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my updated progess

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Wow! Amazing!


Now I think is a good time to increase protein and fat intake a bit, so that you can get bigger muscles. Remember, with negative calories you can't build any muscle mass!


Anyway, fantastic job so far. You look great!

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Thanks everyone! I worked so hard! Now I want to really build some muscle!




have you changed up your training style and diet than to get all jacked?


I am working on it. I am really good at losing weight but after that I am lost..........

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Don't be scared to eat high protein, lift heavy, and loads of greens, you will see your body really respond and get even more sexy. You look WONDERFUL!


Lift Heavy:




Interval Training:



Eat More Often



Eat More Protein, a lot more.



The largest, most powerful, and less sleepy animals in the world are herbivores. Vegan protein sources, such as rice protein, hemp protein, pea protein, tempeh, beans, whole grains, etc., are wonderful heart healthy alternatives to whey, egg, dairy, and meat sources. Meat rots in your colon for about a week. We have long intestines like herbivores, not short tracts like carnivores. Carnivores eat the meat and quickly digest. None of the cholesterol or other harmful effects affects true carnivores. It's a myth, even believed by very, very intelligent people (like the folks who wrote New Rules of Lifting) that you need whey and animal protein. Nope. Check out the body builders at VeganBodyBuilding.com - scroll down on the page for the profiles. Recover faster, much faster, with super greens and vegan protein sources. Eat more dark, dark leafy greens. A serving is a 1/2 a cup. Eat 5 cups of spinach, kale, etc., or more. That will fill your tummy, make your body more alkaline (which does help you flush fat), and do wonders for your skin, eyes, etc., like "they" always said!




Greens, more greens, and lemon water juice with stevia! Lots of lemon.

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So, this was obviously done between now and 1 year ago, but how long after the baby was born did you actually start? In other words, during how many months did this transformation take place? I'm just curious because I'm tracking my progress by months. I'll be posting my progress pics soon, but I've lost 20 lbs in 3 months and am building muscle at a pretty decent rate. I've been taking front and side pics on the last day of every month, then I put them side-by-side so that you can really see the difference that one month can make.


You look awesome, by the way!

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First I want to say, "WOW!" Great job. Keep it up. You have made some great progress getting leaner. I agree with all the diet stuff you are hearing. It will definitely help you get there. Have you looked into crossfit? It is a great way to increase muscle mass, and it is a good over all fitness workout that takes very little time. I mention that because I know mom's have limited gym time. Look into it, you might like it.


And you have done a great job!! You are inspirational. Keep it up.

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