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steffapeppa: the moves & the meals

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kool yr liking it. i never thought about tony horton looking like michael scott but i see it now. i know several people that got great results from it and they just keep doing it over and over. i done it with friends just to check it out but i am not a tape person. good luck with it!

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kool yr liking it. i never thought about tony horton looking like michael scott but i see it now. i know several people that got great results from it and they just keep doing it over and over. i done it with friends just to check it out but i am not a tape person. good luck with it!


thanks--- well I'd love to be a gym person (was at one short bright period of time), but can't do it right now....$ This will last me a while then I figure I can modify it more if I get bored.


And actually I don't really think Tony looks like Steve Carrel, but he certainly has a goofy sense of humor and a voice like Michael Scott. I realized it after 2 weeks--just closed my eyes and there he was!

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procrastinated until I got home and to the bitter end---Plyometrics. Not for the weak of heart. Squatty and jumpy. Lots of it in an hour--had to pause a few times to catch my breath!






9:30 Org. fruit salad (1/3 mango, 1/2 kiwi, 1/2 apple, banana, date)

12:30 2 cups org. toasted oats cereal, enr. Rice Dream

2:00 1 cup black bean soup, 10 rice crackers

12 oz black coffee

4:30 handful red. fat Wheat Thins

5:00 Large org. Salad ( spring greens, parsley, celery, cucumber, bean sprouts, pepper, Shitake Sesame salad dressing)

6:30 1 slice sprouted barley toast with peanut butter and strawberry jelly

8:15 1 pear

9:30 couple handfuls blueberries

10:30 handful of raisins

11:00 workout

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I've made it to 10 lbs lost. YEAH...tho after tonight I dunno....

Today is the last new workout for me-Back and Biceps. I have to do it early on in the day because

I am going to dance my butt off tonight with a bunch of freaky vegans. A nice double whammy. But I'll be

drinking some---so I guess I have to take away a "whammy"...or part of one...


note to self:What the hell is a "whammy", and why am I talking about them so much?


1. Wide Front Pull-Ups

8 w/chair


2. Lawnmowers

R20 ea W15


3. Twenty-Ones

R21 W15


4. One Arm Cross-Body Curls

R20 ea W10


5. Switch Grip Pull-Ups

R6 w/chair


6. Elbows-Out Lawnmowers

R15 ea W15


7. Standing Bicep Curls

R10 W15


8. One Arm Concentration Curls

R10 ea W10


9. Corn Cob Pull-Ups

R4 w/chair


10. Reverse Grip Bent-Over Rows

R15 W10


11. Open Arm Curls

R18 W10


12. Static Arm Curls

R16 W10


13. Towel Pull-Ups

R6 w/chair


14. Congdon Locomotives



15. Crouching Cohen curls

R10 W10


16. One-Arm Corkscrew Curls

R20 W10


17. Chin-Ups

R5 w/chair


18. Seated Bent-Over Back Flys

R15 W10


19. Curl Up /Hammer Downs

R10 W15


20. Hammer Curls

R8 W15


21. Max Rep Pull-Ups

R5 w/chair


22. Superman

5 @ 10 seconds


23. In-Out Hammer Curls

R12 W10


24. Strip-Set Curls

got out R6 W15, R8 W10, R8 W10


again I did not follow up with ab workout-I'll have to do it following day along with Yoga X







11:00 Fruit Salad (banana, 1/2 orange, 1/2 kiwi, 1/2 apple, date, 1/2 mango, shredded coconut)

12:15 1 cup org. toasted oats cereal, enr. Rice Dream

2 cups black coffee

2.15 1/2 Clif bar, few blueberries

2:30 workout

3:45 1/2 Clif bar

5:25 Med. salad (parsley, spring greens, cukes, tomato, carrot, sunflower seeds)

Brown Basmati rice, tofu n' onions baked with bbq sauce


from 7:30-12---4 beers, a handful of pretzels, 1 little piece of brownie, 4 bites of a sub with seitan sausage, potato chips! 2 bottles

of water and dancin'


1:00 Emergen-c packet with water


8 cups water

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supposed to be yoga x and ab ripper x.

