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Could you help me with me meal plan?

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The first number is the kcals, second is protein (in grams), third is fat (in grams), and fourth is carbs (in grams). I'm currently trying to gain weight, and i'm trying to lower my carbs and up my fats a bit, but it's turned out to be harder than i first thought. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Meal 1

cereal 280/26/2/60

walnuts 175/7/17/3

banana 100/1/0/27

blueberries 80/1/0/10

soy milk 100/7/4/8

Meal 2

soy crisps 100/8/1.5/15

soy milk 100/7/4/8

cereal 140/13/1/30

Meal 3

fruit 100/0/.5/25

seitan 160/30/1/9

whole wheat hamburger buns 280/12/4/54

peas 220/12/1/38

Meal 4

lentils 160/20/0/40

whole wheat bread 220/10/2/42

PWO Shake

soy milk 100/7/4/8

banana 100/1/0/27

soy protein powder 145/31/2/0

Meal 5

whole wheat hamburger bun 140/6/2/27

soy burgers 140/26/1/12

brussel sprouts 50/4/0/9

soy milk 100/7/4/8

quinoa 170/7/2.5/30

Meal 6

oats 140/6/1/28

blueberries 80/1/0/10

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if youre trying to up your fats... then more nuts! Eat them throughout your whole day...Almonds are always great

As you said in another post you know that processed foods arent the best for you... you can always replace the cereal and buns with oatmeal and brown rice..

Best of luck..

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