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steffapeppa: the moves & the meals

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Cardio X---EARLY ME! We just tried this instead of Yoga X. It is a shorter workout an it incorporates some yoga, plyo, and Kenpo. Good workout but after doing all of the other ones, I could have kept going a little bit. MAYBE going to do Yoga X tonight.







(7:15 workout) packet Emergen-C w/water

8:15 banana

8:45 cup of shredded wheat, unsw Almond Breeze, agave nectar

10:00 3 cups org. black coffee

1:30 corn on the cob/E.B./sea salt… glass of red wine…open face veggie burger, sauteed onions, hot sauce, tomato slices, on sprouted english muffin half

3:00 banana, 1/2 clif bar

5:45 big salaaaad (green leaf, red cabbage, tomato, cue, green pepper, carrot, scallions, string beans, hemp seeds, celery, tomatillos, agave mustard dressing, sea salt) some fresh baguette slices toasted w/ olive oil dipping sauce, tomato slices.

9:30 on…tastes of pesto sauce as I was preparing..…1/2 cliff bar…..1/2 glass of wine….some crackers, walnuts

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Ab Ripper--- did it first w/M. Made it all the way through Fiffer Scissors w/out a break in-between, YEAH


Legs and Back---- Always glad to see that completed! Many of the exercises just require that you keep up and get to 25 and I've been doing that. I am adding weights and upping them slowly because it is really difficult to begin with. The pull-ups are another story. Even tho I've acquired some gorgeous callouses, I still had a lot of discomfort tonight. M suggests I move the chair out an inch next week to make it tougher and I'll have less reps. I guess I should?


Walking around mall for a few rounds briskly….






5:45 1 lg. apple

6:20 1 toasted sprouted english muffin w/ E.B.

9:00 2 cups black coffee

11:45 large salad! (green leaf, tomatillos, tomato, pepper, carrot, dill, cilantro, basil, green beans, agave mustard dressing)

4 'buffalo' soy things---texture was mushy but I was hungry….1/3 "crabby patty" sandwich (virtually taste-free), 2 handfuls peanut butter pretzels.

5:45 sm. handful crackers, 1 banana

(6:15 workout) 1 packet Emergen-C w/water

8:45 some crackers, rice sticks

9:15 1 cup w.w. penne w/pesto…1/3 corn on the cob w/E.B. sea salt.....an. everything baguette slice toasted w/olive oil dip…..2 sips red wine…..tomato, green pepper, cherry tomatoes w/olive oil, sea salt, pepper.

11:00 banana

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Yes my weekend had a bit of "awe" in it..thanks!






Back to Plyo again today....I give it my all and my body is giving it back it me---in a good way.


I have been slacking on the recording of my daily food intake! Trust me there have been no crazy blunders or benders or anything naughty 'cept for a few

too many red wine at my friend's Labour Day party Sunday night..... I woke up well-adjusted as I drank a lot of water and had an Emergen-C packet.


I'll get back to typing MEALS all out tomorrow as tomorrow seems like a whole new week.


Just looking back a few workouts---yesterday(Sunday) was the beginning on week 11 and the dreaded Back and Chest workout....oh man and I am soooore! I gave it more than my all then. All push-ups and

pull ups. I focused on doing on more pushups without knee-assistance. The pull ups were all done with a chair as usual, but I pulled it away about another inch

to make it a little more difficult. Completed Ab Ripper directly after and I felt pretty good about it...and had to hurry up and get to that party.


Last Friday was Kenpo and all went smoothly. Feeling a little better balanced in general. Working on my feet action too.


Tomorrow is arm trifecta and we are doing it at night....right now they feel so very tired (well my shoulders do anyway) but we'll see how it goes in around 19 hours from now...

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Just wanted to add that I felt more confident at this party I attended last night...got some positive feedback too. I'm really starting to love the changes I'm making.


Also, I"m going to be focusing on cutting out a bit more fat....just cooling it more with the olive oil, Earth Balance, Vegenaise and such. Those are a few of my favorite thiiiiiingsssss!

M too. I have not really seen much of a difference on the scale since I had lost my initial 10 lbs. It even had gone up...but I haven't tried in a few weeks. I know I have much more muscle now but I also know I still have a way to go on the lower half.....