BUT there was a terrific storm and the electricity went out.

We did 10 minutes of the 90

minute routine and the backup battery for the computer went kaput! Too much juice.

We knew the ab ripper

routine and did it to the glowing light of the LED flashlight. Boy did I miss having a fan!






11:00 apple

12:30 1 orange, a little mango, few blueberries

2:30 handful of org. toasted oats, a couple walnuts

3:00 3 thin whole buckwheat blueberry pancakes w/maple syrup/raw agave

1 cup orange juice

2 cups black coffee

5:00 handful of red.fat Wheat Thins

5:30 1 toasted slice of sprouted barley bread, hummus, tomato, greens

7:30 1/2 kiwi, 2 dates

8:00 workout-not so much

Emergen-C packet w/water

10:00 Good size salad (parsley, basil, beets, carrot, dill, cucumber, tomato, tsp toasted soy nuts, agave mustard dressing)

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Made up for the Yoga X tonight as the electricity was back on. I had THE WORST attitude

because I felt hungry and I knew I wouldn't be able to eat a nice meal after the workout

as it was already 7:45 when we went out to the studio to start. I didn't feel ready or into it and I was

super grumpy.

I don't think it's very yoga-like to shout out expletives as I go into downward dog.

Despite that, I didn't do that bad! Just couldn't get out of that negative frame of mind.


Figured I could have something like miso soup to satisfy my craving for a meal at a late hour....it worked.

I'll have to do that more often.






6:45 1 1/4 orange, date, 1/8 cantaloupe

7:00 1 cup buckwheat, unswtnd Almond Breeze, raw agave nectar

10:30 2 cups black coffee

12:45 1/2 tofu salad sandwich (tofu, Venenaise, mustard, onion, celery, spices) on sprouted barley bread, lettuce

4:00 1/2 same sandwich

6:30 medium salad (green lettuce, basil, dill, cucumber, carrot, flax oil, lemon juice)

7:30 1/2 organic raw bar, 1/2 Clif bar

7:45 workout

9:45 6 almonds, 1/2 Clif bar

10:00 2 cups miso soup w/green onion and lever (seaweed) w/7 seaweed rice crackers


6 cups water

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Legs and Back. Leaving Ab Ripper for tomorrow morning. Studio is like a sauna!

Felt dizzy twice. Made it though tho with some improvements on pull-ups.


Chair Balance Lunge - 25 each leg


Calf-Raise Squat -25


Reverse Grip Chin-Ups

7 asst

6 asst


Super Skater - 25


Wall Squat - all 90 seconds


Wide Front Pull-ups

9 asst

6 asst (hands started killing me at this point)


Step Back Lunge- R15 ea leg W10


Alt. Side Lunge - R24 W10


Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups-

6 asst

5 asst


Single Leg Wall Squat- 60 seconds (alternating legs)


Deadlift Squat- 20 ea leg


Switch Grip Pull-Up

8 asst.

8 asst.


Three-Way Lunge w/ Two-Kick Opt. - 5 on each side


Sneaky Lunge- 22


Chair Salutations - 2 x 30sec.


Toe-Roll Iso Lunge- 20 or 24


Groucho Walk - 45 seconds


Calf Raises- R75 W10


80/20 Speed Squats 25 each leg (my legs felt like rubber at this point)






10:30 1/4 cantaloupe

11:00 Fruit Salad-(1/2 apple, 1 banana, 1/2 kiwi, date, golden raisins, 1/2 pear, shrd coconut)

12:00 1 1/2 cup black coffee

1:30 1 cup org. toasted oat cereal, unsw. Almond Breeze, agave

3:45 rice crackers & r.f. Wheat Thins dipped in tofu salad and hummus

4:15 Big Salad (green leaf, dill, parsley, carrot, celery, radish, red cabbage,onion, agave mustard dressing, 6 raw almonds, seseme sticks)

6:15 banana

7.30 grazing on herbs and string beans at farm

8:15 1/2 Clif bar

(8:45-10:00 workout) w/ Emergen-C & water

10:15 1 cup shake(banana, org. blueberries, flax oil, soy protein)

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ab ripper --- improvement? a little...but then again, I am recommended by the program to do this routine

directly after the difficult Legs and Back as well as 2 other times during the week so I do have

an advantage going at it fresh.


sweaty housework inside and out


kenpo ---- our fave workout....did really well I thought despite the hot and humid weather. We completely fogged up the windows

out there! Feeling much more coordinated now.


