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Chewy's Strength Log

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About time I updated this thing


Mon 17th October 2011

Bodyweight = 85.1kg



1x6x165kg (belt)

1x1x165kg (no belt)





Leg Press




3x30s +25kg



Wed 19th October 2011



2,2,3 x77.5kg


DB Bench

8,8,7,5 x 27.5kg DBs


T-Bar Rows

10,10,9,10,8 x 47.5kg


Close grip Incline Bench



BB Curls

15,15,10 x 20kg



Fri 21st October 2011



4x5x105kg (no belt)






3x5x150kg (no belt)


Attempts at shrugs and power shrugs




Right so Monday everything fell to shit, for the life of me I couldn't keep my back straight but the real problem was the bar was leaving my leg for some of the pull making it not only inefficient but could be dangerous. Was planning on doing a few sets but the first was so ridiculously hard and uncomfortable. RDL's/leg press were quite easy.


Wednesday bench was really hard, the plan was to take a heavier week and do some doubles to get used to a heavier weight, which was kinda stupid cause everything's felt heavier than it should recently, this day was no different.


Friday I just wanted a day where I could ease my way into my old deadlift form (shins almost vertical, round back), squat without trying to hit ridiculous depth and no messing about with cameras or being a form nazi. Had a really fun workout, last 2 sets of press felt really solid, speed on squats/deads were rapid.


I think Thursday I went up to 105kg for a set of 5 or 7 on deads just to test old form, and Saturday I ramped upto 135x5 and 145x3 trying out the konstantinovs deadlift. Felt alright but would take quite a while to master. I round my upper back on my normal form on deads as it is but that amount of rounding feels like my scapulas going to come loose and my arms will just pop out lol.



Food went to shit again, need to eat stuff I enjoy so going to try this diet starting today (monday) - http://www.veganfitness.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=23344


And as far as training goes. Not been deadlifting with my normal form, been pussyfooting about with sub-optimal weights trying to go ass to grass on squats and lost strength on bench. So going on a good old peaking program one of the coaches came up with at the powerlifting, going to be training with the lads again, less sets and heavier assistance, more focus and sets on the powerlifts. Pretty much going back to a similar cycle that led up to my first comp. Will be 10 weeks starting at 6s and working down to heavy doubles for the last week.

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Great reading this mate. I wanna work in sumo deads but I injured my lower back moving home/putting furniture together. But I've also dead lifted every wk for almost four months.


First time I dead lifted today & my left hand grip was shot, awful I couldn't hold on.


I got a blog up too take a look. Great blog will keep up with it

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Cheers. I barely feel sumo deads in my back, it's mostly legs. Good for the groin. All depends on your back angle and how well a job you do of keeping your knees pushed out.



New 10 week Cycle


Mon 25th October 2011

Bodyweight = 83.8kg


Squat (no belt)








BB Rows







30s +25kg

30s +30kg

30s +35kg


Glad I'm doing more volume of Squats/Bench. Started finding my bench form at about set 4, settled into it a bit. Rows, back to pulling overhand bench grip, each rep starts from the floor. Dips+planks felt solid. Good getting back to full body (kind of) workouts.



EDIT; oh yeah, at 4700+kcal this day. If I stick to this diet it'll be about 4200kcal off days, 4600kcal workout days.

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Oh & amazing gains on the deads, Makes me wanna push on even more...


Can I ask if you take any supplements? Creatine ect? Cheers buddy

My deads hit a dip recently when I started trying to completely straighten on my back. Went back to old form with rounded back. My best set to date was 202.5kg x4, and I've pulled 227.5kg in competition (all time PB).


Morning I take Creatine (and also ginseng + rhodiola rosea root, I bought them for something else but just using them up to get rid of them), a Multivitamin, Vitamin D. And every few days I'll take a high strength B12 tab.


Pre workout Vega Sports Optimizer (half serving)


Post workout heaped tablespon of EAA's.


Before bed I take a Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc powder.


And use 2-3 scoops protein powder (Soy and Pea, normally take Rice as well but it's been out of stock for a while at myprotein).

