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Gym rants

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Not happy about a guy checking me out in the shower room the other day. I'm not homosexual nor am I homophobic, but that was way out of line.




Sounds homophobic to me.


Sounds like you need to suck it up and get over it... So you are telling me, you have never looked at a girl at the gym?

If you were in the change room with a hot woman, you would look for sure.

I'd be flattered.

Only way it is going to be anything more is if you meet his gaze and smile at him... and it doesn't sound like you are going to do that in a hurry.


Most people that obviously check guys out at the gym are actually Straight!

Believe me, I've returned there gaze and they freak out.

Most gay guys are pretty subtle, you Breeders have no idea we have even looked.

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In response to SydneyVegan's comments, point taken, although I would not consider myself to be homophobic under any circumstances. I don't really care which way you or anyone else swings. Yes of course I have checked our people in the gym, although women tend not to go to my place due to the tractor tyres and KB's scattered around. If you have further issue then you are more than welcome to PM me.

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Gym brats are the fellows who insist on me giving up the bench that I am using so they can do their completely different exercise. Wait your turn, goon. I have been given attitude in the gym by a mentally challenged individual from the special ed program at my former Community College. He was rushing me off the cable machine and being really rude to me when I was resting between sets. I didn't want to get in trouble for telling him off but goddamn

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I check people out when I think they look good, esp when they have tattoos (love em!) of either sex, and if I would find anyone of either sex looking at me in a way that doesn't say 'WTF does she think she's doing here!' then I'd be well flattered


What does bug me in a gym (amongst a load of other things) is people leaving their weights exactly where they are dropping them - who do you think will tidy up after you, ya momma?

Then the obvious activities in a squat rack that need anything but said squat rack - move somewhere else if you're not using it!

People hanging out with their mates to natter and occupy benches and what have ya. In my old gym there once was a gang of about 6-7 of which only 1 was working out, the rest was all hanging out, nattering and on their mobiles, and just generally being in the way and making things awkward if I wanted to use a bench or the prized squat rack

Last but not least: if you can squat/press 200 lbs, good on you. Please be so kind to, after having practised this, strip the bar back, so that an ickle woman like me, who can do about 20 lbs, doesn't have to turn stripping someone else's bar into a workout!


Don't think I can ever be accused of being tolerant, can I now?

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Is it just my gym, or do the older folks there seem a bit pushy. "You done yet? You using this? How about this? You done yet?"




I came in there one morning a few days ago (and keep in mind we have like 5 flat benches in our weigh room) and none of the flat benches are occupied. NONE of them. I put some plates on the bar and have a seat. This woman (not older, just middle aged) who was previously using one of the cable machines walks over to where I am and just stands there. She is looking at me, so I smile politely not knowing what she could possibly want. She says "Oh, I guess I'll just clean off another bench then."




Yeah, lady, I guess you will. I'm not a f*ing mind reader.

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people driving like idiots so they can get to the gym early enough to find a parking space for their gas guzzlers and change into their gazillion dollar padded shorts before spin class who almost kill road cyclists.


Reckless drivers piss me off! Back in 2001 I was in a hit and run were the asshole driving the car left me in the gutter with a broken nose and a ripped open face.

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At the gym last night standing to the side whilst my gym buddy was doing his set.


A girl who was doing squats with Princess weights up the back behind the row of benches comes up to me and says

"Excuse me, can you move to the side, I can't see myself in the Mirror"


There were so many things I wanted to say, but I thought no, I'm a big skinhead with tatts, just leave it or she will complain or something.

I might have made a few comments to my gym buddy, Lycra may be a stretch fabric, but it should only be forced to stretch so far.... *shudder*

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I'm sick of people doing weird shit in the squat rack and not packing it up when they're done. I arrived to find this today. Seriously, WTF.


That's hilarious. It's like some kind of strange power rack crop circle. If only you had arrived an hour earlier to witness and document what had happened here. I'm sure it involved extraterrestrial contact and/or comedy.


Today some guy was doing some yoga style pushups and some weird pylometric stuff right next to the rack I wanted to use. I asked him if he was using the rack and he assured me that he was so I used a sketchier rack instead (one that I never want to fail on). Sure enough, he really was using the rack for the next half hour to superset chinups with the rest of his why-do-you-even-need-a-gym-membership bodyweight workout.

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Today I got asked out not once but 3 times by men old enough to be my father at the fucking post gym... Well base gym foget this is an airforce base.... Seriously???

1) Im in sweatpantsand a hoodie and the dont even match

2) Im there to workout not fuck someone my fathers age

3) I look like shit today!

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