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steffapeppa: the moves & the meals

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Kenpo X - well I thought I'd get a weather break-no such luck. I'm working solo at least so that will generate less heat.

OK-I made it and it wasn't so bad----just still having some weirdness in the leg. It had almost gone away for a while

but now it's back and worse than ever. Groin muscle feels slightly off or out of joint or something. The stretching last night has

seemed to irritate it. I can't afford to get it checked out

so I'll work with it.


I am starting to not recognize myself-like my back. Not just skin and bones anymore. I like it, I like it! I am really starting to see

significant changes-----wowie.






9:30 Fruit Salad! (1/2 peach, pineapple, 1/2 pear, red grapes, raspberries..it's all good)

(11:00 workout) w/ packet of Emergen-C & water

12:30 18oz shake (soy protein, peach, banana, pinch spirulina, rice milk)

2:45 cup of 7 grain cereal, unsw Almond Breeze, raspberries & blackberries

4:00 3 cups black coffee

6:00 1/2 orange

6:30 GI-NORMOUS salad (green lettuce, large tomato,cuke, garbanzos, red cabbage, green/orange pepper, basil, broccoli, carrot, agave mustard dressing,

sea salt, pepper)

1 1/2 ears of corn w/Earth Balance, sea salt

2 pieces multi grain bread, toasted with my fresh pesto! YUM-MO

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Core Synergystics--- it's cool 'cause there's 2 "y"s. Naw. I sound like a broken record, but this heat is a stinker. I am waiting for it to cool down a tad...late workout here I come....Well it did NOT cool down---it was certainly over 80 degrees in that place with a door open and a fan. I actually did better than last time nonetheless!!! Yeah!






10:00 Fruit in das bowl(1 peach, banana, 1/2 pear, pineapple, red grapes, 1/2 orange, shredded coconut)

12:15 Whole sandwich- (toasted sprouted bread, peppered deli slices, PERFECT huge jersey tomato slice,

org. onion and lettuce w/ Vegenaise) FYI I made 2 of these sandwiches for M and HAD to have my own as it looked too good

2:00 2 cups black coffee (1/2 decaf)

3:30 small portion mac & cheeZe

5:00 2 peaches

7:00 SALAD(green lettuce, tomato, cukes, green pepper, carrot, 8 almonds, red cabbage, agave mustard dressing)

2 small pieces multi grain baguette w/ pesto, ear of yellow corn w/Earth Balance, sea salt.

10:30 date

(11:00 workout) & another date

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Yoga X--- Another solo workout....trying to catch my reflection in the door windows to see my form. That's one thing-there is

no expert watching and critiquing us...I would say that is the good thing about having a partner: you can keep an eye on each other and

help out the best that you can while doing the moves yourself. Even tho I was very tired as it was late and I had had no more than 4 1/2 hours of sleep the night before, I felt strong. Much more enjoyable when you feel strong.

However, when I got to the 1 foot balancing poses, I felt worse than ever. Something had to go and I never had that to begin with~





7:15 Fruit Salad-(peach, banana, pear, grapes, orange)

8:00 small bowl of Shredded Oats Almond Vanilla w/ almond milk

10:30 2 cups black coffee, Raw Revolution bar

2:15 soy jerky, banana, some wheat baguette toasted w/pesto

3:001/2 banana blueberry muffin, decaf green tea

9:00 handful of Shredded Oat Cereal, tamari almonds, a date, Emergen-C packet w/water

(10:45 workout) handful of nuts

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Day off from workouts. I walked around nonstop from 11:30 until 4:30. Then I walked around at night before and after watching

roller derby (1 1/2 miles).






5:45 I just cant remember if it was a fruit salad---too early! Wait I think it was.

6:20 small bowl of Shredded Oats Vanilla Almond cereal w/ almond milk

11:45 good sized salad- (red leaf, red cabbage, 1/2 big tomato, cuke, bell pepper, agave mustard dressing), 3/5 almond butter/jelly sandwich on sprouted

english muffin, handful of nuts and seeds and raisins,

2 cups black coffee nursed for a few hours whist walking about

out to Asbury Park:

6:35 1 1/2 large pieces of amazing vegan pizza (w.w. crust, cheeZe, bell pepper, pineapple, port. mushroom) 1/3 vitamin water

7:15 v. coffee ice cream in a sugar cone ---I've been thinking of going to this place for 2 years now....

