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Calorie Calculations during a Lean Bulk Help Needed

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Quick Question.


At the present I am eating roughly 3500 calories a day. I am trying to progressively gain lean mass upwards of 15 lbs.


My question is simple. Is the 3500 calories which is basically what I have figured through calculations to be what i need to obtain this weight gain what I need to have taken in after I deduct my calories burned off during lifting and cardio? So to say if I burn off 800 calories during training a day i need to actually be eating 4300 calories.


Thanks for the help.

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It depends on what you used to calculate it. If you used something to calculate the RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) for your goal weight, then yes, 3500 calories is the baseline to attain that weight with no activity. Someone my weight, 165lbs, is supposed to need about 3100 calories to maintain such a weight, if said person is engaging in "moderate" activity, the activity level most people who are on a bulking program engage in. You look like a pretty beefy guy already from your pictures, so I am guess what you calculated may be the level of calories needed to maintain your weight at your activity level. So, you probably don't need to add in anything based on the extra calories you burn from activity, but might need to add in a bit so that you are in an energy surplus, so your body has something to build with.

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah I calculated based on my BMR. I am going to up my intake by around 500 more calories to see how that gets me. I never took into account what I burn off during exercise. I'll just have to keep an eye on my BF % rather than the scale which lately has been driving me crazy. I think its gotta either be possessed or just toying with me, because it says something different every other day.

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