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It's Here! (Power Rack)

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Good luck with the assembly and heavy-item-shifting (you know i'd help if i was near... )

Yay, sure, you'd hop right in to helping.


wohhhaaa, that looks cool


by the way, I found pics of a selfmade homegym in a german forum... I think thats cool











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Roid that is amazing.


Now I think I overspent Just kidding, no one really wants to workout on anything I have built from scratch. Building is definately not my forte.


haha that could perhaps hold some risks...




Roid thanks for the pics. Coolest home gym I've seen!


hehe i´m totally looking forward to also build such a home gym... who know, perhaps in the spring, i´m having some free time then

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The cage wasn't bad, just awkward for someone who can't reach the top!


The bench wasn't to bad either. Now the lat pull down assembly And the pieces were numbered wrong....this did not help.


I got horribly sick last night, I pretty sure it was food poisoning, so I am recovering today. Counts for my second day of rest this week....so it sits another day. But it is REALLY pretty!

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Don't ya love when they misnumber those darned parts?


No, seriously....they did! There were numbers that didn't exist on the diagram. And the L shaped brackets had the numbers the other brackets had. They must of labeled mine near quitting time. (the labels are little stickers on the plastic bags covering the parts).

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