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Food, Inc. - The movie


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worth watching, especially for those that didn't read too many books, articles or saw docs on nutrition and health, it shows the big picture but it could have been deeper. Like Robert I didn,t learn much. What I liked the most is that it focus especially on the meat industry, because that's the biggest problem; it causes all the other problems like gm crops and all that. Interesting that NO slaughterhouses, fast food chains, factory farms or anything in the meat industry accepted an interview with the crew. Except one: a crazy guy that already ship his ultra-processed meat all over the fast food chains of the country (75 % of all the market and he plans to get 95% witihn the next 5 years). His ground beef is treated with amoniac to destroy all bacterias and after 7 stages of its new technology the 'meat' just looks like a strange thin paste. And people are buying and eating that shit. I can't believe even the author of the book Fast Food Nation, wich revealed that all hamburgers contain shit, is actually eating a burger in this documentary.

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