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Bike ride to the farm…wow-I really thought I was going to get rained on today but luckily it held off and it was really quite cool for riding and picking in

the fields. Really had a close one coming home around this bend….I almost don't want to think about it. Next time I'll remember to switch sides of the road.


Back and Arms--- ARGH! I'm on fiiiire! I do like this one. I pretty much kept to the same weights and reps as last time(2 weeks ago)as back then I had upped it a lot from the prior workout. I improved by a hair I'd say on a few reps but that's it. I won't be doing this particular workout until I start the whole 90-day thing again.






7:15 fruit salad (1/2 apple, 1/2 pear, 1/2 orange, 1 banana)

8:15 1 1/2 cup 7 grain flake cereal w/ unsw Almond Breeze, agave

10:00 2 cups org. coffee, small piece ginger bread

12:00 raw org. food bar

1:30 banana

(1:45 bike ride)

2:30 grazed on a few blackberries, basil, dill, green beans at farm

3:30 a few red grapes

3:45 1 tofurki deli slice, 6 raw almonds, 2 cups miso soup w/edamame, scallion, celery, a few w.w.noodles

5:00 some walnuts and pecans, raw

6:15 1 orange

7:30 some grapes

(8:15 workout) Emergen-C packet/water

9:45 shake (soy protein, blueberries, banana, rice milk)

10:00 2 stuffed shells (w/ tofu ricotta and tomato sauce), decent salad (basil, dill, tomato, peppers,carrot, cukes, agave mustard dressing), red wine

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ab ripper--- bowed out of it yesterday in favor or today. It's all good. Well, better anyway.


Yoga X--- doing it solo. Procrastinating… done. "Bout the same as 3 weeks ago I'd say. The last time I did it was 2 weeks go and and I was

weak from working out my shoulders and arms less than 12 hours before.






9:30 salad o'fruit (1/2 orange, 1/2 apple, pineapple, grapes, 1/2 pear, shredded coconut)

(12:00 ab workout)

12:30 1 1/2 cup 7 grain flake cereal w/ unsw. Almond Breeze, agave

3:00 3 tofu stuffed shells, a large carrot

3:30 handful of raisins

4:30 1/2 cup of my granola, still warm from the oven with unsw. almond milk

(oat and rye flakes, sesame & sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, raisins, maple syrup, agave, sesame oil (halved the recipe),

vanilla ext., cinnamon)

5:00 nibbled on a couple veggies while making tonight's salad

(7:15 workout) 1/2 banana

9:30 3 tofu stuffed shells, 1/3 corn on the cob, cup of chard w/white beans, garlic/onions,

big salad(red leaf, tomato, cuke, green bean, tomatillo, beets, carrot, celery, pepper, soy nuts, agave mustard dressing), tiny slice of bread w/garlic and a drip of olive oil, red wine

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Legs and Back---did it solo and faired quite well. 80/20 speed squats near the end are still a killer, but I was able to keep up and get "airborne" as suggested during the last 15 seconds of each set. One legged wall squats are still murder. Improved on a few chin ups and pull ups too….even with the chair pulled out a pinch.






9:30 big fruity salad (1/2 apple, 1/2 orange, 1/2 pear, grapes, black berries, banana, shredded coconut)

10:45 3/4 cup granola, agave, unsw almond milk

12:00 2 cups org. coffee

2:30 orange spice iced tea w/agave, corn chips, guacamole, some Avocado Chimichurri Bruschetta


3:30 veggie wrap w/balsamic vinaigrette---meh. (But I ate the whole thing at the cafe). Some potato chips, coffee

4:30 "Shazam cookie"hemp seed chocolate chip cookie-my favorite-and kinda naughty.

(6:45 workout) Emergen-C packet/water

8:15 shake (rice milk, soy and rice protein, banana, blueberries, spirulina)

later picked on a M's dinner (swiss chard/white bean sauté, few bites of salad, a little avocado chimichurri, a little wine)

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Ab Ripper--- oh yes I did wake up and do this….I almost forgot! Oh, Ab Ripper, I hate you….but I love you….but I hate you much more.


