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Hey everybody! It's been a while since posting anything here i know. i posted my training underneath. mostly running and some ab excercices. i really got hooked on the running and bodyweight leg training.

i had to stop training Monday 7 of April untill already today.. The plan was to run 5KM for 22 days straight, as it is the day and month of my birthday, that looked like a nice challenge that i could fulfill. unfortunately on that monday morning i got out of bed and walked around the house as i sneezed and just collapsed on the floor. my lower back got a big shock from the sneezing causing me to collapse. the first hour i couldn't move and was afraid something bad had happened. after 1,5 hours i got to move just a little bit again. didn't go to the doctor and taking rest now as much as i can. after a good week and a half it goes better..i hope i can run a 5K next monday, that'll be after 2 weeks. i still feel 'something' is there but i got more rest ahead. it's really a bummer since i got really addicted to outdoor training..so that's pretty much it.







Hi Dylan, how are you man? I hope you're doing great in Brooklyn..? Next year we'll visit NYC again, looking forward already!

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