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Sydney from Aug 5 - 14


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Hey yall,


I will be in Sydney Australia from Aug 5 - Aug 14. I will be there next weekend for a workshop but will basically have tons of free time and am on vacation.


Gonna probably do the typical tourist type stuff as well as go to bars/clubs to do my thing Aussie style.


If any of yall want to meet up, you should PM me before Monday. We can grab lunch or go out or something. I don't know how much I'll be lifting but I'll be down to go to the gym if you want.


Also if anyone has any recommendations on cool shit to do, I am currently figuring out an itinerary of some sort so I'm open to suggestions.




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You should get in touch with Chris or others while you're out there.


Have fun!

Chris has PMed me and we plan on hanging out for sure.


I leave tomorrow!


I don't know if we have any other forum members down there, but if we do yall should get in touch!



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