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Meal Planning Advice for Someone Trying to Gain

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Hello All,


I at present am 6'0" 157 lbs. I am on my second week a 12 week new training program. I started out at 155.5 lbs and body fat was taken with a caliper at 16%. Today's body fat was taken at 15%. My goal is to pack on as much lean muscle and weight as possible over the course of my training program. I am aiming for at least 10 lbs. but am hoping for more. I have only been vegan now for what is starting my 8 week. I have been vegetarian for over a year. My question is basically does my meal planning look good enough to achieve my goals. I feel as though I have to many "liquid meals" rather than whole foods.


Meal 1: Shake (Soymilk, Banana, Flax Seeds, Nutribiotic Rice Protein)

Oatmeal or Toasted Oats with Slice Whole Grain Toast


Meal 2: Shake (Protein, Water)



Meal 3: Sandwich (Usually Whole Grain Bun, Slice Toffutti Cheese, Either Boca Patty or Seitan Patty)



Meal 4: Salad with Olive Oil, Some type of Protein, and Some Carbs (This meal is Pre workout)

Sometimes this meal is substituted with a shake (Almond Milk, Protein, oats, Spinach, flax, banana, strawberries)


Meal 5: Shake (Almond Milk, Protein)


Meal 6: Dinner (Changes daily usually a 2 to 1 ratio of Carbs to Protein, minimal fat and if so is derived from Olive Oil)


Meal 7: Shake (Almond Milk, Protein, Oats, Banana)


I am totaling around 3200-3600 calories a day. Approximately 200 - 230g of Protein, 400 - 500g Carbs and 60 - 80g Fat


I just want to make sure I am on the right path and if I can improve anywhere. I workout 5 - 6 days per week with all compound exercises days 1-3, 4 - 6 are compound with isolation.



Thanks any help.

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