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Chewy's Strength Log

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Cheers man


Wed 24th October 2012

Bodyweight = 85.4kg


Barbell rows



Safety bar squat (no belt)

1x3x110kg (+20kg chains each side, not completely unloading)


Deadlift (with belt)

1x3x165kg (+20kg chains each side, more or less completely unloading)

1x3x185kg (+20kg chains each side, more or less completely unloading)





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Great work on all those deadlift PRs, Chewy! Hell, you're only 5 lbs. behind my all-time best but you're about 55 lbs. lighter in bodyweight, you're making me want to give up and switch to bodybuilding now


Looks like 2013 is going to be the year for you to hit in the 270kg range, at your bodyweight that's going to be a massive number for a pull, can't wait to see the day it happens!

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Also noticed that you did a "rocks on the beach workout" In june me and some friends took a road trip up to cornwall for the week to see blink182 and chill out, we stayed in a dodgey cottage by the beach and did the exact same thing with the rocks on the beach stone overhead presses deadlifts etc so satisfying to chuck em ahha

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Fri 26/10/12


Viking Press

105kg for 75s

4 reps



200kg for 3 runs


Arm over arm

First time trying, didn't count weight



Loading 100/110kg sandbags




Mon 29/10/12


Squat (no belt)





Push Press



Strict Press





Wed 31/10/12



Upto 82.5kg double


Front squat (no belt)




Deficit deadlifts (no belt)





Fri 2/11/12








Mon 5/11/12


Box Squat









Little training, bad sessions, not worth logging in here.




Mon 26/11/12










13, 7, 5




Wed 28/11/12


Front Squat










Deficit Deadlift (6cm)






Fri 30/11/12


Pause Squat




Dips +10kg




7 or 8 +10kg

Max out with no belt




Mon 3/12/12






Axle Push Press



Strict axle









Wed 5/12/12


Front squat

1x8 +F x110kg






Deficit Deadlift (stand on eleiko 20s)




Squat 1x9x110

Bench 1x10x60, 1x8x60

Pullups 10, 2x10 with red band




Mon 24/12/12


Squat 1x10x107.5kg, 1x10x80kg

Strict Press 1x10x45kg

Pullups 10, 8

Dips 3x10








Again, little training here and stuff not worth logging, a lot of bad sessions.




Fri 18/1/13


Log 5x60kg, 3x65kg, 2x70kg

Yoke 10metres 200kg for 3 runs (fastest 5.44s)

Farmers 10metres 55kg, 75kg, 95kg, 95kg (each hand)




