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First and foremost have a good World Vegan Day everybody!


Tuesday evening 9K after work run. This morning another 9K run fresh out of bed.


getting the miles in there pal! hows the weather with u at themoment? running friendly?

Hi Mike, the weather here is typically autumn weather. some rainy,chilly,windy days and then a cloudy day. temperatures are good to run actually. for some reason the days i plan to go running are the cloudy ones and not the rainy,windy ones see how long that will last

Running friendly i don't really understand

This month i have 2 hardcore gigs on the bill. On with Paris' Kickback, Brussels' Length of Time and Arkangel and the other one is Amen Ra. Looking forward to those.

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9K run in the pouring rain. it felt great, it's not cold outside, about 10°C.

i bought 2kg soy/wheat protein with haselnut taste but it has a chemical aftertaste. i can't really place the taste as bad haselnut taste or as a chemical aftertaste

i'm looking for the Vega products in Belgium but can't seem to get them here. i can probably order them online but with the shipping and tax cost it becomes too expensive for me. with the free gifts you could earn on the forum here a while ago i got them but had to pay €27 on taks.

i'll keep searching anyway.

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9K 2 evenings in a row last week and this morning about 10K with 10 times uphill/downhill run. from starting point to the top is about 400m and goes from 0 to 53m above sea level.

yesterday my girlfriend, me and my mom went to a city to go eat at our favourite restaurant for lunch and take dinner at a very good indian restaurant and visit a Christmas market in between.

now i had a Yorkshire terrier for 16 years and my girlfriend and i had a Dobberman pincher for 17 years. we really love dogs and had two little ones for years and they been trough a lot with us during that life period.

what i want to say is it really makes me sad to see how dumb people can be by taking their little dogs with them (on a leish) to a city on a Saturday afternoon (any day really). these little dogs get kicked, stumped, getting feet of humans on their little feet and so on. so when i saw i Yorkshire yesterday (twice on different places in the city and on the Christmas market) i became sad. Very hard for me to keep positive on those moments.

this was just something i have to get off my heart.

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yesterday evening finished the workweek with a 9K. took the week off from running because i didn't felt that great, it was like a flue feeling roaming in my body, feeling weak, cold and muscles that hurt. yesterday i felt better and took the chance to have another run not feeling 100% yet but it turned out good not great. ths morning i feel a little bit sore which i hadn't the past weeks of running. for breakfast big bowl of oats with almond milk, 20g protein shake and a banana. might go to Brussels today to meet a friend and stroll trough the city.

have a nice weekend everybody.

End addiction today!

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