Well, I feel pretty good I have to say--completed week 5 of this program....hot damn.






9:30 Fruit Salad (1/2 granny smith apple, 1/2 pear, 1/2 kiwi, 1 banana, date, shredded coconut)

(11:00 ab routine)

12:00 1 1/2 cups multi grain flake cereal, unswtnd Almond Breeze, raw agave nectar

12.30 handful roasted pistachios

2 cups black coffee

3:00 handful of raw cashews

5:00 Big Salad (green lettuce, carrot, string beans, tomato, basil, fennel, dill, cucumber, beet, 6 raw almonds, agave mustard dressing, sea salt)

1/2 cup leftover tofu baked with bbq sauce, 1 very small piece of wheat bread (not entirely whole I gather)

5:30 1/2 Clif bar

6:00 1/2 pear

6:30 grazing on fresh cilantro and basil as I cook and sweat my brains out

7:30 1 date

(8:15 kenpo workout)

10:00 1 cup roasted root veggies(beets, onion, garlic, garlic scapes, shallots, yukon potato, turnip, carrot, etc w/olive oil, celery salt, pepper, sea salt)

1 small piece of toasted wheat bread w/ olive oil and garlic


couple tastes of w.w. pasta w/ my pesto that I will enjoy tomorrow

lots of water

oh boy did I want some wine tonight! I'll save it til Friday night when I'm gonna dance again...

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day of rest-ahhh

walked around town a bit in the day-hot sun!


tomorrow is going to be a super-early day for me to work out, 3 hours house keeping and etc., then dancing late at night...oh 80's Music, you beckon me...






9:15 Fruit Salad (date, pineapple, 1/2 peach, golden raisins, 1/4 pear, 1/4 kiwi)

10:00 1 cup multi grain flake cereal, unswtnd Almond Breeze, raw agave

12:00 1/2 apple

12:45 1/2 cup kettle corn "Lesser Evil" [later] OH NO I FOUND IT IT WAS NOT VEGAN----CRAAAPPP out it goes! Damn.

2:00 GRAND organic SALAD (arugula, radish, red cabbage, 3 cherry toms. cukes, radicchio, celery, toasted sunflower seeds, agave mustard dressing)

handful org. blue corn chips, 1 microwaved tofu pup-naked

3:30 1/4 cantaloupe

7:15 1 1/2 cups w.w. pasta with homemade pesto (pine nuts, basil, nutritional yeast, e.v. olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, sea salt)

1 1/2 cups roasted root veggies

smaller salad- (arugula, radish, string beans, cherry toms, red cabbage,

2 1/2 glasses red wine

1 piece wheat garlic bread

1/2 Digestive Biscuit...squirrel or some critters got other 1/2!


what is my problem today? Why do I feel so sluggish and stuff? Oh I forgot to have coffee and I didn't have enough sleep...wine was nice for my mood, but i over did it. Hey, I'm honest. I am being WAAAAY better than if I wasn't writing this stuff down. C'est la thursday...

It was so nice having an almost-regular early meal! We'll see about tomorrow

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sounds good with the kenpo and the abs... make sure your getting enough water if your training in heat like that. also coffee and alcohol are really dehydrating so u need even more water than normal. it might make u feel better.


You are so right about the coffee and alcohol---they are very acidifying too.

I guess since I am not having my normal snacky treats all of the time

I am feeling a tad deprived and so coffee is a little vice I allow myself to



The alcohol---ya, I had that wine the end of the day and made sure I had a tall glass of water

for each glass of wine...but I still ended up with a headache as I prob. depleted some minerals

and such. I was fine by my 6:30 am workout today tho w/some Emergen-C---

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my 2nd Chest, Shoulder, Triceps

Since the first go-around 1 week ago today, I improved: (number in parentheses indicates last week's rep)

If there are weights involved, they remained the same

excluding one-Scarecrows. Last week I didn't attempt w/ weight as I though it would be too tough w/10's but this week I gave it a shot,

and was happily surprised that I could do 7!


