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Candy goes from grose to musculous!

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Hi there. Well, first of all, I'm sorry that I bumped an old thread.

Second, amazing transformation. Hot body How are you doing these days?

I am a bit overweighted myself and trying to lose some. As of now, I lost more-or-less 15 kg. The thing that worries me most is the excessive loose skin.

It seems you were "lucky" and that issue by-passed you. Any recommendations on how to prevent and "fix" if such occurs?

Thanks a lot in advance

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Hi there. Well, first of all, I'm sorry that I bumped an old thread.



Umm, Earnest, I'm stoked you bumped this old thread because it meant that I've seen it!


And WOW!!! What an inspiring transformation! This is the good kick up the butt that I need!

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Hey! Sorry for not posting anything in, well, two years


I actually broke my back working out, nothing serious, but i coudn't do any pecs or upper back exercises anymore. So i don't go to the gym. I've done thai boxing for abut 1,5 years now and it's great, i love it! I've also tried BJJ and am going to try MMA after summer.


Nowadays i do thai boxing three times a week + bike (on a mountain bike) about 50-100 km/week. i'm going to buy a road bike this summer, i'm really pumped about that! My trainer at thai boxing is trying to get me to train more and maybe fight, but i'm still lacking courage (and time).


I eat porridge in the morning with coffee and soy milk. For lunch what ever they cook mee at the canteen at work, but always over half of it is salad. After training i drink a protein shake with pea, soy and wheat protein, malto and glutamine. In the evenings i mainly eat raw, except for the protein (mostly tofu, but also beans and lentils).


I'm working at the Finnish Heart Association, so i'm surrounded by positive influences My weight has gone up a couple of kilos, but only so much i just look nicer.

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Great to hear from you!


Thanks for the update.


Sorry to hear about your back, but glad you've found some new areas of fitness that you enjoy. Awesome that you're enjoying fitness and work.


All the very best!



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Candy. Thanks for sharing your photos and experience. I blew up while in nursing school. Too much sugar and fat. I would say I have a ton to lose. lol. You inspire me. I am tr.ying to focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. I am still deciding on which way to go for my protein. Prpbably would help me out to supplement. Not sure about it, I am probably going to post my starting pics and it won't be pretty, but seeing progress will give me motivation to continue.

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