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Looking for a place to live, got any suggestions?

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Hello All!


I haven't been active on here in quite awhile but I'm hoping someone knows of a place that will work for me. Having my own (very small) house or apartment would be great but I'm happy to live in a house with other folks and even something like a nice shed or garage could work. I have a great rental and job history including both here in Portland for several years now. My diet is vegan, I don't smoke or use drugs and almost never drink alcohol. I will not have or want to have any companion animals living with me but I have no allergies or aversions to having any of your animal friends around. It would be great to live in a vegan house! My budget is about $400 including utilities & related costs. My main forms of transportation are walking and TriMet so I pretty much need to stick with living somewhere fairly central on Portland's east side but am pretty flexible otherwise. A decent degree of privacy, safety & cleanliness is important to me - at least for my own sleeping & stuff storage space. I'm a daddy and will have my kids come visit and sometimes stay with me overnight BUT they will live with their mama.


Please drop me a line if you know of any possibilities for me or if you have any questions, etc. Thanks!

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Hey loveliberate....our VB&F Portland community is all but extinct! This has to do with the general rise in popularity of social media websites and most of us Portland VBB members communicate through Facebook, etc......and surely no doubt to do with some of the ways the forum is run, etc. But hoping it will revive in the PDX area soon, as we had many great times collectively in the past.


No leads off the top of my head but all the best! If I hear of things or think of things I'll let you know.....PS nice seeing you briefly a few weeks back at Bye and Bye. Catch up soon I hope.


Take care,



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