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Chewy's Strength Log

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Cheers guys!


Wed 17th August 2011


Deadlift (with belt)








Close grip bench



Front squats






Felt kinda bogged down this day, but just ploughed through. Could've made an extra rep on deadlift at 190kg but form was getting a bit shitty and nothing was feeling good.



Fri 19th August 2011


Wide Stance Squats (no belt)






Bench (from dead stop)





Really comfortable day, form was coming together on squats and bench managed to pause for even longer on the last reps.



Mon 22nd August 2011


Squat (with belt)







Barbell rows



Weighted Plank

3x30s +30kg


Although some crap reps, was good numbers on the squat. First set of bench felt hard but got easier from there.

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Wed 24th August 2011


Deadlift (with belt)






Close grip bench



Front squats



Kettlebell Swings

16kg (both hands), maybe about 2x10. Didn't count was just trying them out


Pretty mediocre day for deadlifts. Wanted a 3rd set but last rep was such an unbelievable grinder at the lockout that I couldn't. Kettlebell swings were fun, however there's none at the club, one of our lifters just brings one in when he's in.

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Fri 26th August 2011

Morning weight = (a feeble) 86.8kg


Wide stance squats (no belt)






Bench(from dead stop)


1x5x70kg (called it here, wasn't feeling good today)


Sumo deadlifts (no belt)








Got all my squats/deads on video to watch back. Depth was inconsistent on squats, especially near the end. I noticed as well my knee (at least my left one) doesn't stay completely out at the bottom. Will need to bring stance in slightly or point toes out a bit more.


My upper body was pretty stiff and bench wasn't feeling too good so just cut it short.


Sumo deads as you'll see in the video my back angle came over more and more towards the end, however I done a good job keeping it completely straight. To be honest I think I just rushed the last 2 sets. Going to take my time more next week and really work on forcing the knees out and pushing the hips forward in the starting position, and also try pulling back a bit.


Things I noticed about sumo pulls -

1) Harder off the floor

2) Lightening quick lockout

3) Don't feel much in the back

4) Felt it more in adductors


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Cheers man!


Mon 29th August 2011

Bodyweight = 85.8kg


Squat (with belt)

2x3x155kg (struggling to hit depth)




1x3x80kg (loading error - heavier at one side)



Barbell rows



Felt like total shit, my weight's been doing and eatings been horrible the last 5 weeks. On top of that shit sandwich I nearly got crushed spotting a 225kg squat from behind by a 105kg lifter falling backwards on me. Luckily all I came out with was a scraped and bruised bicep.



Wed 31st August 2011



Single at 180kg, 200kg and 210kg


Close grip bench




Fri 2nd September 2011

Bodyweight = 86.8kg


Sumo Deadlifts (no belt)




Romanian Deadlifts



Leg press



Knee raises



Chipping away at form on the sumo deads. Left adductor was pretty sore. Was guinea pigging my assistance exercise plan for deadlift day for after the comp. RDL's were quite easy but my grip nearly gave out on the 3rd set so called it there (was just using double overhand). Leg press there was already 2x25kg and 2x10kg plates on the machine and I loaded on top of that. Only to find out when I was stripping it at the end that one of the 25s was actually a 20kg.


My hamstrings are still incredibly stiff (Monday I'm writing this) from Friday's RDL's.


Sat 3rd September 2011

After work practiced my Sumo setup with 70kg. Trying to force my knees further out instead of forward. Was doing a decent job.




During the week I started getting my eating sorted out again by making a eating plan with less in it. But I've been sticking to it at least. Will build on it over time.

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what exactly are you eating thats so bad for you? i bet you i can top it
My eating wasn't that unhealthy, I just wasn't taking in enough calories. My body type is ectomorph, if I don't keep up the eating my bodyweight and strength fade quicker than other body types. It was just down to lazyness and it snowballed. The worse I felt the less I could be bothered.
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Mon 5th September 2011

Bodyweight = 86.2kg




1x3x120kg (belt from this set on)













T-bar rows (overhand grip)



Tricep Pushdowns

3x10x15kg (with screwy form, elbows left my sides frequently)


Lifted what I plan to take for my openers at the comp on Sunday. Training cycles been crap so not expecting to hit PBs, will take what I can get though. Dips pleasantly didn't aggravate my elbow, going to build these up each week - 5x6, 5x7, 5x8 etc. Till I fail. T bar rows tougher than expected, really felt it in the lats. Done the pushdowns on the lat pulldown, that machine is pretty heavy in our gym so I'm gonna start with just 5kg 5x10 good form then build it up week by week.

