopefully after I strengthen them from doing that routine frequently it will disapear completely.


Surprisingly the squats were difficult. Towards the end of the 4th and 5th set was starting to lose tightness a bit and started rocking forward a bit. The only good thing about them was they didn't slow down that much. Bench honestly felt like nothing...


Won't be doing those hyperextensions again, bit of a waste of time. If I want an extra back exercise I'll do good mornings. At least they work lol (and have better transfer).


Used a tennis ball to roll my piriformis described here http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=23315

Been stretching out my IT band a bit more frequently as well.

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