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Bringing Up Dead Baby

Vegan Joe

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Madeline Matheson (Jordan Ladd) is a vegan, baby-sling-wearing, animal-loving mom who wouldn’t hurt a fly. That is, until flies start gathering around her baby, Grace, who’s awfully pale and emits an odor even a mother can’t love.

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“Grace” is also the title of this chilly and slow-moving horror film, which plays with ideas of mother love, obsessive child rearing and liberal spinelessness, adding a helping of trendy vampirism.




Ms. Ladd does admirably stoic work as a woman who insists on bringing her dead fetus to term and is rewarded with what appears to be a miracle but turns out to be a nightmare, especially when baby is hungry. While ...

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Wait, so she miscarries, but decides to bring the (dead) baby up anyway? Or am I misunderstanding the plot?
Miscarriage means the fetus is expelled... in this story it dies, she still carries it to term, then it becomes undead...


Oh! Well that's good then. So she ends up living happily ever after with her husband and their baby right? I'm sure nothing out of the ordinary occurs as a result of her baby being temporarily dead.

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