---besides my 3 1/2 hour housework job, I didn't get to do Kenpo at night. Did not get home until 10:00 and I went to bed

at 11:15 which is really unheard of in my world! M was feeling like he was catching something but I feel alright.






2 bananas

3/4 cup granola, agave, unsw almond milk

Lara raw bar, 2 cups org. coffee

1 slice of sprouted bread

handful of Wheat Thins

handful of Sun Chips, 2 more pieces sprouted bread

1/4 of my salad (basil, dill, tomatoes, green beans, celery, cukes, red cabbage, peas, Annies Goddess dressing)

6 roasted baby asparagus spears

3/4 (rest of my salad), soy jerky, few bites of a banana blueberry muffin

2 cups miso soup w/a little scallion, a little toasted baguette bread(dry)

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Kenpo---I have to say I enjoyed doing this solo. I felt so good I could've kept going


80's Dancing!----any witness will tell you I hardly ever stop (one must sip liquids you know). Almost 3 hours straight. Who knows-maybe I lost another pound despite my diet!


I can safely say, since starting this program, I have lost 12 pounds now. I was on 10 and hovering around that number for a while but for the last few days I have checked seen a loss of 12 pounds. I would like to see myself dive into the 120's but we'll see….those muscles are building too...






Fruit salad (1/2 orange, 1/2 pear, pineapple, grapes, blackberries, 1/2 kiwi, shredded coconut)

my granola w/agave, unsw. almond milk

3/4 banana blueberry muffin, 2 cups org. black coffee

(3:30 workout) packet Emergen-C w/water

some guacamole, handful org. corn chips, a few roasted pistachios

5:30 pm : large salad (basil, dill, tomato, peppers, green beans, hemp seeds, red cabbage, carrots, celery, agave mustard dressing (sparingly)

3 sm. triangles of toasted sprouted tortilla w/almond butter and lil' jelly

2 cups of miso w/ scallion and edamame, 3 bites of bread w/ Earth Balance, small sweet potato-(blech-not a good one either)

glass of wine

(10:45-1:45---DANCE Dance DANCE-all nutty-like) 2 beers

1/2 glass of wine, handful org. corn chips, lots o water

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Chest Shoulders and Triceps--- ugh this seemed extra hard today….maybe as I was out late using every bit of my energy last night and got 5 hours sleep? Well ,I mean I did everything the same or tiny bit better except for one exercise as my right elbow feels sore in certain positions. I had to break more. Saving the Abs for a morning "treat" tomorrow…haha.






Salad of the fruit (1/2 pear, pineapple, 1/2 orange, 1/2 nectarine, red grapes, blackberries, 1/2 kiwi)

Almond milk w/agave and my granola and 7 grain flakes

1/2 cranberry pumpkin muffin/2 cups org. coffee

org. corn chips w/guacamole

small heal of the sprouted loaf of bread, toasted and spread w/ almond butter and strawberry jelly

1/2 nectarine, grapes, date

(6:30 workout) Emergen-C packet/water

8:00 Soy protein shake w/almond milk, banana, orange. I miss my frozen berries! Not enough milk---thick and warm….it was a pudding- sorta. No you know what it looked like---wet plaster----I was just plastering my closet walls last week. Mmmmm protein plaaaaster.

10:30 celery stick, 2 cups miso soup w/scallion

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Plyo--- me-o----my-o. What a sweat fest.


did not make up ab ripper…whoops. Well, tomorrow is the next scheduled day then.




I can't believe that I am in week 12 (of 13 weeks) and my first round of this 90-day program is officially completed. I am starting

to think about what to do upon completion. I am contemplating a fast before starting up again with a modified program. M won't be

able to do a fast with his work schedule but I think I'd like to do it to get more focused on my eating....I'll have to think about it as the days creep

closer. After all of my progress with building muscle, stamina, etc... I am a little hesitant...






salad of the fruit (1/2 kiwi, pineapple, 1/2 pear, 1/2 banana, grapes, shredded coconut, 1 orange)

my granola mixed with some puffed rice cereal, almond milk, agave

2 cups org. coffee w/a little agave

1/4 cranberry pumpkin muffin-taste not worth the calories and fat....squirrels got the rest

7 raw almonds

clif bar

handful of crackers

sandwich (stale baguette- multi grain, onion, avocado, 3 peppered tofurki slices, lt vegenaise)


(6:15 workout) Emergen-C packet/water

handful crackers

picked on and tested fixin's for burritos I was creating

9:30 1/3 burrito on sprouted tortilla (pinto beans, corn, zucchini, peppers, tomatilla,garlic, salsa, canola oil, cumin, sea salt)

some brown basmati rice, some roasted eggplant/zucchini/garlic scapes, red wine

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Ab Ripper--- abs burn, but no rip as of yet...


