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Thanks everyone for the help with Goog


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Sup ya'll,


I forgot all about the Ads and don't even notice them really....but when clicked they do generate revenue for Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness.......I set up the ads years ago and we took them down for a year and then recently put them back up.....anyway, I went to my friend Dave's house where I used to live and picked up some mail that had been sitting there for a while. I hadn't seen Dave in two months even though he is 6 blocks away...I'm just that busy....


And there was a check for over $100 waiting for me as a result from clicks on ads.


Thanks! This helps me fund my documentary, other projects and helps me get out of debt. Maybe I'll get another check soon

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The random ads that pop up that aren't VeganProteins, Vegan Personal Training, VeganEssentials, and Vegan Brothers in Iron.....


All others are Goog Ads


It was a nice surprise to get the $100+ check from them last week. I used to get $100 a month or more from them but we don't have as many ads as we used to. So every little bit helps out

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They come up when you click on a specific forum or when you're typing a post...such as when you click to open this or while typing a response....for example, right now I see Vegan Personal Training above me and an ad for vitamins below me powered by Google.


So they are there, just not as abundant as they used to be...which me may fix to make more abundant since they help pay for the site, etc.



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Right now there's an ad at the bottom that says:


"Red meat nutrition.

Learn more about the role Red Meat plays in a healthy diet lifestyle"


another one says:


"Red Meat. Amazing Food.

Your brain needs critical nutrients All Found in Red Meat. "


Won't be clicking on those, sorry.

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