Chair Dips



Plange Push Ups

(10) 14 w/knee


Pike Presses

(5) 6



(20) 22


Floor Flys

(10) 12


Two Twitch Speed Push-Ups

(12) 14 w/k


Y-Presses - 10lbs

(12) 14


Lying Tricep Extensions - 10lbs

(8) 9


One Arm Push-ups

(6) 10 w/k tho I'm not sure form was the same


Clap Push-ups

(10) 12 w/k


Did worse on:


Side to Side Push-ups

(14) 12 w/k


All other exercises I remained the same.


ALSO I danced hard from 11:15pm to around 1:30am. No joke. (well if you saw me, you might think I was funny!)






6:15 2 bananas

(6:30 w.o.)

7:45 1 1/2 cup multi grain flake cereal, unswtnd Almond Breeze, raw agave

10:00 2 cups org. black coffee

12:00 tofu salad sandwich w/sprouted barley bread and tomato, tiny carob rice cake

4:30 1/2 of my decent sized salad (arugula, carrot, celery, cucumber, radish, shitake sesame dressing), handful of my trail mix,

a couple toasted pita chips

6:00 other 1/2 of salad, 1 cup of roasted root veggies

9:00 1/2 Lara bar, date

9:30 and on...healthy everything chips with spicy salsa, red pepper hummus, pistachio nuts, peaches, and garlic tarelles

wine and beer? yes I did.

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well I completely ran out of time to do AB RIPPER routine yesterday: the thunderstorms delayed my departure from my work then

I rushed home to get ready for company. I was going to do it today, but I will let it be. Not feeling perfect in my gut today.


PLYOMETRICS---the "mother"" of workouts. Waited for M to get home and we started at 9:15 ish---it was a toughie. My left

leg is bothering me and the bulk of this workout has to do with squatting and jumping. UGH. Felt good to get that done!






10:30 Fruit Salad (1/2 peach, 1/2 pear, pineapple, date, golden raisins, banana, shredded coconut)

11:30 1 1/2 cup shredded wheat cereal, unswtnd Almond Breeze, raw agave

12:00 1/2 Lara bar, handful nuts/seeds

1:00 2 cups org. black coffee

2:30 1 cup roasted root veggies

4:30 Big Org. Salad (arugula, radicchio, red cabbage, carrot, celery, radish, agave mustard dressing, sea salt, few soy nuts)

1 Soy Dog (microwaved), mustard, heal of sprouted bread loaf

1/2 tarelle

8:15 1/2 organic raw bar, 1/2 apple, Emergen-C packet w/water

(9:15 workout)

11:00 1-1 1/2 cup miso soup w/tofu, seaweed, and a couple sparse veggies,

handful seaweed rice crackers, glass of red wine, 1 veggie salad(same as earlier today, but 1/2 the size )


a lot of water



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It was Back and Biceps then Ab Ripper tonight.

I am pretty proud of my lil' biceps' achievement at the second go of this routine.


I improved/upped the weight in the following: (last week in parentheses)


Wide Front Pull-Ups

(8) 9 w/chair....and yes, I did attempt an assist-free pull-up to absolutely no avail....



(R20ea W15) R15ea W20 .......my first exercise in years using more than 15lbs a/hand


One-Arm Cross-Body Curls

(R20ea W10) R15ea W15


Switch Grip Pull-ups

(6) 8 w/ch


Standing Bicep Curls

(R10 W15) R15 W15


1 Arm Concentration Curls

(R10ea W10) R12ea W10


Reverse Grip Bent-Over Rows

(R15 W10) R12 W15


Open Arm Curls

(R18 W10) R10 W15


Static Arm Curls

(R16 W10) R24 W10 .....ya, gotta up that next week


Locomotives---supposed to do 40....

(R40 W10) R40 W15


Crouching Cohen Curls

(R10 W10) R15 W10


1 Arm Corkscrew Curls

(R20ea W10) R20ea W15 ....I'll up this next week too.


