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Anyone tried Salba?

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Yes, I have salba seed oil (aka chia seed, right?) It is supposed to be similar to flax only like... super-flax. ha

I don't have any complaints, nor can I say it is the best supplement ever or anything.

Sorry, that's not very helpful but if the question is have I tried it? the answer is yes.

I can't wait to try the new Vega bars! yay.

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I have been using it on and off for a couple of years, more so just within the last 3 months. I make a drink called Chia Freska, that is served in Mexico.

Sqeeze some citrus in a glass add some agave syrup and some Salba (chia) seeds stir for a while add ice.

I work outside and on hot days and find that it keeps me cool and energized.

In my head? Maybe.




Just noticed Brandan Brazier claims they are great on the website above.

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I've been eating chia seeds over the past 6 months or so. Usually, we like to use it in lemonade, in a fresca drink, as mentioned by Vegan Joe.


I've done some research, and found that salba is no more or less nutritious than regular chia seeds--a collection of black and white seeds. In fact, as far as I can tell, salba was produced simply by culling out the black seeds and propagating the white ones. It seems like all this hoopla about "white" chia seeds and salba is just a marketing gimmick. It allows the marketeers to charge twice as much as plain seeds.

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