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Wed 26th October 2011


Deadlift (no belt)





Close grip Bench



DB Bench

1x12x25kg DBs


Close grip Lat Pulldowns



Leg Press

1x30x130kg (lol...yes that's a thirty)


Got a video of my last 3 sets of deadlift video'd for reference. Bit of back rounding, nothing severe, know what I need to work on next week. Weights went up easy enough (as they should). Everything upper body related is so weak just now but with eating back on track and some serious training started, will be back in track within the next couple of months. Leg Press just took a weight and repped it out...just kept going and going and going. Haha. These were all deep reps as well, knees about touching my shoulders.

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Have fun walking tomorrow.
Leg press ain't got shit on squatting The day after that was the best my legs felt this week.


How do you find barbell pressing to dumbbell? D'bells destroy me I really struggle with them.
Well it's obviously harder than a barbell of the same weight. And depends how deep you go, how wide etc. For myself it's just a bit more balance, feel it more in the chest. Since I've got bodies around me I just get them to hand the DB's in/out at the start/end of the set so I don't waste energy getting them into position.


Fri 28th October 2011

Bodyweight = 85.4kg


High Bar Squats (no belt)








3x5x55kg (pause at bottom)





One armed rows

20kg DB

10, 15, 11 both arms


Barbell rollouts

1x7 (bodyweight)

1x7 +5kg (plate on shoulders)

1x7 +10kg

1x3 +15kg


High bar felt oddly comfortable (not on my shoulders, the actual squatting). I've always felt for a low bar squatter I shove my knees too far forward and try to keep too upright. High bar allows you to do that. Probably a weakness somewhere. Not sure if I liked benching before OHP even if it was light. Prob switch these around next time. Didn't like one armed rows, first time trying them. Back to a barbell next week. Rollouts Konstantinovs style.

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Started using this warmup for upper body workouts in addition to the diesel crew ultimate shoulder warmup;


Also started using the rowing machine in warmup. Towards the workouts on the end of this post I started off with 1000m, 1100m, 1200m, 1300m. So been on it 4 times so far. Gets me warmed up and sweating a bit before I start.



5/3/1 - Week 1


Sun 18th September 2011







Close Grip Incline Bench




3x7 (not bad!)


Tricep Kickbacks

5x10x4kg (each arm)


BB curls



Fast paced workout, from now on pretty much not taking longer than 60s rest between sets in assistance exercises.



Mon 19th September 2011


Deadlift (no belt)



Done a good job of keeping my back flat. It's a problem that's needed fixed for a while, and I'm going to do it now regardless of numbers.

Got kicked out my garage for making too much noise lol, club was back open following day. Was annoying cause I only had 1 set to do.




Tue 20th September 2011



1x5x127.5kg (no belt)

1x5x147.5kg (no belt)

1x2x167.5kg (belt)

1x1x167.5kg (no belt)


Romanian Deadlift



Leg Press

5x10x105kg (easy stuff)


Reverse Crunch

5x10 (10kg counter)


So this was a weird one, although fatigued still done a decent job keeping a flat back up until the last set when I put the belt on. It fucked up my breathing. At the bottom I couldn't get a good breath in me. And for the life of me I could not flatten out my back before starting the pull. Attempted a good few times. After doing a couple of reps, flung the belt off and 30 seconds later done a good single;



So the plan is just to practice setup with the belt on a 40kg belt. One of the lifters at the club says he does all his breathing at the top. I normally take my first breath in at the top then just setup quickly and do it. Then I don't do a very good job of getting a breath in after that if I have the belt on. For deadlifts I won't be following 5/3/1 but more just a linear program that starts off light and builds up so I can get some strength into my back.



After this workout went to a new vegan restaurant in Glasgow called "Heavenly", same folks that own Stereo/Mono/The 78 I think.



Soy Burger for starters, after this I had a mean chilli. Many ciders were had this night.



Wed 21st September 2011










T-bar rows



Tricep pushdowns




BB curls



Quick and effective workout. Dips were surprisingly hard. I used to be able to do 5 reps with a 30kg belt on lol.



ahh man, of course they opened it after we left. Glasgow had some of the best vegan eats! Was wishing the other day that we sold that cider here in the states

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ahh man, of course they opened it after we left. Glasgow had some of the best vegan eats! Was wishing the other day that we sold that cider here in the states
Haha, sucks! It's a nice place as well, only been that one time so far.



I will post a log for this day later, but recognise;


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No vegan places in my town at all. All we got is one veggie cafe:(


Routines above look solid. Am starting the Dinosaur Training by kubik next wk. well incorporating a lot of the ideas. See how I get on benching 5x5 of a 100kg. My deads were good this week. Seems the forearm thing has passed hopefully.