Mon 21/1/13


Squat (high bar, no belt) 10x90kg, 10x92.5kg, 10x95kg, 10x97.5kg 10x100kg

Bench 10x50kg, 10x55kg, 10x60kg, 10x65kg, 10x65kg

Behind Neck Press 10x20kg 2x10x25kg

OHP 2x10x30kg

Shoulder Press Machine 10x#6, 8x#7

EZ Curls 2x10x15kg, 2x10x25kg




Wed 23/1/13


Deficit Deadlift 5x150kg, 5x155kg, 3x5x160kg

Close Grip Bench Press 10x50kg 10x60kg 12x62.5kg

DB Bench 12x27.5s

Tricep Pushdowns 2x10x22.5kg, 1x10x25kg

Overhead Tri Extensions 3x10x15kg

Dips 10, 11

Lat Pulldowns behind neck 1x10x45kg, 1x10x50kg

Lat Pulldowns 2x10x55kg




Mon 28/1/13


Squat 8x100kg, 8x102.5kg, 8x105kg, 8x107.5kg, 8x110kg


Bench 8x60kg, 8x62.5kg, 8x65kg, 8x67.5kg, 8x70kg

Behind neck press 10x20kg, 2x10x27.5kg

OHP 2x10x32.5kg

Shoulder press machine 10x#6, 2x10x#7

Ez curls - 10x15kg, 2x10x25kg, 10x30kg




Wed 30/1/13 BW=83.7kg


Deficit Deadlift (standing on 15 plates) 5x155kg, 5x160kg, 2x5x165kg, 5x170kg

Close Grip Bench Press 10x50kg, 10x60kg, 12x65kg

DB Bench 12x30s

Tricep Pushdowns 2x10x25kg, 9x27.5kg

Overhead Tricep Extensions 3x10x15kg

Dips 10, 13

Behind Neck Lat Pulldowns 2x10x55kg

Lat Pulldowns 2x10x50kg




Fri 1/2/13


Squat (pause first and last rep) 3x90kg, 4x90kg, 5x90kg

Bench (pause first and last rep) 5x50kg, 5x60kg, 3x65kg, 4x65kg, 5x65kg

Pullups 3x10

Smith machine incline bench 10x50kg, 10x55kg, 10x60kg

Pec Dec Machine 10x#8, 10x#10, 10x#12




Mon 4/2/13 BW=84.5kg


Squat 8x110kg, 8x112.5kg, (belt from this point on) 8x115kg, 8x117.5kg, 8x120kg

Bench 5x50kg, 8x62.5kg, 8x65kg, 8x67.5kg, 8x70kg

Behind neck press 10x20kg, 10x27.5kg, 10x30kg

OHP 8x32.5kg, 8x35kg

Shoulder Press Machine 3x10x#7

Ez curls 2x10x25kg, 8x25kg




Wed 6/2/13 BW=84.8kg


Deficit Deadlift (no belt) 5x155kg, 5x165kg, 5x170kg, 5x175kg

Deadlift (with belt) 5x185kg

Close grip bench 10x50kg, 10x60kg, 10x67.5kg

DB bench 9x32.5s

Tricep Pushdowns 3x10x25kg

Overhead Tricep Extensions 3x10x15kg

Dips 10, 16

Behind neck Lat Pulldown 2x10x55kg

Lat Pulldwon 2x10x45kg




Mon 11/2/13 BW=83.7kg


Squat 6x120kg, 6x125kg, 6x127.5kg, 2x6x130kg

Bench 5x50kg, 6x65kg, 6x67.5kg, 6x70kg, 6x72.5kg, 7x75kg

Behind Neck Press 10x20kg, 2x10x30kg

OHP 2x10x35kg

Shoulder Press Machine 2x10x#7, 10x#8

EZ Curls 3x10x25kg




Wed 13/2/13 BW=84.6kg


Deficit Deadlift (no belt) 5x160kg, 5x170kg, 2x5x180kg

Deadlift (no belt) 2x190kg

Close Grip Bench Press 5x50kg, 3x60kg, 10x70kg

DB Bench 10x32.5s

Tricep Pushdowns 10x25kg, 2x10x27.5kg

Overhead Tricep Extensions 3x10x15kg

Dips 17, 10

Behind Neck Lat Pulldowns 2x10x55kg

Lat Pulldowns 2x10x45kg




Mon 18/2/13 BW=85.7kg


Squat 5x130kg, 5x135kg, 5x137.5kg, 5x140kg

Bench 5x65kg, 5x70kg, 5x75kg, 2x5x80kg

Behind Neck Press 10x20kg, 10x30kg, 10x32.5kg

OHP 10x35kg, 10x37.5kg

Shoulder Press Machine 10x#7, 2x10x#8

EZ Curls 2x10x25kg, 7x25kg




Wed 20/2/13 BW=85.5kg


Deadlift (with belt) 5x160kg, 5x170kg, 5x180kg, 5x190kg, 5x200kg

Close Grip Bench Press 10x50kg, 10x62.5kg, 10x72.5kg

DB Bench 6x35s

Tricep Pushdowns 3x10x27.5kg

Overhead Tricep Extensions 10x15kg, 2x10x10kg

Dips 10, 20

Behind Neck Lat Pulldowns 10x55kg, 10x57.5kg

Lat Pulldown 2x10x45kg




Mon 25/2/13


Squat 4x130kg, 4x135kg, 4x140kg, 4x145kg

Bench 4x65kg, 4x70kg, 4x75kg, 4x80kg, 4x85kg

Behind Neck Press 10x20kg, 2x10x32.5kg

OHP 2x10x37.5kg

Shoulder Press Machine 3x10x#8

EZ Curls 3x10x25kg, 6x25kg




Wed 27/2/13 BW=85.5kg


Deadlift (with belt) 4x160kg, 4x172.5kg, 4x185kg, 4x197.5kg, 4x210kg

Close Grip Bench Press 5x50kg, 3x62.5kg, 10x75kg

