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greetings !!


my name is Abhi . I will turn 27 tomo I am veggy since 26 yrs, means i am just vegetarian, say eggetarian

5'7" or 170.13 cm

56 kgs or 123.45 lbs , now this is since last 7 yrs.


2 months back, a very close frend of mine motivated me to join fitness center..he has a awesome physique, i wish ppl say a few months later, i too also have a wonderful physiyue and i request you ppl help me my achieve my target.


My body responded very fast, within 3 weeks, i developed visible biceps, triceps and shoulder, now this was in my homeland with recipes made by mumma.

The worst part, I couldnt see any change on my face.. Its so skinny and i wish to have those chubby cheeks. I look like a kid


I am now in a foreign country ,germany and proper veggy diet remains a question, as to what is the right diet, how it should be taken , what combination etc..I came across this forum..hope i landed on right one.


my english is nt tht good and i request you all bear with me thts al for the moment




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