How's the eating going?

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How's the eating going?
Edited some of the portion sizes but solid and sticking to the plan.


Mon 31st October 2011

Bodyweight = 84.6kg


High bar squats (no belt)











Barbell Rows




10, 10, 11



for 30 seconds;





Video's in my last post Will aim to get an extra inch or 2 depth on friday on squats. Felt good. Happy with everything this workout, dips coming together and most weight I've had on my back for a plank.

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Wed 2nd November 2011


Deadlift (no belt)







Close grip Bench



DB Bench

1x10x27.5kg DBs


Close grip lat pulldowns



Leg Press

1x30x135kg (30 reps again lol)


Deadlift was solid up until the last 3 reps in the last set when I took too much time recovering at the bottom, fucked up my position and my back took a beating. Next week if I get gassed and have to do the breathing on the floor for more than a few seconds I'm just gonna call it quits for the day. Still before that, was getting serious speed with the reps and felt tight.

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Fri 4th November 2011

Bodyweight = 85kg


High bar squats (no belt)










Bench (pause at bottom)




13, 9, 7


BB rollouts

8 BW

5 +10kg

8 BW


Friday is light day on squat/bench. Happy with chins, first time I've tested an all out set in a while. Aiming for 15 by the end of this cycle

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Mon 7th November 2011


High bar Squat (no belt)







Barbell rows



Dips +5kg



Weighted planks

25kg x30s

35kg x30s

45kg x30s


This was one of those days that I done all my warmup sets for squats and did not feel pumped up or ready at all. Was a grind, but hell that's good numbers considering it's no belt and I'm still within my first couple of weeks switching back to high bar since 2 years ago. That's more than likely a 5x5 beltless best. Happy with everything else. Planks are coming along, just shows what you can do when you're consistent.


Took my dipping belt in today. Gonna add 2.5kg a week, making sure I at least hit 3x5. At one point in the past I was doing dips with +30kg. On the road back there.

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Yeah I feel you man, just glad to be working back up the ladder again!


Wed 9th November 2011


Deadlift (no belt)





Close grip Bench



DB Bench

1x8x30kg DBs


Close grip Lat pulldowns



Leg Press



Deadlifts were fucking easy tonight. Things are getting back on track.

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At OSG Manchester with JP, baldy & Talyn (from http://veganfitness.net)

Sat 12th November 2011


Box jumps

Worked upto;

1x 103cm

1x 105.5cm (41.5") (comfortable)


High bar squats (no belt)




3x5x60kg (pause at bottom)



12, 10


Axle Clean&Press







There was plenty of fails along the way, at first I couldn't even get 35kg up haha. Wasn't used to non-spinning sleeves on a bar.


Farmers Walk (around 20m, maybe less)

52kg each hand

77kg each hand

97kg each hand

117.5kg each hand fail (lifted it and stumbled forward 2 inches)


Tyre flip

3 fails then 1 successful flip, 370kg tyre


Keg Loading

1x80kg (i think)

Few fails at 100kg-ish


Axle press


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Haha it was good fun!


Mon 14th November 2011


High bar Squat

1x5x125kg (no belt)

3x5x125kg (with belt)







Barbell Row


3x5x70kg (fighting over small plates, so I just went heavier lol)


Weighted dips




Weighted planks

30s each at 30kg, 40kg, 50kg


First set of Squats were horrid. I went from not leaning forward at all to excessive leaning forward on the 4th rep. So, time to get the belt on (my beltless 5RM is about 125 if I'm not wrong so this is a good indication i'm back on track, and take into consideration the switch to high bar). The sets really did get easier to the end as I started getting used to the belt again. No problems with bench, barbell rows were suprisingly easy, as were dips/planks. Just got stronger and stronger as the workout went on.


Monday/Wednesday's I lift at the powerlifting club with a bunch of lifters but I still have a training partener. He got run over at work on Thursday and has a sprained ankle/broken toes. Feel bad for him. As an experiment tonight (i.e. laziness) I skipped foam rolling and just stretched. Funnily enough, I felt way more flexible while stretching. Maybe my muscles get tired from holding foam rolling positions or some shit, but I might actually just start foam rolling on off days once or twice a week as necessary. See how it goes.

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