DB Bench 6x35s

Tricep Pushdowns 2x10x27.5kg, 10x30kg

Overhead Tricep Extensions 2x10x10kg, 10x15kg

Dips 10, 21

Behind Neck Lat Pulldowns 2x10x50kg

Lat Pulldowns 10x45kg, 10x47.5kg




Mon 4/3/13


Squat 3x120kg, 3x130kg, 3x142.5kg, 1x155kg, 1x135kg

Bench 3x70kg, 3x75kg, 3x80kg, 3x85kg, 4x87.5kg

Behind Neck Press 10x20kg, 10x32.5kg, 10x35kg

OHP 2x10x40kg

Shoulder Press Machine 2x10x#8, 10x#9

EZ Curls 2x10x25kg, 9x25kg, 6x25kg




Wed 6/3/13


Deadlift (belt) 3x160kg, 3x175kg, 3x190kg, 3x205kg, 3x220kg

Close Grip Bench Press 5x50kg, 3x65kg, 10x77.5kg

DB Bench 7x35kg

Overhead Tricep Extensions 3x10x15kg

Tricep Pushdowns 10x27.5kg, 10x30kg, 9x30kg

Dips 10, 24

Behind Neck Lat Pulldowns 10x50kg, 10x52.5kg

Lat Pulldowns 2x10x50kg




Fri 8/3/13 BW=85.1kg


Squat (Pause first & last) 5x80kg, 3x100kg, 4x100kg, 5x100kg

Axle (with tyre on each side) 2,2,3

BB Curls 2x10x20kg, 20x20kg




Mon 11/3/13 BW=84.9kg


Squat 5x100kg, 6x120kg, 6x125kg, 6x130kg, 6x135kg

Bench 5x65kg, 6x70kg, 6x75kg, 8x80kg

Behind neck press 10x20kg, 2x10x35kg

OHP 2x10x40kg

BB Curls 10x25kg, 3x10x27.5kg




Wed 13/3/13 BW=85.3kg


Deadlift (belt) 5x150kg, 3x170kg, 3x190kg, 5x205kg, 5x210kg

Close Grip Bench Press 5x50kg, 5x65kg, 8x80kg

DB Bench 8x35s

Dips 10, 29




Mon 18/3/13 BW=84.1kg

Squat 5x110kg, 5x130kg, 2x140kg

Bench 5x70kg, 5x80kg, 3x5x85kg




Thu 21/3/13

Front Squat 5x60kg, 5x80kg, 5x100kg

Deadlift (belt) 5x160kg, 3x180kg, 2x200kg, 2+a failx220kg

Close Grip Bench Press 8x80kg

Pullups 10, 7




Mon 25/3/13 BW=85.8kg

Squat (switched back to low bar) 5x100kg, 5x120kg, (belt from here) 5x130kg, 5x140kg

Pause squats 2x3x100kg

Bench 5x65kg, 3x77.5kg, 2x3x90kg

Pullups 14, 6, 6

Behind neck press 10x20kg, 10x30kg, 10x35kg




Wed 27/3/13 BW=85.kg

Squat (low bar, no belt, pause 1st and last) 5x70kg, 5x90kg, 3x5x105kg

Close Grip Bench Press 5x50kg, 5x65kg, 8x80kg

Deadlift 5x160kg,(belt on from here) 3x190kg, 1x210kg, 3x270kg

DB Bench 8x35s

Dips 10, 30




Fri 29/3/13

Squat (no belt, pause 1st and last) 5x85kg, 4x5x110kg

BB Rows 5x60kg, 3x5x80kg

DB Bench 14x24s

Pullups 13, 7




Sat 30/3/13

Front Squat 5x90kg, 5x110kg, 5x120kg

OHP 5x40kg, 3x5x50kg

Dips 20, 20, 10




Tue 2/4/13

Squat (with belt) 5x120kg, 2x135kg, 5x145kg

Bench 5x50kg, 5x70kg, 5x85kg

Deadlift 5x160kg, (belt from here on) 3x190kg, 1x210kg, 2x230kg

Pullups 13

Dips 27




Sat 6/4/13

Squat (pause first and last) 3x5x115kg

Close Grip Bench 8x80kg

Pullups 10, 10




Thu 11/4/13

Squat (with belt) 5x120kg, 2x135kg, 5x150kg

Deadlift (with belt) 3x190kg, 2x210kg, 1x230kg, Fail 240kg




Mon 15/4/13 BW=84.5kg

Squat (with belt) 5x110kg, 3x5x130kg

Bench 5x60kg, 5x67.5kg, 5x75kg, 5x80kg

Pullups 5, 5 (+5kg), 7 (+10kg), 8




Wed 17/4/13 BW=85.6kg

Front squat 5x80kg, 3x5x100kg

Deadlift off blocks 5x170kg, 5x210kg, 3x230kg

OHP 5x5x40kg

Pec Dec 10x#9, 2x10x#10

Chinups 12, 9, 6




Sat 20/4/13

Squat (pause first and last) 5x100kg, 5x115kg, 5x117kg

Close Grip Bench Press 2x5x80kg

Pullups 10, 8 ,6




Wed 24/4/13

Squat 5x92.5kg, 5x107.5kg, (belt on for;) 11x120kg

Bench 5x55kg, 5x62.5kg, 12x70kg

Pullups 10, 10, 9

Pushups 20, 17, 10

Reverse Crunch (15kg counterweight) 12, 12




Fri 26/4/13

Front Squat 5x80kg, 2x5x100kg

OHP 2x5x45kg, 12x47.5kg

Deadlift 5x135kg, 5x155kg, 10x175kg (with belt)

Dips 5x10

BB Rows 5x5x60kg

Reverse Hyper 3x10x20kg

Cable flies 3x10x30kg

EZ Curls 3x10x25kg





Tue 30/4/13

Squat 3x100kg, 3x115kg, 9x127.5kg (with belt)