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Wed 7th September 2011


Sumo deadlifts (no belt)

5x5x95kg (for technique)


Good Mornings



Bulgarian split squats

3x8 (each leg)


Barbell rollouts

5x5 (on knees)


Been trying to reduce my rest time between sets (after the first exercise) to 45-60s. Been spending about 2 - 2.5 hours in the gym each session, and was reading on Westside Barbell that their sessions should typically take around 45 mins for the main part (excluding warmup/cooldown) and that's all the rest they take between assistance sets. They say obviously if you need to take longer to actually make a set then do it, but that's the general guideline. 1.4 hours today so a good start.


Sumo's, still working on form. I think I'm doing a slightly better job keeping my knees back. I think my hips could actually do with coming up a bit and getting my back into it a bit more, but I think this will happen naturally as the weight increases. Was concentrating today on taking my time and reversing the movement as much as possible for the negative.


Good Mornings, first time doing them in a while - bet I'll have a stiff back tomorrow. I reckon I done a good job keeping my back straight and was getting some real speed. Beasting stretch in the hamstrings. I reckon I could actually do with not going quite so deep.


Bulgarian split squats are fucking hard.


Barbell rollouts, first 3 sets were fine. I found out quickly that twisting my grip over the barbell takes the strain off my shoulders. Sets 4/5 I felt it in my back a couple of reps. Maybe build these up a bit more gradually.

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Oh Im sorry duh you posted your weight...I had to use an online converter from kilograms because I am a pigheaded American...but if I calculated correctly you gained quite a bit! nice work.
Yeah I haven't half packed on a bit of weight haha, cheers.



Scottish Seniors - Comp Report

Kilmarnock Amateur Weightlifting Club

Sun 11th September 2011

93kg class, unequipped



Weighed in at 88.1kg. Wasn't expecting to get much since my training cycle had been horrid but was up for making the most out of it.



First attempt - 150kg (no lift - depth)

Second attempt - 150kg (no lift - depth)

Third attempt - 150kg


To be honest every rep I felt like I was getting right down (in my head), the weight wasn't a problem, I didn't feel like I was rushing it. I must've just been getting higher during training without noticing. Something to work on.



Bench Press

First attempt - 80kg

Second attempt - 85kg


I was expecting to at least get a shot at 87.5kg but 85kg was harder than I anticipated. A fucking slow rep, triceps are getting a kicking during training from now on. Back seized up during it.




First attempt - 200kg

Second attempt - 215kg

Third attempt - 220kg


215kg was harder than it should've been so made the right choice just to go with 220kg.



Awful competition, only just matched my bench/dead from my first comp in the start of the year and got less on the squat for obvious reasons. I know what I need to work on now though. It's a shame because it was a well and quickly run competition in my club.

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Mon 12th September 2011

Bodyweight = 87.5kg






Close grip incline press







Tri extensions

5x10x10kg DB (horrid form)


BB curls




I can't get my head programmed to 5x10. You need to take a ridiculously light weight lol. I'm glad I'm testing out these exercises before I start 5/3/1 properly with these assistance exercises.

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I'm actually surprised on the depth call on that first squat, it looked exactly the same to me as the one they passed! Sure, it may not have been way below parallel, but the depth looked as good as parallel to me...


And damn, you've got some major speed off the floor on those deads! All you need to do is start incorporating some more rack pulls soon and I'm willing to bet you won't have any slowdown from start to finish on those deads!

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Being honest, it doesn't really matter. With your opener you should get way down. There should be no doubt about it. It's over now and time to get it sorted out.


Wed 14th September 2011


Sumo Deadlifts (no belt)



Squat (depth practice, no belt)



Romanian Deadlifts



Leg Press



Reverse Crunch (5kg counter weight)



Easy workout to be honest (that was the point). Put a box with some plates on it on the floor for squats and lightly touched that at the bottom to ensure I was getting depth.



Fri 16th September 2011


Squat (depth practice, no belt)





Bench (for speed)

all sets done with Purple mini bands, doubled up each side





Bulgarian Split Squats

R 8,8,8,20

L 8,8,8,11


BB curls




Again with squats put something on the floor to touch to make sure i was getting depth (blue stool). Got my mate to take it away during the set at 100kg, done a pretty good job of still hitting depth from then on. 105/110 done with no stool. This is prob how I'll do it, using something for warmups to set the depth in my head until it becomes second nature.


