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VEGA is NOW on Bodybuilding.com

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Yeah, I'm pumped to have it on Bodybuilding.com


I worked on the deal myself, got them to make a big first order, around $10K and hoping to put dents into it!


I'll be working the Bodybuilding.com booth this weekend in Las Vegas at the USA Championships so that will be awesome!


Please consider buying VEGA from BB.com to show that a non-whey protein powder can be popular on the most popular bodybuilding website in the world!

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Sorry to post this in a few places....just a HUGE opportunity to make an impact!


As you know I'm trying to get things rolling over at BB.com to show them that whey-free (and animal-free) supplements can be popular on the most popular bodybuilding website in the world (and biggest seller of supplements in the world).


If you buy VEGA from Bodybuilding.com http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/sequelnaturals/sequelnaturals.htm


...you will get a FREE Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness t-shirt.


Just let me know when you've ordered VEGA products from there and the type and quantity (and I may toss in some packets based on your order selection) along with the t-shirt.




Let's send BB.com a message!


A quote from them today:


"Hopefully, this line really takes off. My brother is vegan and is excited we started carrying this line."



**** *****

Web Store Manager


Order here:



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