Bench 3x57.5kg, 3x67.5kg, 10x75kg

Pullups 5, 10 (+5kg), 10, 7

Pushups 15, 15, 22

GHR practice

Ab rollouts (on knees) 3x10




Thu 2/5/13

Front Squat 5x82.5kg, 3x5x102.5kg

OHP 5x40kg, 3x45kg, 9x50kg

Deadlift 3x145kg, 3x165kg, 8x187.5kg (with belt)

BB Rows 5x5x62.5kg





Tue 7/5/13 BW=85.2kg

Squat 5x107.5kg, 3x120kg, 6x132.5kg (with belt)

Bench 5x62.5kg, 3x70kg, 7x80kg

Pullups 5, 10 (+7.5kg), 10, 10

Pushups 16, 16, 25

Reverse Hyper 10x10kg, 4x10x15kg




Fri 10/5/13 BW=85.2kg

Front Squat 3x5x105kg

OHP 5x42.5kg, 3x47.5kg, 7x52.5kg

Deadlift 5x155kg, 3x175kg, 6x197.5kg (with belt)

Dips 3x15

BB Rows 5x5x65kg

Reverse hyper 10x5kg, 10x10kg, 10x15kg





Mon 13/5/13

Log 5x50kg, 5x60kg

Squat 5x110kg, 10x125kg (with belt)

Pullups (on forklift) 10, 12, 10

Axle Curls 20x25kg



Tue 14/5/13

Bench 5x55kg, 5x65kg, 12x72.5kg

Pushups 17, 17, 21

Tricep Pushdowns 3x10x20kg




wed 15/5/13

Front Squat 3x5x107.5kg

Deadlift 5x140kg, 5x160kg, 10x180kg (with belt)




Thu 16/5/13

OHP 5x40kg, 5x45kg, 5x50kg

BB Rows 5x5x70kg

Dips 2x17




Mon 20/5/13

Front Squat 3x5x110kg

Log 4x3x60kg, 6x60kg

Bench 3x72.5kg, 5x82.5kg

Pullups 5, 10 (+10kg), 10





Wed 22/5/13

Deadlift (with belt) 2x180kg, 5x200kg

Axle 1 clean then press 3x60kg, 3x70kg

BB Rows 5x5x72.5kg

Dips 18, 20

Curls 21x22kg

Reverse Hyper 210x30kg

Broad jumps up to 86"




Fri 24/5/13

Squat 3x110kg, 7x135kg (with belt)

Yoke for 2x10metres, 3 sets with 200kg

Medley (100 duck walk, 100kg sled drag, 50kg keg carry, 80kg sandbag - all for 10 metres). Set 1 - 47seconds, Set 2 - 38 seconds




Tue 28/5/13

Cambered Bar Squat (no belt) 5x105kg, 5x115kg, 5x125kg

Log 4x3x62.5kg, 1x7x62.5kg

Pullups 5, 10 (+12.5kg), 10, 7

Dips 20, 18

Reverse Hyper 10x20kg, 10x30kg, 10x35kg




Thu 30/5/13

Front Squat 3x5x112.5kg

Deadlift (with belt) 2x185kg, 5x205kg

Bench 3x5x80kg

BB Row 3x5x75kg

Axle Curl 10x27kg ~13x27kg




Tue 4/6/13

Squat 3x120kg, 5x140kg (with belt)

Axle 4x3x65kg, 9x65kg

Strict Axle Press 2x5x55kg

Pullups 5, 8 (+15kg), 10

Dips 20

Yoke (2x10 metres) 200kg, 210kg, 210kg




Thu 6/6/13 BW=86.6kg

Front Squat 2x3x120kg

Log 4x3x65kg, 5x65kg

Deadlift (with belt) 2x190kg, 4x210kg

70kg stone shoulders - 7

70kg stone row - 10

60metres 80kg sandbag carry




Tue 11/6/13

Squat 5x5x120kg

Bench 5x5x70kg

BB Rows 5x5x70kg

Reverse Hyper 10x20kg, 10x25kg, 10x30kg




Thu 13/6/13 BW=86.7kg

OHP 5x45kg, 5x50kg, 5x55kg, 3x60kg

Pullups 15, 8

Pushups 23, 17

Curls 14x20kg





Mon 17/6/13

Squat (switch to high bar) 5x110kg, 5x115kg, 5x120kg, 5x125kg

Axle OHP 3x55kg, 3x57.5kg, 3x60kg, 3x62.5kg, 3x60kg, 3x57.5kg, 3x55kg

BB Rows 5x70kg, 5x75kg, 5x80kg, 5x85kg, 5x90kg

Reverse Hyper 10x20kg, 2x10x30kg




Wed 19/6/13

Squat (high bar, no belt) 3x5x110kg (pause first & Last)