10:45-12:15 2 beers

1:45 a few bites of pizza


I got worse throughout the day but tomorrow's another day...

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I'm not very good at balancing poses either. Your fruit salad always sounds so yummy.


mmm the fruit is something we have been doing for 2 1/2 years-now it's like there is something terribly wrong if we don't

start with 1 or 2 pieces fruit or a salad. Then if we have a less than stellar food day, at least we've had a good beginning...

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Starting week 9! hot! hot! hot! (not me, the weather).

Well it wasn't as bad as other days(and late nights!) ---did a workout I haven't done in a month,

Back and Chest---pretty much all different kinds of pushups and pull ups with a couple other moves sprinkled in. I certainly see a change in some

of the numbers.






10:15 banana

11:30 1 1/2 cups Shredded Oats cereal, unsw. Almond Breeze

2:00 banana

3:30 remainder of w.w. pizza slice from night before (sans cheeZe), handful wasabi peas and tamari almonds

5:30 1/2 odwalla bar, 1/2 cup black coffee decaf (it was yucky), a few wheat crackers

7:30 3/5 burrito(pinto & black beans, onion, garlic, zucchini, med pepper, guacamole on sprouted tortilla) w/ med. salsa and

brown rice

steamed collard greans

1/2 ear corn w/ Earth Balance, sea salt

9:00 1/2 odwalla bar

(11:45 workout) 1/2 apple, packet Emergen-C w/water

1:15 1 protein odwalla bar

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Ab Ripper- oh yes, those 11 different moves still make me anxious but I'm doing them!


Plyometrics--- the humidity was down and my energy was UP. Feeling all over better with this one! Trying to squat and lunge lower and

jump a little higher.






10:30 Salad of the Fruit (1/2 apple, pineapple, 1 banana, 1 date, 1 nectarine, 1 orange, shredded coconut)

(1:30 ab ripper)

2:00 1 1/2 cup 7 grain cereal w/Almond Breeze and a little agave nectar, handful of pistachios

3:00 banana

4:45 2 dates

(5:30 plyo workout) 1 packet Emergen-C

7:00 Odwalla bar

8:30 brown rice, 2/3 awesome left-over burrito from last night, more guac., 1/2 beer,

large salad (butter lettuce, fresh basil and parsley, carrot, pepper, celery, tomato, cuke, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, 5 tamari almonds)

11:30 glass of cold unsw peppermint tea

12:30 around 6 crackers

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Low humidity day is a-o-k!




Biking to and from farm (approx 5.5 miles) w/ backpack full of stuff on the way back... fun prickers got my arm TWICE. Just looks like my cat got me again.


Shoulders & Arms--- whoopie! My fave workout since Kenpo! I know it sounds lame, but I have an affection for workouts that do not include myself doing pull-ups(assisted) or crazy balance moves or pushups or 10,000 squats.......


I am in week 9 of this program and I haven't done this particular workout since week 1, 2, and 3. M said he saw significant improvements since then so I was hoping to see the same....I did improve, there is no doubt; but maybe not _that_ significantly.


It felt surprisingly good- like I was glowing from within- a good heat! Quite pumped. ( I wish I wasn't out of protein powder today!) There is a bonus round and I was hungry to do that like never before. Since we have a better selection of weights, it made it a lot easier to follow along... whereas before, if a rep of 16 was required and I needed less than 10 lbs, I'd have to just do it without any weighs (no I usually don't have 2 cans around that are the same size).


I'll be posting the befores and afters of every workout after day 90.


Ab Ripper---- I am happy that I can do the last move, (40) Mason Twists (Kayaks) w/o pausing --- and for the last few times, I can go to 44....

Also, this was the second workout that I was able to do the Oblique V-ups all the way thru w/o pausing (tho I paused between the left side and the

right side. Yeah core!






