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WHen can I get it?


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Hard to say, but probably by around April or May 2010, so a little less than a year from now. We initially hoped to have it done by November or December but it will take us another 6 months or so longer than we first thought.


We still have a long way to go for fundraising, we're still doing some filming and have a long road ahead to put it all together but expect it out in less than a year and it will be awesome!

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No, unfortunately, no update. Likely not for another year or longer.


There are many hold-ups for a lot of reasons, some regarding finances and budget and others I don't have too much control over but I hope we'll get something out in the next couple of years.


Living in LA will hopefully help me get some good connections to make it happen. I've met tons of capable people out here, and once we can finance it and get some real specific plans locked down, we'll move forward...but it will be a while.


Thanks for checking in!

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Sounds like it's coming along just fine. Filmmaking can be a big project. It's important to do it right and don't worry about any artificial deadlines (yes I speak from experience). It's kind of like bodybuilding and fitness. The important thing is to make progress...and have fun doing it. Also, shop it around to film festivals like Sun Dance, Slam Dance, and Tribeca. If Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock can do it so can The Vegan Army.

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We're actually making some progress.


Moving to LA has enabled me to become good friends with great producers, editors, writers, etc.


We're making some good, solid forward progress now that should really take off in the fall.


Looking forward to it.



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