Deficit deadlift (no belt) 5x120kg, 5x140kg, 5x160kg

Bench 5x70kg, 5x75kg, 5x80kg, 5x85kg, 4x90kg

Pullups 3x5(+10kg), 7




Fri 21/6/13

Squat (high bar, no belt) 3x120kg, 3x122.5kg, 3x125kg, 3x127.5kg, 3x130kg

Log 3x60kg, 3x65kg, 3x67.5kg, 3x70kg

50kg slam ball over yoke for 10 reps

Playing with slam ball




Mon 24/6/13

Squat (high bar, no belt) 5x115kg, 5x120kg, 5x125kg, 5x130kg

Axle OHP 3x57.5kg, 3x60kg, 3x62.5kg, 3x65kg, 3x62.5kg, 3x60kg, 3x57.5kg

Axle Rows 5x75kg, 5x80kg, 5x85kg, 5x91kg




Wed 26/6/13

Squat (high bar, no belt, pause 1st & last) 5x82.5kg, 3x5x102.5kg

Deficit Deadlift (no belt) 3x150kg, 5x170kg

Bench 5x70kg, 5x5x80kg

Pullups 5, 4x5(+11.25kg)




Fri 28/6/13 BW=86.6kg

Squat (high bar, no belt) 3x117.5kg, 3x122.5kg, 3x127.5kg, 3x132.5kg

Log 4x60kg, 2x65kg, 2x70kg, 2x73.5kg

200kg yoke then 50kg sandbag carry + load, for 2x10metres then 3x10metres

50kg slam ball over yoke x10




Mon 1/7/13

Squat (high bar, no belt) 5x110kg, 5x117.5kg, 5x125kg, 5x132.5kg

Axle OHP 3x55kg, 3x61kg, 2x66kg, 7x55kg

Overhead Tricep Extension 10x10kg, 10x15kg, 2x10x20kg, 10x25kg

BB Rows 5x70kg, 5x85kg, 5x93kg

Axle Curls 15x22kg




Wed 3/7/13

Squat (high bar, no belt, pause 1st & last) 3x5x105kg

Deficit deadlift (30mm, no belt) 3x150kg, 5x180kg

Bench 5x5x82.5kg

Pullups 5, 3x5(+12.5kg), 9




Fri 5/7/13

Squat (high bar, no belt) 5x80kg, 5x110kg, 3x120kg, 3x130kg, 3x135kg

Log 5x60kg, 2x5x65kg

Ring Dips 3x5

Yoke (10 metres), 200kg, 220kg, 240kg, 240kg

Medley (75kg farmers, 95kg duck walk) 2 sets for 20 metres

Same medley for 1 set but with 95kg farmers

Ring Pullups 9, 6




Fri 12/7/13

Squat (high bar, no belt) 3x100kg, 3x120kg, 3x130kg, 5x140kg

Bench 5x80kg, 5x82kg, 5x84kg

30mm Deficit Deadlift (no belt) 3x150kg, 2x170kg, 5x190kg

Dips 20, 16

Pullups 5, 8, 6

DB Curls 12s to failure




Tue 16/7/13

OHP 5x37.5kg, 5x45kg, 10x50kg

Bench 5x10x65kg

Pullups 10, 10, 10 (assisted with red band on last set)




Wed 17/7/13

Squat (high bar, no belt) 5x90kg, 5x105kg, 5x120kg, 5x15x80kg

GHR Practice

Prowler (70kg + sled) 4x10m




Thu 18/7/13 BW=86.6kg

Bench 5x62.5kg, 5x72.5kg, 7x80kg

DB Bench 2x10x20s, 2x15x20s, 14x20s

BB Rows 5x10x50kg

DB Curls rep out with 15s




Sat 20/7/13

Squat (high bar, no belt, pause 1st & last rep) 3x5x105kg

Deadlift 4x160kg, 3x180kg 3x200kg (belt for last set only)

Good Mornings 10x60kg, 2x10x80kg




Mon 22/7/13

OHP 5x45kg, 3x50kg, 7x55kg

Dips 4x10, 15

Pullups 10,7, 5




Wed 24/7/13

Squat (high bar, no belt, pause 1st & last rep) 3x5x110kg

Deadlift (no belt) 5x160kg, 5x165kg, 5x170kg

Lunge with chains 4x10m (20kg chains), 4x10kg (25kg chains)

GHR 3x4



25/7/13 BW=87.1kg



Mon 29/7/13

Squat (high bar, no belt) 5x110kg, 4x130kg

OHP (axle) 5x55kg, 4x60kg, 4x62.5kg

*BB Rows 10x50kg, 10x60kg, 4x5x70kg, 1x9x70kg

Dips 17, 11, 12

GHR 5, 3, 4

*I normally do pendlay rows, but this day I done bodybuilder style rows




Wed 31/7/13

Deadlift (no belt) 5x165kg, 5x175kg, 5x180kg

Bench 5x80kg, 5x85kg, 6x90kg, 2x95kg, 2x100kg (PB!!!)

