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Is OHP with DBs or BB?
Barbell, my pressing strength sucks haha. Always neglected OHP. Anytime in my log if I don't mention DBs, it'll be barbell.


Okay so the plan with deadlifts is just to do a linear program to let my back strength increase with the new form changes. So it's not going to be 5/3/1, just the weight will be going up and reps going down towards December.


Mon 26th September 2011

@ Strength Shop HQ



Deadlift (with belt)

2x12x137.5kg (303lbs) (lost count in first set and done an extra rep by mistake)


Squat with Cambered Bar




Circus DB

Just dicking about, pressed it 4 reps with right arm at one point, 31kg


Deadlifts off 3" Blocks

+2 Purple Bands, tripled up (+60kg resistance)

150kg bar weight, 3x3


Assisted GHRs



Prowler Sprints

12m, 110kg




Up to Strength Shop HQ to train with Buzz. Deadlifts doing a much better job at flattening my back out. Only rep I'm not happy with is rep 10 in the first set, didn't reset properly, lack of focus. Overall a fun workout, stiff and sore in all kind of places today - was my first time trying a lot of those exercises/variations.



EDIT: If anyone's wondering why I used a belt for the 137.5kg deadlifts and not for 150kg +loads of bands, it's because I've been having trouble flattening my back out with the belt, but not before it. So for the main work sets at the start the belt's just on for practice really.

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Wed 28th September 2011










T-Bar Rows

5x10x42.5kg (still overhand grip)


Tricep Pushdowns




Fri 30th September 2011



3x6x115kg (with belt)


Sumo Deadlifts

5x5x105kg (no belt)


Good Mornings



Leg Press







Abondoned 5/3/1. It's not got enough volume with the deload weeks to get me ready for the club comp in december. Got 8 weeks of full training ahead and have got a plan written up. Still having problem with my tailbone tucking in deep squatting (buttwink) so going to stretch my hams a lot. Had a few sessions to work leg press in so started to ramp it.

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Sun 2nd October 2011


Speed Bench




3x8x37.5kg (extra rep on last set)





Tricep Kickbacks



BB Curls



I need a proper back warmup for upper body days. Arching on bench is too extreme a stretch to go into without warming up the back properly. Might try doing some light squatting next week beforehand. OHP was actually quite tough, I think I was leaning back a bit too much need to avoid this next week. Happy with the chins. I've been sucking at them since my weight got over about 80kg but strength's starting to come back.

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Mon 3rd October 2011

Bodyweight = 86kg








5x10x77.5kg (double overhand grip)


Leg Press



Cable Crunches




Right so doing all the breathing worked well for the first 2 sets. Last set got gassed, breathed at the bottom and fucked up some reps, but my back position on the "bad" reps aren't anywhere near as bad as my form was before. Overall very happy with progress.


Leg Press, moved my stance north a bit so it's just my heels that are on the plate. Felt much more like a squat position and could get a much larger ROM.

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I'm not using any weight in split squats just now. Just adding a rep every week and going to stick to 5 sets, so 5x10 next week. Then I'll start doing them weighted holding DBs or whatever.



Do you think holding a 10kg or 20kg plate in front the torso world work for adding weight, or would that be too dangerous?


Just curious.



Nice DL's by the way

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I'm not using any weight in split squats just now. Just adding a rep every week and going to stick to 5 sets, so 5x10 next week. Then I'll start doing them weighted holding DBs or whatever.



Do you think holding a 10kg or 20kg plate in front the torso world work for adding weight, or would that be too dangerous?

Personally I'd use dumbbells because my balance is crap and they're easy to dump to the side. I fell during a reverse barbell lunge before and I'm wary to hold anything over me while doing 1 legged work now.


But as far as loading the exercise goes, anything would work.

