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Candy goes from grose to musculous!

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Haha, thank you, Robert, for the "birthday present"


Thanks for all of you lovely people who keep supporting and encouraging me. It means a lot to me because i'm so close to this body that i can't really "see" it, and so close to this process that i don't feel that it's such a big deal and with your help i've started to feel proud of myself and really appreciate the work i've done. You can't believe how much envy i have to encounter in my every day life and how much time i spend trying to prove that i'm not an anorectic and defending the vegan lifestyle and the bodybuilding lifestyle. This forum has really been a wonderful escape for me from the everyday world and i appreciate all of you enormously, you people are the best of the best!

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No problem for the Birthday holla.


You're doing great things here and inspiring many. I use your example to show some people and they are super impressed and motivated.


Thanks for being a great shining example of motivation and compassion combined to create excellence!

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Congratulations, your progress is so awesome! Robert posted a facebook link to your progress photos. I suddenly feel like I can tackle the last 10 pounds which shouldn't take more than a couple months but seems overwhelming. Anyway I have to tell you, since you want ghetto-booty, that when I was training earlier this year I developed the most amazing butt. I had been doing walking lunges around a track with 40lbs in a backpack. You don't need to carry that much weight, I worked up to a heavy weight over a few weeks, the results probably will be the same with less weight and proper form. If you try this go easy and light to protect your knees at first. I walked around the track twice, pulling up with my forward leg and not pushing off with my back leg. 30 minutes total twice a week. I wasn't looking for a ghetto-booty AT ALL but it was a super nice side effect.

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Hi! First of all congratulations for your hard job! Great results!


I'm new in this webpage and I didn't know where to post this following message:


I'm 23 years-old, 182 cm and 65 kg. I'm vegan and I would like to gain more body muscle. I'm very thin and many people attribute this to being vegan (I was like this even when omnivore) and I want to change their point of view but I don't know how.


Here there should be many people with this same experience. What kind of diet can I follow? What exercise can I do?


I live in Spain.

I do not have access to a gym.


Thanks for any kind of advice!


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Mindew, I bet theres still a fair amount of guys who prefer the "before" version no?

That happened to me when I lost a lot of weight..so many people prefered me fat it makes me wonder why¿?¿?¿?¿? WIERD

I bet it's because of this tits-and-ass-culture we live in, you're not a good woman without boobs and ass. It doesn't matter if you have to be fat and unhealthy to get them, it seems that boobs are more important for most people than health or overall fitness. Even if the breasts are almost entirely just two lumps of fat.


I've actually got HUGE problems with my body at the moment, because tits and ass were the only parts i was proud of in myself when i was fat, and everything else was ing and i tried to not look at my body as a wholeness, just focused on the fact that i had tits and ass. So what do i do now, when i've never had the ability or desire to see my body as whole and i don't have tits or ass? I try to focus on my muscles growing and be proud about that, but i don't get much reassurance from the "big public", as muscular women are often seen as somehow unnatural and masculine, ugly, and now i don't even have the tits and the ass. So i'm in a kind of limbo where i just have to try to start liking my body as a wholeness and disregard all the flaws that i make up.


I won't even start to talk about all the envious shit-faces that seem to not have anything better to do than to put me down and make me feel unnatural and unattractive and try to convince me that i'm anorectic and ortorectic and excersise too much (because they can't get themselves out the fucking door and eat shit and get fat). The other group of people are the ones that feel so bad about their body and not exercising that they want to tell me that i make them depressed because of just being what i am and having accomplished what i have (well, at least they're honest).


Luckily no-one really thinks i was better the way i was so i don't have to listen to that. Everyone knows how unhealthy and unhappy i used to be.

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We reiterate: You look absolutely awesome. Try to not worry about what others think, there will always be negative and critical people, in this case, ignorant people. In my humble opinion you are in a small portion of 1% of the best looking people on the planet! Health is beautiful! Keep up the great work, you are inspiring others with your success.

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I also have had many people tell me I am too thin or I looked better overweight. Even some overweight vegans tell me this. It is jealousy for sure. They feel better if people they know are as heavy or heavier than themselves.


Tits and ass are overrated. If the guy you have is only with you because you had tits and ass, then they will start looking if yours start sagging. Anyway, veganism is far sexier than any figure. A compassionate woman does it for me than a supermodel.


And Candy, I am a guy and I am drooling. You have it all. A sexy mind, and a sexy body;P

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Do share your story with details so I can send it to other people & inspire them to transform.

I'm just reeeeeally lazy But i'll try to find some time to write some kind of summary...


We were taking pictures at the gym today, but they didn't turn out that great. Pecs & bum -day isn't the best for taking pics. A tricep-picture turned out ok, but notice the total lack of pump even though at the gym


No-pump tricep

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