Pullups 3x10

GHR 3x5




Fri 2/8/13

Front Squat 5x100kg, 5x110kg, 2x120kg

Yoke (10 metres) 200kg, 240kg, 260kg

Dips 5, 5(+5kg), 5(+10kg), 5 (+15kg), 5 (+20kg), 10 (+25kg), 20

GHR 3x6

DB Curls repout with 15s




Wed 7/8/13

Squat (high bar, no belt) 5x110kg, 3x130kg, 2x140kg

Axle OHP 5x55kg, 2x60kg, 3x65kg, 10x50kg

BB Rows 5x70kg, 2x5x75kg, 3x100kg

GHR 7, 7, 3, 4




Thu 8/8/13

Deadlift (no belt) 5x150kg, 3x170kg, 5x190kg

Bench 5x80kg, 5x85kg, 7x85kg

Pullups 5, 5 (+5kg), 5 (+10kg), 5 (+10kg) 5 (+15kg), 3 (+20kg), 6

Dips 5, 5 (+10kg), 5 (+20kg), 11




Mon 19/8/13

Squat (high bar, no belt) 5x80kg, 5x90kg, 10x100kg

Axle OHP 5x45kg, 5x50kg, 7x55kg

Pullups 8, 8, 10

Dips 5, 2x10 (+10kg), 10 (+15kg)

GHR 5, 5, 8




Wed 21/8/13

Deadlift (no belt) 5x150kg, 5x162.5kg, 7x175kg

Bench 5x70kg, 5x80kg, 8x85kg

Rows 5x70kg, 5x90kg, 12x70kg

Reverse hyper 2x10x30kg

DB Curls rep out with 15s




Fri 23/8/13

Atlas Stones 100kg for 3 reps to platform 1, 100kg for 1 rep to platform 2. Lots of fails with 125kg stone, one of them nearly to platform 1




Mon 26/8/13 BW=86.1kg

OHP 5x40kg, 5x47kg, 10x53kg

Chins 3x10

Incline Bench 5x46kg, 5x53kg, 7x60kg

BB Rows 5x70kg, 5x70kg, 2x5x80kg

Front Squat 5x70kg, 5x90kg, 3x110kg, 3x120kg

GHR 3x5




Wed 28/8/13

Squat (high bar, no belt) 5x90kg, 5x100kg, 10x110kg

Pause squat 3x90kg, 3x95kg, 3x3x100kg

Bench 5x70kg, 5x80kg, 7x87.5kg, 12x70kg

BB Rows 5x70kg, 3x5x75kg

GHR 5, 5, 8




Fri 30/8/13

Front Squat 5x80kg, 5x100kg, 5x110kg

Deadlift 5x115kg, 5x145kg, 2x175kg, 5x195kg

Axle 1 clean then presses 5x43kg, 5x53kg, 3x63kg, 3x3x73kg

Pullups 13, 10 , 8




Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 Cycle 1

No belts/wraps/sleeves

High bar squats



Mon 2/9/13 BW=85.8kg

Squats 5x85kg, 5x97.5kg, 11x110kg

Pause Squats 5x3x95kg

GHR 6, 6, 12

Band Crunches 3x12 with blue band




Tue 3/9/13

Pendlay Row 5x70kg, 3x5x80kg

Bench 5x60kg, 5x69kg, 12x78kg

Pullups 5, 5 (+10kg), 5 (+15kg), 10

Dips 5, 5 (+5kg), 5 (+10kg), 5 (+15kg), 5 (+20kg), 5 (+25kg), 5 (+30kg), 21




Thu 5/9/13

Deadlift 5x128kg, 5x148kg, 10x168kg

Front Squat 5x60kg, 5x80kg, 3x5x95kg

Yoke (2 x 10metres) 120kg, 180kg, 200kg, 200kg

Sandbag load over yoke. Couple of fails with 110kg sandbag. Lapped it and got close.