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Wed 5th October 2011


Bench Press







BB Rows (close underhand grip)



Close grip bench






DB Curls

3x10x12.5kg each hand


Dunno what happened on dips, wasn't much rest between each set. Last set just felt way easier than the 4th. Will switch for a different shoulder/chest exercise next week as per plan. T-bar/lat pulldown was in use so done BB rows/close grip bench in place of t-bars/tricep pushdowns. Was ramping the weight during the 5x10 close grip but on set 4 my right shoulder came off the bench to finish the last 2 reps and the elbow hurt a bit on that side after the set. Felt nothing since then.



Fri 7th October 2011

Bodyweight = 85.2kg


Squat (belt)





Sumo Deads (no belt as usual)



Good Mornings



BB rollouts




Need to work on getting my first squat reps down. Sumo deads felt quite good, certainly still giving my adductors work but they don't feel like they're going to pull now which is good. Took a front view video of some sets, keeping my knees out pretty well. Good Mornings noticably harder this week, dropped from 5x10 to 4x8 and took a 5kg jump accordingly.


My back's feeling more solid now with all these exercises that have me keeping a flat back throughout the whole set - RDLs, Sumo's, Good Mornings. Good shit. Will keep building the weight up.

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Thanks guys! Yeah Robert, this is the only place I have my training log from the day I started working out to the present. For the last year or so I've got a paper copy (and an electronic backup from on here for what I don't have on paper). Can't see me ever stopping lifting.


Sun 9th October 2011


Speed Bench










Tricep Kickbacks

5x10x9kg DB (failed last set on left arm by a few reps)


BB curls



Up till now on OHP I'll breathe in, press to the top and from then on I do my breathing at the top of the rep (using the stretch at the bottom). From this workout onwards every rep will be from a dead stop, so I'll be doing the breathing at the bottom. Numbers are low to test, but I'm repping out the last set anyway so I'll get plenty of work.


So stoked with chins, I know I'm a few KG's lighter than I was a few months back, but this is the first time I remember hitting 10 reps since I was MUCH less bodyweight. And done it for 2 sets. Will try 11 reps next week.

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Basically what happened was I was going to start 5/3/1 and do it long term, so moved from 3 days a week to 4. And doing the Periodization Bible assistance template (more or less). But then the guys decided we'd have a club comp in December and there's just not enough volume with a high enough weight in 5/3/1 to prepare me for it with just the one top set and deload weeks. So I'm following a program my coach designed for the main lifts and just slotted them in where I'd normally do the 5/3/1 sets.


Generally with assistance trying a lot of exercises I've never done before. A lot of experimentation this cycle.

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Mon 10th October 2011

Bodyweight = 84.6kg



3x6x160kg (with belt)


Romanian Deadlifts



Leg Press



Cable Crunches



Got deadlifts on cam, might upload later. Was pretty tough going today, kept my back pretty solid though. Worst 2 reps were the end of the 2nd set.


I'm losing weight stupidly quickly just now, need to pull my finger out.

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Wed 12th October 2011






DB Bench

4x8x25kg DBs


T-bar Rows

5x10x45kg (only 42.5kg on the 2nd set due to loading error)


Tricep Pushdowns

10,10,10,9,7 x12.5kg


BB Curls



My standard bench has felt weak this week and last, maybe cause it's because I'm doing multiple top sets now. It just doesn't feel comfortable at the moment. DB Bench was self spotted, since I joined the club I just got into position and had a couple of guys hand me the DBs but wanted to try getting them up myself today. Went quite smoothly I guess.

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Fri 14th October 2011


Squat (with belt)




Sumo Deadlift



Good Mornings



BB Rollouts



Aim was to go deep on squats. Leaving shit stains on the platform!



Sun 16th October 2011

Bodyweight = 84.8kg


Speed Bench








11, 9


Floor Press



Some inverted rows to finish.



Eating been solid since Monday, back on a plan to get into the swing of things. Reduced sugar intake, not much fruit there, upped the leafy greens. 3500kcal on the 3 off days, over 4000kcal on workout days.

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