Feels more like what I used to squat like when I used to workout at home all the time. Hits the leg muscles deep.

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Started using this warmup for upper body workouts in addition to the diesel crew ultimate shoulder warmup;


Also started using the rowing machine in warmup. Towards the workouts on the end of this post I started off with 1000m, 1100m, 1200m, 1300m. So been on it 4 times so far. Gets me warmed up and sweating a bit before I start.



5/3/1 - Week 1


Sun 18th September 2011







Close Grip Incline Bench




3x7 (not bad!)


Tricep Kickbacks

5x10x4kg (each arm)


BB curls



Fast paced workout, from now on pretty much not taking longer than 60s rest between sets in assistance exercises.



Mon 19th September 2011


Deadlift (no belt)



Done a good job of keeping my back flat. It's a problem that's needed fixed for a while, and I'm going to do it now regardless of numbers.

Got kicked out my garage for making too much noise lol, club was back open following day. Was annoying cause I only had 1 set to do.




Tue 20th September 2011



1x5x127.5kg (no belt)

1x5x147.5kg (no belt)

1x2x167.5kg (belt)

1x1x167.5kg (no belt)


Romanian Deadlift



Leg Press

5x10x105kg (easy stuff)


Reverse Crunch

5x10 (10kg counter)


So this was a weird one, although fatigued still done a decent job keeping a flat back up until the last set when I put the belt on. It fucked up my breathing. At the bottom I couldn't get a good breath in me. And for the life of me I could not flatten out my back before starting the pull. Attempted a good few times. After doing a couple of reps, flung the belt off and 30 seconds later done a good single;



So the plan is just to practice setup with the belt on a 40kg belt. One of the lifters at the club says he does all his breathing at the top. I normally take my first breath in at the top then just setup quickly and do it. Then I don't do a very good job of getting a breath in after that if I have the belt on. For deadlifts I won't be following 5/3/1 but more just a linear program that starts off light and builds up so I can get some strength into my back.



After this workout went to a new vegan restaurant in Glasgow called "Heavenly", same folks that own Stereo/Mono/The 78 I think.



Soy Burger for starters, after this I had a mean chilli. Many ciders were had this night.



Wed 21st September 2011










T-bar rows



Tricep pushdowns




BB curls



Quick and effective workout. Dips were surprisingly hard. I used to be able to do 5 reps with a 30kg belt on lol.

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Fri 23rd September 2011

Bodyweight = 87kg


This workout started at 9:30am. Not fun haha.





1x10x120kg (belt on for this set)


Good Mornings



Bulgarian Split Squats

5x9 each leg


Farmers Walks

Warmed up with 88kg (44kg each DB)

3 walks with 108kg (54kg each DB) - see video for length



So it's just moving from 1 problem to another on the squats. Now I'm leaving shit stains on the platform, but having to round my back to get the depth. I could've controlled the descent speed much better but after the first few reps I knew I could get 10 so just battered them out.


Bulgarian split squats you can see in the video it took a few reps to get set up properly, was forgetting to keep my front shin upright but quickly fixed it. My right quad these feel like nothing, left quad they fucking ache and hard to balance on that side.


Farmers walks were fun. Was nowhere near failure. Will build on these. Forearms got a bit of a pump off them haha.



Plan with Squats - practice with an empty bar keeping back arched but still try to get a few inches below parallel.


Practiced deadlifts yesterday just with 35kg just for practicing the setup with the belt on. Had no problem with straightening back with belt. Was also practicing getting the belt on properly. Also practicing doing my breathing at the top - see how that goes when it gets heavy haha.

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I'm not using any weight in split squats just now. Just adding a rep every week and going to stick to 5 sets, so 5x10 next week. Then I'll start doing them weighted holding DBs or whatever. I find it hard enough to keep myself balanced just now. When I get to the point where I can't add weight anymore just gonna swap them over for lunges.


Front squats you won't be able to use anywhere near the weight for back squats. Just warm up nice and gradual. Keep your chest and elbows up.


EDIT: forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago was my first time doing the bulgarian split squats. also my first time doing farmer's walks today. Trying lots of new stuff just now.

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