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Need help shipping protein bars to Finland


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OK here's the deal:


I need protein bars for myself as well as for the vegan community here in Finland. We can already buy lots of different bars but they are usually ridiculously expensive, like 4-5 usd per bar and that's a ripoff.


I found this one place (AllStarHealth) where you can order Organic Food Bar Protein Bars $ 22,75 for a box of 12 and Builder's Bars $ 16,95 for a box of 12. And even after that they'll give me 5 % off if my order is larger than $ 1000 but that won't be a problem. The problem is this: They refuse to ship to Finland.


Solution: I pay the bars and they'll deliver the package to one of you. Then one of you sends the package to Finland. I'll pay for the costs obviously and I can pay some for helping me out.


There is nothing illegal and I'll pay all the taxes and such. I just need someone TRUSTWORTHY (obviously someone like Robert or Giacomo) to help me.


Ryan, if you're reading this: Don't worry. I am co-operating with JP and the bars I will be selling will help Joni to sell loads of bars in Vegaanikauppa.com in the future since people will just get a few samples from me. You are most welcome to make an offer for OFB Protein Bars and Clif Builder's Bars.


If someone can sell the bars for similar price as AllStarHealth, please let me know! I am talkin about an order of min. 30 boxes but maybe a lot more.

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Hey, Tuc!


I emailed Joni back about the bars, but he never replied to me on this. Give him a swift kick to let him know that I need to know if it's just the original flavor or an assortment and the final count on cases of 12 bars, and once I have the details I'll get them to you ASAP. My pricing is based of case quantity, so I'll need to get at least a close estimate before I can finish pricing. I'm always glad to help you out, even if you're stealing my sales (just kidding!)

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Hey Tuc, cool that you guys are selling vegan protein bars and stuff. I'm thinking about doing something similar in Sweden but I'm not sure if I have the time/money. You should check out the x-treme protein cruncher from a company called INKOSPOR. It's only the x-treme protein cruncher that's vegan (at least of the bars that I've seen) but it's cheap and made in europe (germany or something).

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