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Hello from New Mexico


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I thought I would say hello.


I've been veggie for a decade now, and have been vegan for only about 6 months, although I have avoided dairy for years. Lol.


Anyhow, I am about to start my 200 hour yoga training studies, and have just paid an entire year gym membership!


My goal is obviously to have a healthy fit body, AND be Vegan in doing so (funny how people don't believe these two things go together). I also would like to really slim down my hips thighs and butt. I'm a small and slender person, but after having my daughter I've had a problem with this area (she's 4).


I do only cardio right now. At least 30 mins on the eliptical, or bike at the gym. I've been trying to focus on dropping fat as much as possible... but in doing this, I have realized I really should start a weight routine. So I've joined this form to try and educate myself on all of this!


My long term goal is to teach yoga.

I need to know as much as I can about having a healthy happy body, and lifestyle.

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Awesome to have you here! I've heard great things about your state but have never been....yet. Hear it's totally awesome!


Thanks for being part of our online community......hope that you have a fantastic time achieving your goals! All the best and welcome aboard! -robert

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It's nice to meet another female newbie with similar goals. I just posted an introduction myself in which I said that the elliptical hasn't been helping me drop weight but since I started jogging (and still swim), I'm starting to see a difference. I think it must be because you generally get more bang for your buck with swimming and jogging, but I can imagine that it must be hard to find the time with a four-year-old! In any case, she's lucky to have such a healthy, compassionate mom.


Good luck with your yoga training--that's going to be amazing!

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