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feminine hips...

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I really want to get rid of my hips. Mine are wider for a guy, and I feel as thought they stick out more because I', shorter (5'2 and ~135 lbs). I do side sit-ups and eat well, what do you suggest I do to get "straighter," rather than curvy/hourglass-like. I hear all the time that more cardio reduces abdominal fat, but how much do I have to do? It really bothers me.


thanks for responding.





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If it's all fat around the area, then training and diet will be your key to getting rid of it. If it's bone structure that gives the appearance, not much you can do about it for having actual wide hip bones vs. hip/lower abdominal fat placement. Everyone's different, so you'll get different opinions on what would be best, but you're going to get the same general suggestions (clean up diet, weight train, cardio).


Also, by widening your upper back over time you can change the appearance of lower waistline fat being as obvious. If you've got an upper back that's wider than your waist, it will give the illusion of a slimmer hip area and waistline in time (not that it corrects any issues in problem areas for fat loss, but it definitely makes them less obvious!)

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Agreed, put some size in your shoulders and lats. Also add some cardio and cut way back on simple carbs. You asked how much cardio you should add. I would start with 30 minutes a day. Figure out your maintenance calorie level and go 250 below per day. If you are not seeing the results you want, increase to 500.

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I think to lose weight the best thing is to increase the protein.

1° Help you increase your muscle tone and metabolism.

2° Satiate! and they have few calories.

3° To digest the body consumes more calories that with the carb and the fats.

So to be able to introduce fewer calories than those consumed during the day proteins are the easiest way.

You should make 6 small meals a day.

I sincerely prefer the weights to the cardio, then tastes son tastes.

As you may possibly cardio jump rope for 20 minutes a day.

With this exercise, consumption also 200 calories and over time is also fun for me at least.


Clearly you do not have to delete the good carbohydrates: integral bread and cereals, fruits and vegetables.

And the good fats: almonds and other nuts and olive oil.

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The issue that photo shows is love-handles (fat on the sides of the stomach area).


It isn't feminine or masculine. Lots of men and women want to get rid of their love-handles.


Losing ten pounds would probably get rid of your love-handles.


This calculator estimates how many calories to eat to lose weight:


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