Fri 6/9/13

OHP 5x40kg, 5x47.5kg, 9x53kg

Log 5x3x60kg

Chins 11, 10, 6, 5, 6, 6, 6

Band Crunch 10, 10, 20 with blue band




Mon 9/9/13 BW=87.6kg

Squat 3x91kg, 3x105kg, 11x117kg

Pause Squat 5x3x96kg

GHR 8, 8, 15

Band crunch 3x10 with green band




Tue 10/9/13

Bench 3x64kg, 3x73kg, 10x83kg

Pendlay Row 5x70kg, 3x5x82.5kg

Dips 5, 5 (+10kg), 5 (+20kg), 5 (+30kg), 5 (+35kg), 25

Pullups 5, 5 (+5kg), 5 (+10kg), 5 (+17.5kg), 12




Thu 12/9/13

Deadlift 3x138kg, 3x158kg, 9x177kg

Front Squat 5x60kg, 5x80kg, 3x5x100kg

Log 5x3x62.5kg

Yoke (2 x 10 metres) 200kg, 210kg, 210kg





Mon 16/9/13 BW=88.4kg

Squat 5x97.5kg, 3x110kg, 10x123kg

Pause Squat 5x3x100kg

OHP 3x43kg, 3x50kg, 9x56kg

Chins 12, 10, 7, 6, 5, 5, 5 (50 reps total)

Cable crunch 10x10kg, 20x10kg




Tue 17/9/13

Bench 5x69kg, 3x78kg, 8x87kg PB!

Pendlay Rows 3x75kg, 3x5x85kg

Pullups 5, 5 (+7.5kg), 5 (+13.75kg), 5 (+18.75kg)

Dips 5, 5 (+10kg), 5 (+20kg), 5 (+30kg), 5 (+40kg) PB!





Thu 19/9/13

Deadlift 5x148kg, 5x168kg, 7x187kg

Cleans 3x60kg, 3x70kg, 80kg 1 then fail then 1, 2x80kg (all horrible form)

Front Squat 3x85kg, 3x5x105kg

Yoke (2 x 10metres) 120kg, 200kg, 240kg, 260kg PB!




Fri 20/9/13

OHP 5x47kg, 3x53kg, 7x59kg

Log 3x60kg, 5x3x65kg

Chins 12, 10, 8, 8, 8, 4 (50 total reps)

GHR 8, 8, 16







Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 Cycle 2


Mon 23/9/13

Squat 5x89kg, 5x102kg, 14x115kg

Pause Squat 5x3x105kg

GHR 3x10

Band Crunch 15, 20 with green band




Tue 24/9/13

Pendlay Rows 3x77.5kg, 3x5x87.5kg

Bench 5x63kg, 5x72kg, 12x81kg

Pullups 5, 5 (+7.5kg), 5 (+14kg), 5 (+20kg)

Dips 5, 5 (+10kg), 5 (+20kg), 5 (+32.5kg), 5 (+42.5kg) PB!




Thu 26/9/13

Deadlift 5x133kg, 5x153kg, 10x173kg

Front Squat 5x60kg, 5x90kg, 3x5x110kg

Yoke (2 x 10 metres) 200kg, 240kg, 270kg PB!




Fri 27/9/13

OHP 5x43kg, 5x50kg, 9x56kg

Log 3x60kg, 5x3x67.5kg

Chins 12, 9, 7, 7, 7, 8 (50 reps total)





Mon 30/9/13

Squat 3x96kg, 3x109kg, 13x122kg

Pause Squat 5x3x110kg




Tue 1/10/13

Power Snatch 3x30kg, 3x35kg, 3x40kg, 3x45kg, 5x50kg

Pendlay Rows 5x50kg, 5x70kg, 3x5x90kg

Bench 3x67.5kg, 3x76kg, 10x86kg

Pullups 5, 5 (+7.5kg), 5 (+15kg), 5 (+21.25kg) PB!

Dips 5, 5 (+15kg), 5 (+25kg) 5 (+35kg), 5 (+45kg) PB!




Thu 3/10/13

Deadlift 3x142kg, 3x163kg, 9x182kg

Front Squat 5x60kg, 5x90kg, 3x5x115kg

Yoke (2 x 10 metres) 200kg, 240kg, 280kg PB!!!

Band crunch 2x22 with green band




Fri 4/10/13

OHP 3x46kg, 3x53kg, 7x59kg

Log 3x60kg, 2x70kg, 3x70kg, 2x70kg

Chins 11, 8, 9, 8, 7, 8 (50 total reps)




Mon 7/10/13

Squats 5x102kg, 3x115kg, 11x128kg

Pause Squats 5x3x112kg




Tue 8/10/13

Pendlay Rows 5x70kg, 5x82.5kg, 3x5x92.5kg

Bench 5x72kg, 3x81kg, 9x90kg PB!

Dips 5, 5 (+10kg), 5 (+20kg), 5 (+30kg), 5 (+40kg), 4 (+50kg) PB!

Pullups 5, 5 (+10kg), 5 (+17.5kg), 3 (+25kg), 11




Thu 10/10/13

Deadlift 5x153kg, 3x173kg, 7x192kg

Front Squat 5x60kg, 5x80kg, 5x100kg, 5x120kg, 1x130kg, 1x140kg PB!!

Yoke (2x10m) 120kg, 200kg (back felt fragile)




Fri 11/10/13

OHP 5x50kg, 3x56kg, 4x62kg, 3x10x40kg

Chins 14, 8, 9



DELOAD WEEK - was planning on doing more sessions but time didn't permit. Didn't eat enough food either and suffered on first session back.


