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Running out of time! (No pun intended)

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I've been running along with my weight training. I'm not a huge fan of running but i need to lose some fat. I've been doing it on off days. The problem I'm having is that I used to do mobility exercises and stretching on off days. I find that I just don't have the time or energy to go for a 20-30 min jog, to come home and do another 10-15 minute stretch/mobility routine. I have really tight hip flexors, so i'm beginning to miss those stretching sessions!


Would doing my mobility exercises (mainly spider man lunges, lateral squats, dive bombers, leg swings etc.) in a circuit be considered cardio? How would that compare to joggin in terms of cardio benefits.



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Most people greatly overestimate the number of calories burned by cardio. Even the fastest runner will only burn about 15 calories per minute. Cardio is great and in fact necessary for your health, but the best way to lose weight is through diet.

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I'm not a runner - nor a stretcher - but I would give the following a try to see how it goes:


You could run in intervals (as interval sprint training) with stretching between the intervals. As long as you didn't try to stretch too much before things were properly warmed up. Perhaps more stretching in the later intervals and gentle stretching during the first few intervals.


If there are any adverse effects, try something else.


I do interval training before I do squats. I do squat thrusts. 10 sets of 40 as fast as I can. No pounding along pavements. No dogs chasing me. No women throwing themselves at me. No car fumes.

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