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New vegan, seasoned competitor

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Hi. I am new to this board and a new vegan. I am competing in a fitness competition in 6 weeks. I am having a tough time keeping up my energy for training on my new diet. I thought it was because my cals were to low but I have not lost any weight so I don't think that is the problem. I could use any suggestions on how many cals/carbs/fats most competitors eat during training.

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Hi Paige, welcome to veganism


You supply scarce information.

- What is your workout regimen?

- Lack of energy is somewhat normal 6 weeks pre-comp. I'd still say you lack carbs.

- Maybe you have gained muscle? Did you shed fat?

- What does your diet look like?


Good luck with your prep and comp,


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Thanks for the reply Daywalker. Here is my regime:

cardio 6 days/wk. 30 mins 75-80% of max. hr

fitness routine training 3-4 days per week 1 hour

strength training 3 days per week 40 mins

diet is

meal 1: 1 cup oatmeal w/ 1/2c unsweetened soy milk

meal 2: 1 cup strawberries

meal 3: 1c brown rice, 1c beans and 2c steamed veggies

meal 4: plum 1/2oz almonds

meal 5: romaine lettuce 2c steamed vegs 1tbl. flax oil balsamic vinegar, 1 block mori-nu light firm tofu

meal 6: 1/2oz almonds


Any feedback on where I can improve my energy and max. fat loss would be awesome. Right now I am exhausted. thanks

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