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Dating Vegans: Save Match.com as a Resource

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Match.com was a fairly decent resource for veg*ns doing online dating.


Match.com had two useful features: a “daily diet” listing on personal ads and an accurate keyword search.


The “daily diet” profile listing would allow you to list your “daily diet” as “vegetarian”. This was great for finding profiles of potential dates who were vegetarian, vegan, or veg*n-friendly.


Match.com had key words you could associate with your profile that acted like an index. The keyword “vegan” on your profile would help others find your profile and you to find others by clicking on the keyword “vegan” on your profile.


A few weeks ago match.com, unannounced, took all of these features away.


The “daily diet” profile listing has been removed.


The keyword search has been made less accurate. Searching on “vegan” now returns any profile with the the string “veg” in it.


These negative changes make match.com not any more useful to single veg*ns than any other site.


If you have 5 minutes please contact match.com through this their customer service URL:



Ask them to bring those features back and if you have a match.com profile please log in first before sending your note.


Thanks much in advance.

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