Seated Bent-Over Back Flys

(R15 W10) R10 W15......not sure if my form is correct


Hammer Curls

(R8 W15) R10 W15


The song remains the same for:

Elbow-Out Lawnmowers

Corn Cob Pull ups

Towel Pull ups

Chin ups

Curl-Up/Hammer Downs





6:45 fruit salad(1/2 pear, 1/2 peach, date, banana, golden raisins)

7:15 sprouted bread, toasted w/Earth Balence

7:30 cup of shedded wheat cereal, unswt. Almond Breeze, raw agave

10:30 2 cups black coffee

1:00 huge salad!

        Carrots & celery & hummus

        1/2 mu shu wrap , bite of Luna bar

7:30 1/2 org. Raw bar, a few corn chips, Emergency packet w/water

(8:30 workout)

10:00 shake (banana, soy protein, rice milk, blueberries)

10:15 cup of miso(soba, tofu, lavin, zucchini., miso, sesame seeds), a bunch of rice snaps,  1/2 glass wine

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I had 2 1 hr. puppet shows (1 hour each) which I can't believe I didn't mention it last week! Ya, so they are

physical and take a toll on my left side(especially my shoulder and wrist). It is fun performing tho!


I had an acid stomach, something that I hardly ever experience. I prob. got it from lunch during our show break and it lasted until

I went to bed. I didn't make the workout any easier.


yoga x ....Even tho it was late like last week and I hadn't had a proper meal, I had a better attitude going into it which made the

whole thing a little more palatable.

I still fail at certain things but all I can do is keep working at them...






7:45 fresh pineapple, golden raisins

8:15 1 cup shrd wheat cereal, unsw. Almond Breeze, raw agave

11:30 12 oz black coffee

12:30 1/2 scary veg/bean burrito, little bit of a lame salad....

4:30 handful black bean chips, pico de galo salsa, 1/2 beer, handful pistachio nuts

Tbsp psyllium seed husk powder w/water, lemon juice

5:00 apple

9:00 1/2 strawberry Odewalla bar

(9:15 workout)

11:00 1/2 Odewalla bar, 6 raw almonds, Tbsp psyllium seed husk powder w/water, lemon juice

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that's a pretty decent yoga workout. I've done it several time. it s a challenge so feel good about getting it done.


thanks---I'll feel better when I don't look like I'm sloshed when I'm trying to do 1 pose after another on 1 foot...I'm going to try it next week without the really squooshy interlocking floor mat we have. There's more but I'll take any tiny victory I can get.

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Legs and Back--- my left leg still feels a little "off" but I'll see what happens.....


Not too bad...I was able to do everything I did last week except these 80-20 speed squats that they want you to get airborn...I only did a few

like that and I did less reps .....I improved more on the pull-up, chin-up stuff again. Once I get more callused on my hands, I'll be able to

do even more assisted. I know I have more in me, but my hands were killing me.


Ab Ripper waits until the next morning again. It was too late and there was too little air in the tight sauna-like studio. It really is an extra challenge

without any air conditioning or windows! Thank you mr. fan, but I wish you were stronger.






10:00 1/3 cantaloupe

11:00 banana

12:30 2 cups black coffee, 1 digestive biscuit

1:15 6 raw almonds, 1 cup shredded wheat cereal, unsw Almond Breeze, Sucanat

3:45 HUMUNGOID salad (green lettuce, arugula, spring mix, onion, red cabbage, fennel, carrot,

tomato, radish, green beans, beet, tsp toasted sunflower seeds, agave mustard dressing)

a few blue corn chips

1/2 glass red wine

5:30 a couple blue chips, a tofu pup-(naked!)

7:45 banana, psyllium seed husk powder in 10 oz orange juice and water

(8:00 workout)

10:00 1 cup shake (blueberries, banana, soy protein, rice milk), handful red grapes

10:30 corn on the cob, Earth Balance, sea salt

steamed/lightly sauteed collard greens, garlic, white beans, olive oil, sea salt

12:00 psyllium seed husk powder/water/lemon juice

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