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Hello from Toronto


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Hello VBB members!


I'm a 46 year old male from Toronto. I've been vegetarian (lacto-ovo) for 19 years and am now in "transition" to veganism. (This means I'm vegan at home but not yet fastidious about avoiding all animal products when I'm eating at restaurants or at a friend's home . . . so I don't alway check whether there is egg or dairy products in noodles, for instance.)


I've been a serious endurance athlete in the past (a competitive swimmer at an international level in my youth and most recently a serious amateur competitive cyclist). I "retired" from bike racing last season but always did some strength training in the off season. Now I'm looking to add a bit more muscle to my frame (177cm/72kg) and am currently working with Mark Rippetoe's "Starting Strength" program (basically 5 sets X 5 reps of compound movements).


I'm a gay man, happily partnered for 22 years with a mate who is also in the same transition from vegetarianism to veganism.



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