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I know everyone have pariticular needs, and results,lower or higher.

I like also low volume...but..


but the GVT3 worked for me great 10 years ao.

GVT3 specify when and how much % increase weights,and worked.

All is specified.


One month gives 10%more strenght in the 12-10 repetitions

(Two weeks more for recover are required)


Someone can link me others building program specify everthing?

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One month gives 10%more strenght in the 12-10 repetitions

(Two weeks more for recover are required)

That's a ridiculous claim.

(Unless they also say you lose 9% again in the two idle weeks )


Anyway, programs that specify everything exactly are bound to be less efficient that individualized routines. Moreover, programs that give you certain weight percentages and rep ranges usually work much better in increasing your strength than your size. That's why successful PL/Oly programs work that way and good BB programs don't

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Evertyhintg you said about trainnig-strenght-mass in my opinion is true I am agree with you

of course a personalized training is better than a generic.

for this,I specified in my post, I know everyone is different.


BUT I dont know why,probably "was psicologic" the third part of

GVT worked great for me,

and I like try something specific and programmed like gvt.




The only thing you say,in my opinion,I am not agree,

about the two weeks for recover,for me is not a problem,and I think for many because I hava not a great DNA.

And is not ridicoulous,works for many people (many not) but I gained exactly that.

Placebo or not,it worked.

10% more weight in the 10 reptetions.




Someone have something all specified like gvt?Thanks.

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I think that part of the issue that some of us have is that nothing can continously yield the same results time after time. For example, a 10% continual strength increase on GVT over 12 cycles would take one's bench in the following direction for poundages in theory:


135 lbs. starting bench total












423.68 lbs. final after 12rounds of GVT based on 10% increase in lifts theory.


Assuming that one did such a program for, say, 12 weeks then took 2 weeks off between cycles, you could do 4 sessions in a year if that's all you trained for, and in only 3 years, you could theoretically go from a low bench total to a raw bench that's bordering on elite levels (at least, for anyone who isn't a super-heavyweight ) Of course, if you'd been doing such a program for 10 years, then in theory, you'd be the world's strongest man and could bench 1000 lbs. in nothing but a t-shirt on any given day As for taking 2 weeks off to recover, some people can probably do it well enough, but when I go past a week, I just feel sluggish and uncoordinated when I resume training, which does not put me at an advantageous place to get back on point. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any such program out there that can be done repeatedly which will yield a continuous result that gives a straight growth cycle after cycle, otherwise, people would stick to the best program they find that works for them and never change things up.


I've found that intensity has always been the best factor for growth for me. Lower volume seems to be my best point, but I'm slowly bringing my body around to adapt to higher volume for conditioning's sake, so when I do go back to lower volume, it's going to be a nice shock to the system. Matter of fact, I'm already starting to change some of my workouts for legs, deadlift and some upper back days to be heavier and less volume, and I think it's working to my advantage to have taken a good deal of time off of being strictly low set/low rep.


Some people want/need structure, but I find that structure puts a mental barrier on my progress. I've had days that I planned to hit, say, a 5 lb. PR for squats and came out with 20+ lbs. extra because I went beyond my planned mark for that day because I was feeling exceptionally good in my training. I've also had plenty of days where I may have wanted to make my goals for a day's training and found that nothing worked out the way I planned. For me, training instinctually vs. linerally in a program has always given me the best results - if I feel good, I'll push things to try and set new PRs. If I don't feel on the mark, it can wait for another day. I'd rather postpone a goal of setting a PR in a lift than fail and suffer the mental defeat of say "You KNEW it wasn't going to work, why did you even try?", which takes me a lot longer to recover from.


But, if it comes down to naming a program that really set me out on my mark for best results thus far, it's Brooks Kubik's 5x5 plan that still gave me the best results over a half-year when I really focused on it. Very simple, all compound exercises, fast workouts and for me, great results. When I finally know that my eye isn't in jeopardy from training all-out again, that's the first program I'll be coming back to.

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Thanks for the complete reply.


Of course,I am agree,a 10% in 6 weeks,"many rounds",

is not realisticbecause in 60 weeks,a weak guy transform into a beast.And is not realistic.


I have not illusions in my head,I don't think to do this for more times.

Also,I know a personalized training is better than a generic one.

Is true,a generic training also can put barriers into mind.


But I dont know,probabily was all in my mind,GVT3 worked,and I like try something similar.


What you suggest?

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