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Thanks guys! 2 and 1/2 weeks more and I can most likely bring her home almost immediately. As thankful as I am to all the doctors and nurses .... I still don't want to leave her


There is so much more research since my last, I actually had to come up with a birth plan which is something I have never done before. More so with delayed cord cutting and NO vaccines to be given at birth.


Starting on my "recovery" workout plan, which could all change in a heartbeat if the bugger stays breech and I have to have a C section. Hoping it goes off without a hitch! (The treadmill has been calling my name )

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Thanks John V!


I managed to catch a stomach virus Tuesday, which got things rolling. It's the first time I have been sick in years .... not fun at all. My fiancé's' son had it Sunday into Monday and then my fiancé, and I'll be darned if I didn't catch the bugger.


So as of today, I went for my weekly appt and I'm completely effaced and dilating. I told him before hand that I was experiencing "the real deal" via contractions and not the one's I have had for months, so we kinda knew. Good news is she is not breech any longer and she is about 5 and 1/2 pounds now at 33 weeks (37-40 is term)! Which is larger than all of my children were at birth save for one. I can not imagine how big she would get if I carried to term! So much for scrawny vegan babies, huh?


We do not expect me to carry very much longer, so any day now .... would love two more weeks, but prob won't happen. The good news is, at her weight if she clears testing, she should come home with a few days. Also good news, no C section means faster recovery! And my training can begin sooner. Also not sure where she is geeting her weight as mine has not changed in a month now...... not complaining! lol


As for a name? I'm taking the advice of another vegan and waiting til I meet her

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