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Greetings from Vegas!


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Hello everyone,


I am new to the forum. However I am not new to bodybuilding or being vegan. Have been vegan about 2 years and before that I was vegetarian and only ate cage free eggs occasionally. I am allergic to milk so I never really had it after the age of 2 when my mom finally found out why I was sick all the time.. haha. Anyway I have been bodybuilding for about a year however once this summer is over that will be only my second 3 month serious session of lifting. I have always been in good shape as I was in martial arts for years before bodybuilding.


I will be posting a pic on the progress thread I took today as my starting physique as I still have a long way to go in my eyes. I am currently 5'7.5 140 pounds. I am working on bulking up to 155 at this point.


Thank you guys and check out my progress thread! I wish luck to you all!


- Eric


Oh and if any of you like black metal, I will be coming out with the debut CD of my solo project within a few months, ill give any of you a free download once it is out if you are interested, just contact me on myspace and let me know you are from the forum ( anything for fellow vegans, haha ). myspace.com/evasighorde.. Thanks again and good luck to all of you!!!

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