Back and Biceps--- improving---I'll type out befores and afters later.






1banana, 1 orange, some mango

2 cups americano coffee

different dry cereals w/almond milk and soy milk

1 1/2 pieces of sprouted bread toasted w/ Earth Balance

cliff bar & few chocolate chips

2 dates, spoonful of roasted eggplant

(7:30 workout)

2/3 burrito w/brown basmati rice

good sized salad (arugula, carrot, red cabbage, onion, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, soy nuts, agave mustard dressing), red wine

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Yoga X---finally w/ M again. I did 6 extra pushups so that's good….um, still difficult and wearing on my "boring nerve". Overall tho I'd say I did pretty well….like many parts of it…working on breathing a lot more.







1 banana

some org. crispy rice & puffed wheat cereal, soy milk

2 cups org. black coffee

brown basmati rice w/ pinto beans and veggies (burrito filling sans tortilla)

handful of triscuit like crackers,a couple almonds, a few chocolate chips

banana w/ Tbs almond butter

2 dates

(6:30 workout)

2 stuffed manicotti (w/tofu ricotta), 1 piece garlic bread on multi grain/seed baguette from the farmers market, NICE big salad (arugula,

broccoli, onion, pepper, tomato,red cabbage, hemp seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds, agave mustard dressing, sea salt), and big surprise: red wine


I felt so empty and hungry for much of the day---even after my nice rice/bean/veggie meal! I was tempted to go extra bad but really, since I don't have anything

in the house extra bad...'cept maybe for some chocolate chips, I couldn't. I prob. would've been satisfied with more fruit but the cupboard is bare except for some apples

I just bought this afternoon from the farm market.


Holy, that was a super-enjoyable dinner! I'll repeat it tomorrow but with roasted eggplant as I have a bunch from the farm....and I'll even eat before 8 pm=whooo hoooo!

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Legs and Back---feeling really good about this one! I felt fine except for when I was stretching at the end as my wrist has felt a little out since yesterday with different movements….. Weird that I didn't feel it during 8 sets of pull-ups!


Again, I can't believe I did this 12 times already!!! Now I have to get busy and type out all of my results. I wish I knew of a good way/format to do so.






1 apple

1 1/2 cups 7 grain cereal w/almond milk

2 cups org. black coffee

handful of raw walnuts

Luna Bar

brown basmati rice w/ pinto beans and veggies (burrito filling sans tortilla)

picked on a few herbs, cherry tomatoes, green beans, berries at farm

2 dates

(7:30 workout)packet of Emergen-C w/water

shake (soy protein, soy milk, spirolina, 4 lg. strawberries, 1 sm. banana)

2 stuffed manicotti (w/tofu ricotta), roasted eggplant and garlic scapes, 1 piece garlic bread on multi grain/seed baguette, big salad (arugula, broccoli, pepper, tomato,red cabbage, carrot, hemp seeds, agave mustard dressing, sea salt), and nooo big surprise: red wine

a few berries

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none today like last Friday. I just switched my "day of rest" with Saturday.






2 bananas, 1 date

1 cup 7 grain cereal w/soy milk

sandwich (sprouted bread, basil, tomato, deli slices, Vegenaise)

1/2 Cliff Bar

some multi grain Sun Chips

2 chocolate chip cookies from Joy of Vegan Baking, decaf black coffee

1/2 Cliff Bar

unmeatball sandwich, hearty salad (flat leaf parsley, cherry tomatoes, green beans, onion, hemp seeds, carrot, pepper, red cabbage, agave mustard dressing), red wine

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