Tue 14/10/13

Squats 5x115kg

Pause Squat 5x3x115kg

Deadlift 5x135kg, 5x155kg, 5x175kg

Pullups 15

Chins 7, 8

Dips 20, 10, 5







Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 Cycle 3


Mon 21/10/13

Squats 5x100kg, 5x111kg, 8x122kg

GHR 3x8

Forgot my squat shoes and schedule, just guessed the weights. Wasn't happy so just redone the squats the next day ...




Tue 22/10/13

Pendlay Rows 5x70kg, 5x3x90kg

Bench 5x64kg, 5x73kg, 12x83kg

Pullups 8, 8 (+5kg), 12 (+5kg)

Dips 8, 8 (+10kg), 8 (+15kg), 15

Squats 5x91kg, 5x105kg, 13x119kg

Not a PB on squats but was very happy. 2 days in a row and at end of a session. Worked hard for that set.




Thu 24/10/13

Deadlift 5x135kg, 5x155kg, 10x176kg

Front Squat 5x100kg, 5x3x110kg

Yoke (2x10metres) 120kg, 3 sets with 180kg just to ease back in

Band Crunch - Few sets with blue then green band




Fri 25/10/13

Strict Log 5x50kg, 5x3x55kg

OHP 5x43kg, 5x50kg, 5x56kg

Chins 13, 9, 10, 8, 6, 4 (50 total reps)

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Hi everyone!


It's been a while, so here's a brief summary of my last year of training;


Towards the end of 2012 the warehouse was getting fucking freezing to train in, I'd not long started a long distance relationship which made me drop most Fridays. Motivation was low, numbers weren't good, wasn't eating properly and bodyweight plumetted.


Start of 2013 got back into Kilmarnock Weightlifting Club to train. Was a really good but short cycle, gained strength and muscle. But my hours at work changed, and in addition work got too busy to train during, and has been the same ever since.


Started training at my bosses gym, Glasgow Strength. Was just going through the motions, wasn't eating properly again and lost bodyweight and strength.


About 2 months ago started Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 again, just doing the basic strength lifts with a bit of strongman. Eating a lot more again and gaining strength/muscle. Went from averaging 2 sessions a week to 4 most weeks. And a completely new attitude to training again after a year of not really enjoying it that much.


My girlfriend has just moved closer to me and my work which will make things MUCH easier. I'm probably the happiest I've ever been. Still working at strengthshop.co.uk as well and enjoying it.



Thanks for all the messages you left and sorry I didn't get back sooner, ready to start killing it again


If I find any pictures from over the last year I might post them soon to give an idea of where I am.

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Also meant to mention the last few months I've stopped wearing a belt completely, because basically I don't like wearing them. For some reason I could not flatten my lower back when doing a deadlift with a belt on. I practiced and practiced but couldn't do it. It feels 10x better without a belt, and my strength is catching up without it. My upper back is still rounded but intentional.


Also switched to high bar squats and being doing a lot of pause squats - I fucking love them! My form is a lot more consistent. I noticed how much I was relying on the belt at one point when I tried doing some semi-heavy beltless squats. Probably down to shitty weak abs because they hurt like fuck now but I'll bet they're a lot stronger.

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Mon 28th October 2013






Pause Squat



Glute ham raise




Tue 29th October 2013

Pendlay rows






1x8x88kg (then a failed rep)






5, 20, 15, 15



Thu 31st October 2013







Front Squat




Yoke for 2 x 10 metres

Set 1 - 200kg

Set 2 - 200kg

Set 3 - 210kg


Some ab mat situps for 3x10



Fri 1st November 2013









13, 8, 8, 6, 6, 5, 4



Tue 5th November 2013


Pendlay Row











5 (bodyweight)

5 (+5kg)

5 (+10kg)

7 (+15kg)



10 (bodyweight)

5 (+10kg)

5 (+20kg)

10 (+30kg)








Pause Squat



Had a massive night out for halloween on Saturday, so delayed workout till Tuesday. Wasn't the worst one ever, started off quite well, but the strength wasn't there for squats.



Thu 7th November 2013







Front Squat




Yoke for 2x10 metres

Set 1 - 200kg

Set 2 - 220kg

Set 3 - 230kg


Glute ham raise



Can't really grumble at this workout, it's the most weight I've ever deadlifted without a belt and not a mile away from my beltless 5RM (210kg). Front squats felt good, yoke felt quick.



Fri 8th November 2013










5 (bodyweight)

5 (+10kg)

5 (+15kg)

5 (+20kg)

3 (+25kg)

8 (bodyweight)


Dunno where the fuck the top set of OHP came from because it's been shit recently. But I'll take it.

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