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Really sick and tired of making no progress.....

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I read this whole thread and your biggest problem seems to be your attitude...


You absurdly state that everyone is hoarding all the good information from you... but most of your responses to people reaching out to help are "I know that", "I've done that already", "I don't like gyms", "Are you trying to sell me advice?", etc.


Change your attitude man. There is some great advice in this thread. You're looking for a magical pill that doesn't exist.

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That said, there are bodyweight exercises and then there are bodyweight exercises. If, for example, you just do lots of straightforward push ups then you're never going to gain size or strength. You need to apply the same principle of progressive overload as you would using free weights i.e. constantly making things harder & pushing yourself every time you work out.

Or if you do more and more reps, no? if at the beginning you were able to do only 15 push-ups and then later you do 200 or 300, you progress without adding any extra weight. You gain strength but I don't know if its good for gaining size... yes but maybe not as efficient as adding weight on your back... but who knows. There's stories of westlers for instance that supposedly were doing only bodyweight squats and got huge quads...
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No I wasn't really talking about upping rep numbers constantly (although obviously that could come into it from time to time), but more about increasing resistance/difficulty.


For push ups this could mean using chains/rings to increase instability, elevating your feet, placing feet on swiss ball, changing the angle of your arms relative to the torso, pushing on your knuckles rather than on your palms etc. Better option still would be dips where you can add weight to a belt to increase resistance in a more traditional fashion - my aim here is to eventually do a rep with my own bodyweight in plates strapped to me. I'm also starting to experiement with ring exercises like ring dips & working towards the muscle up; both extremely challenging.

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I think one can get good sized and really strong on just body weight exercises, but you have to bust your ass like you need to to gain on anything and you need to be a little creative to make more difficult exercises. Alot of the guys that i train BJJ with don't do any weights and have good size and strength, also Fedor the best HW fighter on the planet is 6' 230 and doesn't train weights anymore, along with prime mike tyson and those getto fitness guys are youtube are really impressive.


I train both body weight and weights becasue i don't see the point in limiting my options. To the TS it's not your genes that are holding you back it's either your not educated enough to train/ diet properly or are too lazy to do it. I belive just about anyone can develop i pretty good fit physque

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