11:00 Salad of Fruit (1 orange, 1/4 apple, 1 kiwi, 1 nectarine, shredded coconut)

12:00 1 1/2 cup 7 grain cereal flakes w/Almond Breeze, agave

12:30 2 cups org. black coffee, sm handful tamari almonds, a couple puffed spelt cakes

2:00 handful wheat thin like crackers

(2:30 bike ride) date, grazed on raspberries, cherry tomatoes and herbs at farm

5:30 1 1/2 cup kamut and w.w. pasta pesto, a few pistachios

(8:45 workout)

11:00 big salad that could not wait til tomorrow! (basil, parsley, butter lettuce, tomato, carrot, walnuts, hemp seeds, beets, agave mustard dressing)

12:45 am picked on cukes, basil, dill while making a salad for tomorrow

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that is a solid ab workout for sure. plyo is always fun stuff.


I am very much looking forward to the day that the ab workout is less of a struggle because I've gotten that much

stronger! Its a pain to keep jumping up to push the pause button! Well, I know the thing by heart, but I want to be

able to keep up to the pace that is set...and that's a hell of a pace in all of the workouts~!


I'm hoping you're feeling better and better-

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I was an early bird (early for me) doing

Yoga X. I felt pretty sore and certainly less strong than the previous 2 yoga workouts. Why?

Well, doing the Shoulders and Arms workout the evening prior is the answer. Ugh.






9:00 2 bananas

(10:00 workout)

12:30 cup of oatmeal, toasted pecans, raisins, agave nectar, unsw Almond Breeze

5:00 expresso!

5:30 1/2 cup org black coffee, 1/2 untuna sandwich on wheat sub roll, 2 Fig Newman cookies, 2 handful of corn chips

large salad(basil, cilantro, dill, tomato, cuke, spinach, bell pepper, string beans, agave mustard dressing)

11:30 1/3 leftover bean burrito, salsa, brown rice, handful corn chips, unsw cold peppermint tea, handful Shredded Oat cereal

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Back and Legs---oh yes-pull ups and squatty things galore! Most moves do not include weights but have many reps. It is a good

workout! Not my fave, but I feel a big difference since the beginning.


Ab Ripper---was so going to skip out...feeling pretty depressed for different reasons..... but m got me back into it when he got home. It's all good(w/my abs anyway)






11:00 Fruit Salad (1 peach, 1 banana, 1/2 apple, 1/2 orange, 1 date)

12:00 1 1/2 cup 7 grain cereal and shredded oat cereal, unsw Almond Br., agave nectar

1:00 cashews, walnuts, 2 Fig Newmans, 2 cups org. black coffee

(3:13 workout) 1 date

4:30 shake (rice protein 30gr, blueberries, banana, 12 oz rice milk, 1/8 tsp spirulina powder) wasn't that great.

5:15 Primal Strip package

(10:15 ab workout) date

11:00 a salad that was quite big( red leaf, tomatillo, tomato, cuke, red cabbage pepper, string beans, tamari pumpkin seeds, agave mustard dressing)

red wine, 1/2 Fig Newman, toasted heal of w.w. bread baguette w/ garlic, no oil.


these late nights are a no-no & I know know it.

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first time I've skipped this log but that's alight---it's not like I "fell off the wagon" or anything…just don't want to break my brain thinking about what I ate 2

days ago and stuff




Well, just to back up a bit, I will say that I did Kenpo on friday night after eating some vegan pizza and ice cream (2 1/2 hours after) and I could still feel it sitting there even tho I didn't stuff myself. Lesson learned!


Ab Ripper---- I read online about some guy doing this workout before his main workout instead of after, as the program says. I tried it and I liked it. Get it over first: why not?


Chest Shoulders and Triceps---wow this one was a toughie (well they all are) but I like it. Even with all of the variety of push ups. I worked at doing more of the push-ups without my knees.

I haven't done this workout in 5 weeks and I did improve on most everything is fine by me. I know I'll be hurting' for certain tomorrow!






9:30 1/2 cantaloupe

10:15 1 1/2 cup Shredded Oats cereal, unsw Almond Breeze, agave nectar

11:00 2 cups org. black coffee

1:00 1 1/2 cup amazing Sesame Garlic Tofu Kale Salad (includes kale, carrot, red cabbage, a lot of garlic, toasted almonds, sesame seeds, ginger,

soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, baked tofu). I think I could eat this every day but 1. it takes a while to make it and 2. I reek of garlic!

3:00 glass of red wine

3:30 big nectarine

6:00 handful of walnuts

6:30 almond butter and jelly sandwich on sprouted (toasted) english muffin w/sprinkle of hemp seeds, peppermint tea (unsw)

(9:00 workout) 2 dates

11:00 shake (banana, blueberries, rice protein, rice milk) eh.

11:30 4 spoonfuls of kale salad, 1/2 corn on the cob w/ e.b. and sea salt, glass of red wine, some rice sticks, roasted pumpkin seeds


time for a new avatar! Sick of that one!

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Plyometrics---feeling stronger 'cept for a couple weird twinges in the same spot as they usually occur. Sure doesn't hurt when it is a top 10 day out there! Feeling really nice after we are finished….like "aaahhh what's next?" Pumped not pooped! hahaha I laugh at my "cleverness"!







10:30 1/2 cantaloupe

11:15 Fruit Salad (1/2 kiwi, 1/2 apple, 1/4 pear, 1/2 orange, 1 banana, shredded coconut)

12:00 sprouted english muffin w/E.B., 1 1/2 cup org. black coffee

(3:00 workout) 1 packet Emergen-C w/water

4:30 walnuts, rice sticks, almonds

5:15 Nate's meatless meatballs (5) sub w/tomato sauce on multi grain baguette…organic tomato pepper &basil salad w/olive oil and red w. vinegar, pepper, sea salt…..last of the tofu kale salad…..red wine (2)..….handful chocolate chips

9:15 1/2 of this delish new protein bar (mocha)

11:00 cold unsw. peppermint tea

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Back and Biceps----HAMMERING those biceps! goodness. Why do I like it so much? This is the 4th time I have tried this workout.

I have some free time so I'll share….

compared to when I last did this workout 3 weeks ago: (old /// new)...



15@20lb /// 15@25lb



21 @ 15lb /// 14 @17.5lb & 7@15lb


1-Arm Cross-Body Curls

15@15lb /// [email protected]


Elbows-Out Lawnmowers

[email protected] /// 15@20lb


Standing Bicep Curls

[email protected] /// [email protected]


One-Arm Concentration Curls

10 @12.5lb /// [email protected]


Reverse Grip Bent-Over Rows

14@15lb (form not great) /// 12@15lb (good form)


Open Arm Curls

10@15lb /// 11@ 15lb


Static Arm Curls (supposed to do 16)

[email protected] /// same


Congdon Locomotives (supp. to do 40)

40 @ 15lb /// same


Crouching Cohen Curls

[email protected] /// [email protected]


One-Arm Corkscrew Curls

[email protected] /// [email protected]


Seated Bent Over Back Flys

10@15lb /// 12@15lb


Curl-Up/Hammer Downs

10@15lb /// 11@15lb


Hammer Curls

10@15lb /// 10 + 2@15lb


In-Out Hammer Curls

[email protected] /// [email protected]


Strip Set Curls


[email protected]


[email protected]

same this time too


Also had the following assisted:

Wide front Pull-Ups- worse

Switch Grip Pull-Ups-same


Corn Cob Pull-Ups-same

Towel Pull-Ups---The biggest improvement-I did 12 , doubling my last 2 workouts.

Max-Rep Pull-Ups-better


Ab Ripper---- tried it in my house. Doing better…did 50 Mason (Kayak) twists w/o stopping. Everything does seem to be getting a bit easier….hmmmm

it's working???






9:30 1/2 apple, 2 bananas

10:15 1 plus bowl of shredded wheat, unsw Almond Breeze, agave nectar, 2 cup org. black coffee

(12:30 workout)

1:45 1 cup shake (banana, blues, rice protein, spiraling), handful walnuts, almonds, rice sticks

3:15 2 pieces french toast (sprouted bread) w/ maple syrup/agave, 3 soy sausage patties, orange juice, 1/2 cup coffee

4:00 a few herbs and berries at the farm

5:00 glass of red wine, rice sticks, puffed spelt cake(like small thin rice cake)

8:00 Big Salad ( green leaf, red cabbage, tomato, cue, green pepper, carrot, scallions, string beans, hemp seeds, tamari almonds, olive oil & red wine vinegar,

sea salt)

8:30 sm. handful wheat thin like crackers

(9:30 ab ripper)

11:00 apple

11:30 3 spelt cakes

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